Joe Rogan Experience: Best Tech podcasts

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Elon musk's apperence was one of the most watched podcasts ever. While the media focused on a short conversation on the topic of marijuana. This interview was one of Musk's best. Discussing the future of Space X, The boring Company while in a relaxed environment. He seems to take a moment of silence before giving his well thought out answers.

Joe Rogan Experience #1211 - Dr. Ben Goertzel

 Interesting, smart, scary dude... Ben Goertzel's interview is somewhat held back by Joe Rogans lack of in depth tech knowledge... And thats not a dig a JRE. Rogan probably knows more tech than I do. But AGI's token concept is tough to grasp for him even having crypto explained to him a number of times by Andreas Antonopoulos. Still a great podcast to introduce Dr. Goertzels genius to a larger audience.

Joe Rogan Experience #633 - Alex Winter

This was a surprisingly "Excellent" podcast... This is my favorite podcast of all time. Alex winter has become and advocate for future tech, Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web. He breaks down internet privacy, Tor, Ross Ulbrichte, Silk Road, Mt. Gox. Dark Web and, much more. 


Joe Rogan Experience #844 - Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has been on a few times now and Joe still cant grasp Crypto... lol. Andreas has been a leading advocate of bitcoin and unlike others is only selling his thoughts and knowledge on Crypto. Other than shill any project. He simply educates and explains the use cases for cryptocurrency. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden

 Great must watch for all... I have seen most interviews of Edward Snowden and find him very interesting but, Heard everything in this podcast from him previously. If you havent seen a Snowden interview I would highly recommend watching.  Snowden comes off somewhat pretentious. Even telling Joe that he would send him a signed copy of his book.... Good stuff. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1287 - Rich Benoit

An average dude made famous on Youtube by posting his Tesla Resotration projects. Very interesting stories of his Tesla projects. Rogans a car guy and, is genuinely exited to pick Benoits brain.

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