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Xena Exchange is operated by Xena Financial Systems UK, incorporated in London. The company was founded by previous employees of well-known investment banks and technology companies such as J.P. Morgan, ING, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Russian Stock Exchange, Kaspersky Labs, and more. The Xena Exchange team has significant industry experience, including combined totals of 45 years of FICC, equities and derivatives trading; 25 years of risk management; 110 years of software development; and 35 years of finance-related institutional security in both DevOps and cryptography.Xena Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on providing clients with complete infrastructure to execute financial transactions of any complexity. They offer:spot trading section where clients can exchange different cryptocurrencies with each otherXena Listed Perpetuals section where clients can trade innovative cryptocurrency-settled derivativesTraditional financial markets have historically developed a solid set of efficient tools to mitigate the mutual risks of participants and make the markets more predictable and profitable for everyone. Xena Exchange is dedicated to introducing the most relevant and sophisticated tools for the newly emerging digital assets market.
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Криптовалюты,Деривативы, Стэйблкоины, Токены

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0.03% taker’s fees
0.03% maker’s rebates
0% commissions for spot trading

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