Ftx owes $3.1b to top 50 creditors

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Crypto exchange FTX, which recently filed for bankruptcy, and its related organizations owe around $3.1 billion to the 50 largest creditors, according to court filings.

The largest creditor claims a total of $226 million. The names of the creditors have not been disclosed. In general, the amounts vary from several tens to hundreds of millions of US dollars.

According to the document:

"An investigation into the amounts transferred, including payments that may have been made but have not yet been reported, is ongoing. Work is also underway to obtain full access to customer data."

FTX announced last November 15 it has more than one million creditors, whereas Bloomberg believes these are unlikely to recover the funds.

Crypto fund losses due to FTX's bankruptcy could amount to as much as $5 billion.

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