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Luno is a UK-based Bitcoin exchange that offers wallet and exchange services to multiple countries. Luno was formerly known as BitX.Co-founded by CEO Marcus Swanepoel and CTO Timothy Stranex, Luno launched in 2013 and has built a team of nearly 400 with its headquarters in London with regional hubs in Singapore and Cape Town. With over 5 million customers spanning in over 40 countries, Luno’s products and services aim to make it safe and easy to buy, sell, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.Luno exchange native wallet is Luno Wallet.LinkedIn | Youtube
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See the Full Fee Schedule for Trading, Deposits and Withdrawals.

Вывод средств

See the Full Fee Schedule and available methods for Deposits and Withdrawals.

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See the Full Fee Schedule and available methods for Deposits and Withdrawals.

Luno (luno) Singapore C 2013

Веб-сайт Luno: https://www.luno.com/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Luno

 lunomoney  https://www.facebook.com/luno

Торговля на Luno

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
XBT-ZAR400 500,00000000 ZAR163,12 XBT1,01470000 BTC
XBT-NGN17 154 998,00000000 NGN29,16 XBT1,62762500 BTC
XRP-ZAR7,13000000 ZAR1 565 501,00 XRP0,00001806 BTC
XBT-MYR98 451,00000000 MYR22,76 XBT1,01073000 BTC
ETH-ZAR27 469,00000000 ZAR305,38 ETH0,06959499 BTC
ETH-MYR6 752,00000000 MYR201,01 ETH0,06931822 BTC
SOL-MYR103,10000000 MYR11 764,25 SOL0,00105846 BTC
XRP-MYR1,74960000 MYR655 225,00 XRP0,00001796 BTC
LTC-ZAR1 531,00000000 ZAR2 736,54 LTC0,00387892 BTC
XRP-XBT0,00001780 XBT564 321,00 XRP0,00001780 BTC
SOL-ZAR418,35000000 ZAR7 097,33 SOL0,00105992 BTC
ADA-MYR1,63710000 MYR340 572,62 ADA0,00001681 BTC
UNI-MYR28,66000000 MYR14 752,30 UNI0,00029423 BTC
ETH-XBT0,06852700 XBT48,85 ETH0,06852700 BTC
LTC-XBT0,00382200 XBT546,78 LTC0,00382200 BTC
LTC-MYR377,00000000 MYR515,07 LTC0,00387040 BTC
ADA-ZAR6,65000000 ZAR73 580,33 ADA0,00001685 BTC
XRP-NGN306,99000000 NGN38 680,00 XRP0,00002913 BTC
ETH-NGN1 170 102,00000000 NGN8,00 ETH0,11101644 BTC
ETH-USD1 559,71000000 USD11,79 ETH0,06803784 BTC
ADA-XBT0,00001670 XBT43 953,30 ADA0,00001670 BTC
XBT-USD23 003,10000000 USD0,63 XBT1,00344400 BTC
XBT-IDR347 698 000,00000000 IDR0,59 XBT1,01178800 BTC
SOL-XBT0,00105000 XBT520,69 SOL0,00105000 BTC
ADA-IDR5 920,00000000 IDR24 424,01 ADA0,00001723 BTC
XBT-GBP18 626,39000000 GBP0,39 XBT1,00629000 BTC
BCH-MYR568,00000000 MYR50,16 BCH0,00583127 BTC
XBT-AUD32 241,78000000 AUD0,28 XBT1,00456000 BTC
SOL-IDR359 609,00000000 IDR208,39 SOL0,00104645 BTC
LTC-NGN64 509,00000000 NGN20,12 LTC0,00612046 BTC
ETH-IDR23 911 000,00000000 IDR1,74 ETH0,06958010 BTC
BCH-XBT0,00574100 XBT18,94 BCH0,00574100 BTC
UNI-ZAR117,49000000 ZAR320,24 UNI0,00029767 BTC
ADA-EUR0,35070000 EUR4 770,06 ADA0,00001661 BTC
ADA-GBP0,30530000 GBP1 655,32 ADA0,00001649 BTC
ETH-GBP1 359,98000000 GBP0,30 ETH0,07347288 BTC
SOL-EUR22,41000000 EUR20,14 SOL0,00106160 BTC
SOL-GBP19,39000000 GBP19,39 SOL0,00104754 BTC
XBT-EUR21 120,00000000 EUR0,02 XBT1,00049200 BTC
XBT-UGX86 928 000,00000000 UGX0,01 XBT1,00062700 BTC
SOL-AUD35,11000000 AUD8,18 SOL0,00109393 BTC
UNI-NGN4 900,00000000 NGN8,03 UNI0,00046490 BTC
ADA-AUD0,54170000 AUD92,71 ADA0,00001690 BTC
ETH-AUD2 190,00000000 AUD0,00 ETH0,06813751 BTC
ETH-EUR1 500,00000000 EUR0,00 ETH0,07105765 BTC
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