Cryptocurrency Is Inextirpable

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Inextirpability of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain is inextirpable, setting it far apart from other traditional forms of money!  A clever programmer of unknown identity has spawned a fundamental system that has quickly become indelible.

Some claim that programmer who introduced cryptocurrency stood 12 feet tall and some say he was an alien from a distant galaxy with slanted eyes.  Whatever the case,  cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Cryptocurrency is impervious to any power or government wishing to undermine it or assume any kind of supreme control.

There will always be a server somewhere on this planet that will guarantee the existence of the Blockchain. I know that there are countless individuals that promise to propagate the Blockchain just as I do.  It is impossible for any one single entity on Earth to simply do away with the Blockchain.  It is already too late in the scheme of things to put a halt to the crytocurrency phenomenon.

Much regulatory uncertainty and even national bans have resulted in nothing.  Nations slow to get on board with the program will certainly be left behind to experience poverty.  The expanding crypto community mindset will never allow any government to impose their bans for long. 

Cryptocurrency owners are blessed with a unprecedented control of their own resources that has never been seen since the beginning of our history.  What could possibly convince the world to give up that special control that empowers them for the first time?

Cryptocurrency clearly solves the notorious inflation of present day fiat currencies than it causes.  Many countries have recognized their economic shortcomings and have realized that embracing cryptocurrency is the only viable solution.  Tiny specks in the ointment such as the lopsided Bitcoin transfer fees will all be solved in the future.

Many versions og cryptocurrency have reduced transfer fees to a negligible amount in sharp contrast to the ever increasing number of third-party payment processors such as PayPal, Due, Solidtrust Pay, and Stripe.

We no longer need permission from anyone to transfer money between individuals.  Banks controlled and prospered with the fortunes of people in the past but will never again have the foothold they once had.  I am actually surprised that the downfall of the bank has not yet occurred.

PayPal and most other third-party payment processors have only a short time under the sun unless they completely redesign their business models.  Various payment processors currently swindle the masses by varying degree.  Banks are probably the biggest offenders of the ongoing skulduggery.

People, unfortunately will continue to use unscrupulous third-party payment processors until crypto currency transfers become mainstream.

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Long Live Cryptocurrency!

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