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Paymium is the first European exchange founded in 2011. The platform provides EUR/BTC exchange service and allows users to send and receive Bitcoins by mail. Moreover, Paymium offers a merchant solution for free (here is the API documentation: https://github.com/Paymium/api-documentation) in order to help people adopt Bitcoin.Paymium complies with European Regulations and accepts SEPA Wire Transfer and Credit Card Bitcoin purchaseThe Bitcoins are stored in cold storage for security.Paymium features an app on both Android and iOS.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Trading fee: 0.59%

Вывод средств

SEPA Wire Transfer - 0.99 EUR BTC - Free (They pay the network transaction fee)

Варианты депозита

SEPA Wire Transfer - Free BTC - Free Bank Card - 8%

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  • ТОП 3 роста за 24 часа

  • ТОП 3 падения за 24 часа

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