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Switcheo Network is a Singapore non-custodial digital asset market, integrated with multiple blockchains and recognised for its platform security, ease of use and fast trade executions.Its mission is to redefine transparency in the conventional financial system today, starting by giving back to the people their financial freedom which centralized entities now hold.Switcheo Network currently supports assets from the NEO, Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

Order Maker Fee:

Order Taker Fee:
-0.15% [Standard];
-0.075% [Traders enjoy 50% discount when they use Switcheo Tokens (SWTH) to deduct trading fees].

Withdrawal Fee:

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Switcheo (switcheo) Singapore C 2018 Децентрализованная

Веб-сайт Switcheo: https://switcheo.exchange/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Switcheo switcheonetwork      https://www.reddit.com/r/Switcheo/    https://t.me/switcheo    

Торговля на Switcheo

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
NEO-ETH0,05890000 ETH2 463,01 NEO0,00193722 BTC
NEX-NEO0,03110000 NEO39 982,44 NEX0,00005956 BTC
SWTH-NEO0,00146800 NEO753 104,68 SWTH0,00000281 BTC
CEL-ETH0,00256000 ETH22 008,10 CEL0,00008430 BTC
SWTH-ETH0,00008740 ETH494 996,99 SWTH0,00000288 BTC
NEO-DAI21,57000000 DAI375,11 NEO0,00200393 BTC
ETH-DAI346,75000000 DAI13,01 ETH0,03212530 BTC
SWTH-DAI0,03099000 DAI144 991,94 SWTH0,00000288 BTC
MKR-ETH1,44000000 ETH4,20 MKR0,04769280 BTC
SNX-ETH0,01409000 ETH300,00 SNX0,00046342 BTC
NEO-WBTC0,00195000 WBTC56,00 NEO0,00195000 BTC
NOS-NEO0,00315900 NEO14 619,80 NOS0,00000605 BTC
CPX-NEO0,00029500 NEO148 395,67 CPX0,00000057 BTC
GAS-NEO0,08000000 NEO437,48 GAS0,00015320 BTC
YFI-ETH86,92000000 ETH0,02 YFI2,85966800 BTC
ETH-WBTC0,03260000 WBTC1,70 ETH0,03260000 BTC
BRDG-NEO0,00029400 NEO75 246,15 BRDG0,00000056 BTC
TMN-NEO0,00015500 NEO124 668,90 TMN0,00000030 BTC
JRT-ETH0,00020800 ETH4 915,65 JRT0,00000684 BTC
SWTH-GAS0,01816000 GAS10 302,37 SWTH0,00000277 BTC
NEO-SDUSD21,01000000 SDUSD13,01 NEO0,00196400 BTC
FXC-ETH0,00002117 ETH34 029,79 FXC0,00000070 BTC
USDC-DAI0,97700000 DAI243,46 USDC0,00009072 BTC
MKR-DAI499,43000000 DAI0,43 MKR0,04637583 BTC
QNT-ETH0,02480000 ETH23,36 QNT0,00081567 BTC
KNC-ETH0,00278000 ETH197,28 KNC0,00009182 BTC
BAL-ETH0,04610000 ETH11,72 BAL0,00151623 BTC
NEX-SDUSD0,65000000 SDUSD271,17 NEX0,00006076 BTC
SDS-NEO0,00007200 NEO107 850,43 SDS0,00000014 BTC
ETH-USDT359,80000000 USDT0,42 ETH0,03305767 BTC
ALEPH-ETH0,00002200 ETH14 820,00 ALEPH0,00000073 BTC
RSR-ETH0,00003571 ETH7 933,33 RSR0,00000117 BTC
LEND-ETH0,00145000 ETH194,85 LEND0,00004769 BTC
BOMB-ETH0,00157000 ETH159,00 BOMB0,00005168 BTC
BAT-ETH0,00064600 ETH300,00 BAT0,00002125 BTC
XIO-ETH0,00060000 ETH267,32 XIO0,00001974 BTC
ANT-ETH0,01022000 ETH11,49 ANT0,00033614 BTC
LEO-ETH0,00336000 ETH30,73 LEO0,00011051 BTC
LOOM-ETH0,00005400 ETH1 870,37 LOOM0,00000178 BTC
SOUL-NEO0,00515000 NEO217,62 SOUL0,00001010 BTC
TKY-NEO0,00001800 NEO41 064,43 TKY0,00000003 BTC
MCT-NEO0,00004100 NEO17 220,27 MCT0,00000008 BTC
PHX-NEO0,00005100 NEO8 641,14 PHX0,00000010 BTC
TNC-NEO0,00004200 NEO7 099,18 TNC0,00000008 BTC
LX-NEO0,00003500 NEO6 828,92 LX0,00000007 BTC
LRN-NEO0,00006500 NEO2 659,75 LRN0,00000012 BTC
IMU-NEO0,00000400 NEO38 771,73 IMU0,00000001 BTC
DBC-NEO0,00005100 NEO2 000,00 DBC0,00000010 BTC
SDS-SDUSD0,00202700 SDUSD306,76 SDS0,00000019 BTC
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