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Подробный обзор

Quoine exchange is a Japanese Bitcoin and Ether exchange. It allows users to exchange BTC and ETH for multiple national currencies. Quoine currently offers 0% fees on all pairs except ETHBTC and margin trading with leverage starting at 2X and up to 25X. Quoine has other special features like futures trading, algo trading, and even lending to earn interest on your deposits.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Trading fee for base currency pairs is zero.

Trading fee for non-base currency pairs:
BTC and BCH pairs: 0.25%
ETH pairs: 0.1%

Вывод средств

Wire Transfer and Crypto Fiat withdrawal fee: USD: 5 USD SGD: 5 SGD EUR: 5 EUR AUD: 5 AUD JPY: QUOINEX fee: 500 JPY Local bank fee (applied only if recipient bank account is local): 716 JPY IDR: 1% of withdrawal amount, minimum 20,000 IDR INR: 325 INR Crypto withdrawal fee: zero until further notice

Варианты депозита

Wire Transfer: 0% Bitcoin: 0% Ether: 0%

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  • ТОП 3 роста за 24 часа

  • ТОП 3 падения за 24 часа

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