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Hello guys, 3th edition of GUESS WHAT WIN BAT game finished:

We was try to guess what was a Bitcoin Close price at the end of 26.01.2020 on CoinMarketCap.

Closest guess to real one won 3 BAT. Who is the winner?

In #3 edition 27 users take a part in our game (in #1 edition it was 16, #2- 18 so we really are bigger in every next edition :) )


Price of the Bitcoin at the end of 26.01.2020 was: 8,596.83 USD.

So who is the winner? The closet guess was made by [francais/French]

His guess was 8580 USD so his mistake was only 16,83 USD :) Congratulations :) (please write Your account address in reply to Your comment with guess in last post - so I Can send You a prize)



So let's start new edition :)

This time will win only 1 best guess - but the prize will be 3 BAT! 

Idea is very simple- write in comment what in your expert opinion will be price of Bitcoin at the end of nearest Thursday - 30.01.2020. It must be challenging so, you can enter your guess by the end of Wednesday 29.01.2020. We will check a Close price at the end of 30.01.2020 on CoinMarketCap. (Everyone can check this at:

What is a prize? A glory to be a crypto expert and 1 closest guess to real one win 3 BAT!

Important- every user can add just only one comment with guess and if there will be 2 identical guesses first written will be winning one - so be fast :)


Ps. If You want to be sure that this content is really legit You Can check confirmation in comments from users whose already received prize -



-Prizes comes from Publish0x tips. 


I hope everything is clear :) Have a fun :)

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