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A fully-transparent crypto due diligence app that provides banks, investors and financial institutions with free solid researched information; useful and reliable when providing loans, financial assistance or making investment decisions on crypto-backed properties and assets.Zloadr launched what it calls, its “Token Liquidity Exchange”. The exchange aims to allow platforms who offer AirDrops & ICO’s to list their currencies on to Zloadr’s exchange free of charge, subject to criteria’s being met.The exchange allows platforms to convert their tokens to more tradable tokens, which are already trading at a price and have been accepted on major exchanges, making it easier to liquidate out off.Zloadr tackles various issues for both present or past token assets. The platform offers the following advantages that ensure platforms will thrive and make their place known and felt in the crypto arena:- Lacking funds to list on a large exchange or may have been refused, leading to liquidity problems for both platform and investors.- Access to a potential user base of 250K token holders and crypto investors.- Platforms benefit from advanced marketing efforts, leading to increased overall value of their token.- A larger wide range of paring options with other listed tokens.How to Qualify For Listing on Zloadr’s Exchange:- Platforms will only be listed if votes reach the milestone of 5,000, which is required to enter the Zloadr’s liquidity exchange.- Have a solid white-paper that identifies a demand or need for their services or product.

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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены, Фитаные валюты

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