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Switcheo Network is a Singapore non-custodial digital asset market, integrated with multiple blockchains and recognised for its platform security, ease of use and fast trade executions.Its mission is to redefine transparency in the conventional financial system today, starting by giving back to the people their financial freedom which centralized entities now hold.Switcheo Network currently supports assets from the NEO, Ethereum and EOS blockchain.
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Order Maker Fee:

Order Taker Fee:
-0.15% [Standard];
-0.075% [Traders enjoy 50% discount when they use Switcheo Tokens (SWTH) to deduct trading fees].

Withdrawal Fee:

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Switcheo (switcheo) Singapore C 2018 Децентрализованная

Веб-сайт Switcheo: https://switcheo.exchange/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Switcheo switcheonetwork      https://www.reddit.com/r/Switcheo/    https://t.me/switcheo    

Торговля на Switcheo

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
NEX-NEO0,01780000 NEO24 828,87 NEX0,00002656 BTC
GAS-NEO0,21900000 NEO1 063,18 GAS0,00032675 BTC
RSR-ETH0,00004510 ETH39 113,27 RSR0,00000178 BTC
SWTH-NEO0,00085800 NEO60 818,05 SWTH0,00000128 BTC
FLM-NEO0,01000000 NEO4 403,80 FLM0,00001453 BTC
CEL-ETH0,00290000 ETH183,48 CEL0,00011246 BTC
TMN-NEO0,00008000 NEO42 250,00 TMN0,00000013 BTC
SWTH-GAS0,00400000 GAS2 982,13 SWTH0,00000130 BTC
NEO-SDUSD147,00000000 SDUSD1,77 NEO0,00155900 BTC
PHX-NEO0,00038600 NEO4 718,27 PHX0,00000057 BTC
SDS-NEO0,00000700 NEO217 000,00 SDS0,00000001 BTC
GUARD-NEO0,00003800 NEO42 380,70 GUARD0,00000004 BTC
NEX-SDUSD1,50100000 SDUSD40,92 NEX0,00003774 BTC
ASA-NEO0,00000300 NEO291 278,52 ASA0,00000000 BTC
BRDG-NEO0,00002400 NEO28 421,22 BRDG0,00000004 BTC
NRVE-NEO0,00001400 NEO51 191,26 NRVE0,00000002 BTC
LRN-NEO0,00017200 NEO3 352,67 LRN0,00000025 BTC
TKY-NEO0,00002800 NEO20 736,80 TKY0,00000004 BTC
DBC-NEO0,00038800 NEO1 124,14 DBC0,00000040 BTC
MCT-NEO0,00001400 NEO25 096,06 MCT0,00000002 BTC
COUP-NEO0,00000100 NEO312 405,05 COUP0,00000000 BTC
LX-NEO0,00000400 NEO68 750,00 LX0,00000001 BTC
IMU-NEO0,00000100 NEO330 342,29 IMU0,00000000 BTC
SOUL-NEO0,00650000 NEO40,47 SOUL0,00000962 BTC
SWTH-SDUSD0,10001000 SDUSD2 180,58 SWTH0,00000014 BTC
QLC-NEO0,00090000 NEO200,02 QLC0,00000138 BTC
USDT-DAI1,01600000 DAI11,13 USDT0,00001661 BTC
TNC-NEO0,00004600 NEO2 523,00 TNC0,00000007 BTC
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