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Nominex exchange has been developed for more than 2 years. At the moment of the development, the main goal was to create a new-gen exchange, which was compatible with any kind of system load, fully secure, user-friendly and has a remarkable amount of unique features.Nominex exchange native token is the Nominex Token (NMX).Telegram | Facebook | LinkedIn
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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

By default, if the users hold NMX in their account, their trading fees will be automatically subtracted from their NMX balance. Using NMX for transaction fees applies a 50% discount to the users' trading fee during the first year.
Levels are determined based on trading volume over a 30-day period (in USDT) and NMX balance.

Referral levels are determined based on the number of cycles over a 2-week period.

At 00:00 AM (UTC) every day, the users' trading volume over the past 30-day period and their current NMX balance are evaluated. The users' Tier level and corresponding maker/taker fees are updated one hour later.

See the official fee table for the full variety of VIP levels and different fee options.

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Nominex (nominex) Seychelles C 219

Веб-сайт Nominex: https://www.nominex.io  

Социальный сети и другие источники Nominex

 https://twitter.com/NominexExchange  https://www.facebook.com/Nominex  https://t.me/nominex_announcements

Торговля на Nominex

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-TUSD26 484,89000000 TUSD124,26 BTC0,99924957 BTC
BTC-USDT26 469,58000000 USDT79,07 BTC1,00003800 BTC
USDC-USDT1,00000000 USDT1 064 206,29 USDC0,00003778 BTC
ETH-USDT1 842,05000000 USDT499,66 ETH0,06963014 BTC
BNB-USDT261,20000000 USDT1 489,34 BNB0,00986831 BTC
XRP-USDT0,53190000 USDT629 085,79 XRP0,00002010 BTC
USDT-TRY23,64000000 TRY227 432,91 USDT0,00003819 BTC
TUSD-USDT0,99930000 USDT166 910,40 TUSD0,00003776 BTC
ETH-BUSD1 841,22000000 BUSD77,08 ETH0,06944963 BTC
SOL-USDT18,09000000 USDT6 590,33 SOL0,00068345 BTC
BNB-BUSD261,40000000 BUSD354,03 BNB0,00985984 BTC
MATIC-USDT0,74320000 USDT122 282,05 MATIC0,00002808 BTC
ADA-USDT0,30390000 USDT297 961,51 ADA0,00001148 BTC
DOGE-USDT0,06879000 USDT1 184 348,43 DOGE0,00000260 BTC
RNDR-USDT2,30700000 USDT33 659,13 RNDR0,00008721 BTC
LTC-USDT89,64000000 USDT839,86 LTC0,00338666 BTC
BTC-EUR24 702,64000000 EUR2,21 BTC1,00239900 BTC
STX-USDT0,64640000 USDT87 217,39 STX0,00002442 BTC
XRP-BUSD0,53190000 BUSD105 616,02 XRP0,00002006 BTC
FTM-USDT0,29100000 USDT170 060,69 FTM0,00001099 BTC
ETH-BTC0,06956000 BTC26,84 ETH0,06956000 BTC
OP-USDT1,35900000 USDT34 385,96 OP0,00005136 BTC
ETH-TUSD1 843,07000000 TUSD24,92 ETH0,06958949 BTC
ATOM-USDT9,29600000 USDT4 930,85 ATOM0,00035132 BTC
INJ-USDT7,02000000 USDT6 192,14 INJ0,00026522 BTC
SOL-BUSD18,08000000 BUSD2 344,84 SOL0,00068197 BTC
CFX-USDT0,22720000 USDT181 378,41 CFX0,00000858 BTC
FIL-USDT4,05600000 USDT9 666,30 FIL0,00015324 BTC
TRX-USDT0,07745000 USDT449 651,32 TRX0,00000293 BTC
AVAX-USDT13,96000000 USDT2 427,35 AVAX0,00052742 BTC
DYDX-USDT1,98600000 USDT16 187,24 DYDX0,00007506 BTC
MATIC-BUSD0,73860000 BUSD42 118,24 MATIC0,00002786 BTC
SAND-USDT0,47720000 USDT64 589,93 SAND0,00001803 BTC
BNB-BTC0,00987000 BTC117,00 BNB0,00987000 BTC
NEAR-USDT1,40100000 USDT20 177,61 NEAR0,00005293 BTC
MASK-USDT4,14400000 USDT6 075,40 MASK0,00015661 BTC
