deBridge Repels Cyberattack by North Korean Hackers

Делитесь и голосуйте:

The project's co-founder, Alex Smirnov, said in a tweet that the attack was organized through email, with an attached PDF file named "New Salary Adjustments." Smirnov added:

"We have strict internal security policies and continuously work on improving them as well as educating the team about possible attack vectors."

Despite efforts, one deBridge employee downloaded and opened the file, Smirnov admitted. It remains unclear if bad actors managed to gain access to confidential information.

Elliptic: Lazarus Hackers Could Be Responsible for Horizon Attack

Earlier this year, hackers from North Korea compromised one of Sky Mavis' validators with the help of a PDF file, which contained malicious code. The attack eventually resulted in a massive $600+ million hack, which remains the largest on the crypto market this year.

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