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Due to Chinese regulatory pressure Yunbi ceased trading on August 18th 2017History:YUNBI, formerly Peatio Exchange, is a cryptocurrency exchange co­funded by BitFundPE. YUNBI started in July 2013, and after a 9­-month trial run, they announced its formal launch at April 1, 2014.Built with the code released by Peatio Open Source Project, YUNBI adheres to the principle of integrity, transparency and being open­-sourced, offering customers a highly­-safe and easily­-operating platform to trade digital currencies.All the team members of YUNBI exchange are core developers in Peatio project. Coming from Ruby China, they are energetic activists, passionate on programming and experts in creating software.YUNBI uses Markle Tree to prove reserves. Every customer can validate assets anytime they want. Besides, they publish YUNBI’s reserves everyday on twitter / facebook / weibo, and they’ve been doing this since the first day they started running.YUNBI promises that they would hold on tight to the original intentions of Peatio project, and they would never abuse their customers’ assets.
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BTC: 0.05% Trading Fee
Others: 0.1% Trading Fee

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Local Wire Transfer, International Wire Transfer CNY Withdrawal Fee: 0.1% Withdrawal fee, minimum 5 CNY per withdrawal. Blockchain Assets Withdrawal Fee: Only collet miners' fee.

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Local Wire Transfer, International Wire Transfer CNY Deposit Fee: Free Blockchain Assets Deposit Fee: Free

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