GRT-USDT0,11120000 USDT225 199,54 GRT0,00000420 BTC
SOL-BTC0,00068310 BTC1 384,55 SOL0,00068310 BTC
ETH-EUR1 716,19000000 EUR13,49 ETH0,06964748 BTC
ADA-BUSD0,30380000 BUSD77 043,57 ADA0,00001146 BTC
KAVA-USDT0,95000000 USDT24 497,84 KAVA0,00003591 BTC
GALA-USDT0,02592000 USDT865 429,70 GALA0,00000098 BTC
DOT-USDT4,99000000 USDT4 083,37 DOT0,00018853 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00002009 BTC37 369,18 XRP0,00002009 BTC
EOS-USDT0,89700000 USDT20 493,76 EOS0,00003389 BTC
DOGE-BUSD0,06881000 BUSD267 063,65 DOGE0,00000260 BTC
SHIB-USDT0,00000794 USDT2 149 651 373,40 SHIB0,00000000 BTC
XMR-USDT142,90000000 USDT116,90 XMR0,00540064 BTC
LINK-USDT5,98200000 USDT2 569,98 LINK0,00022600 BTC
USDT-BRL4,90100000 BRL15 261,90 USDT0,00003799 BTC
LTC-BUSD89,67000000 BUSD169,03 LTC0,00338229 BTC
AGIX-USDT0,24917000 USDT59 823,93 AGIX0,00000941 BTC
FET-USDT0,22370000 USDT59 741,80 FET0,00000845 BTC
BTC-TRY625 841,00000000 TRY0,50 BTC1,01110100 BTC
ADA-BTC0,00001148 BTC41 512,03 ADA0,00001148 BTC
MANA-USDT0,41230000 USDT30 519,70 MANA0,00001558 BTC
VET-USDT0,01716000 USDT674 126,62 VET0,00000065 BTC
KLAY-USDT0,16430000 USDT60 196,63 KLAY0,00000621 BTC
EGLD-USDT34,78000000 USDT271,85 EGLD0,00131401 BTC
ALGO-USDT0,12400000 USDT73 503,06 ALGO0,00000469 BTC
MATIC-BTC0,00002811 BTC12 153,25 MATIC0,00002811 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00338800 BTC97,81 LTC0,00338800 BTC
JASMY-USDT0,00408200 USDT1 922 681,52 JASMY0,00000015 BTC
BTC-BRL129 812,00000000 BRL0,29 BTC1,00591600 BTC
BCH-USDT110,40000000 USDT69,32 BCH0,00417098 BTC
LUNA-USDT0,76530000 USDT9 965,90 LUNA0,00002892 BTC
BNB-ETH0,14200000 ETH28,29 BNB0,00987184 BTC
BTC-USDC26 461,10000000 USDC0,26 BTC0,99976197 BTC
XLM-USDT0,08790000 USDT77 087,08 XLM0,00000332 BTC
SSV-USDT20,34000000 USDT327,08 SSV0,00076846 BTC
CFX-BUSD0,22790000 BUSD28 966,42 CFX0,00000860 BTC
FLOW-USDT0,62400000 USDT9 886,98 FLOW0,00002358 BTC
CHZ-USDT0,08720000 USDT69 482,32 CHZ0,00000330 BTC
LINK-BUSD5,98300000 BUSD1 012,38 LINK0,00022567 BTC
BNX-USDT0,41300000 USDT13 943,45 BNX0,00001561 BTC
AVAX-BUSD13,95000000 BUSD413,64 AVAX0,00052618 BTC
BETH-ETH0,99460000 ETH2,96 BETH0,06914459 BTC
QNT-USDT108,00000000 USDT47,77 QNT0,00408166 BTC
HBAR-USDT0,04790000 USDT102 062,01 HBAR0,00000181 BTC
CRV-USDT0,75300000 USDT6 348,54 CRV0,00002845 BTC
ETH-TRY43 550,00000000 TRY2,49 ETH0,07035776 BTC
XMR-BTC0,00539600 BTC32,22 XMR0,00539600 BTC
UNI-USDT4,61400000 USDT966,13 UNI0,00017438 BTC
AAVE-USDT60,30000000 USDT73,36 AAVE0,00227817 BTC
NEO-USDT9,09000000 USDT452,49 NEO0,00034343 BTC
SHIB-BUSD0,00000792 BUSD519 103 890,41 SHIB0,00000000 BTC
PAXG-USDT1 916,00000000 USDT2,07 PAXG0,07241162 BTC
ETH-USDC1 841,84000000 USDC1,85 ETH0,06968104 BTC
PAXG-BUSD1 916,00000000 BUSD1,73 PAXG0,07227028 BTC
BTC-GBP21 111,40000000 GBP0,12 BTC1,00233500 BTC
ETC-USDT16,93000000 USDT153,10 ETC0,00063963 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000260 BTC23 933,32 DOGE0,00000260 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000290 BTC15 545,17 TRX0,00000290 BTC
BNB-TUSD261,40000000 TUSD4,51 BNB0,00986372 BTC
WBTC-BTC1,00080000 BTC0,03 WBTC1,00080000 BTC
BUSD-BRL4,90400000 BRL559,70 BUSD0,00003800 BTC
FTM-BTC0,00001097 BTC1 749,20 FTM0,00001097 BTC
USDT-RUB82,89000000 RUB451,18 USDT0,00003795 BTC
USDT-UAH37,99000000 UAH285,90 USDT0,00003886 BTC
ZEC-USDT29,20000000 USDT6,06 ZEC0,00110320 BTC
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