Криптовалютная биржа HADAX


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HADAX is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade coins for a 0.2% trading fee. HADAX allows customers to use Huobi Tokens and vote for the currencies they want to see listed on the platform.HADAX is a sub-brand of Huobi.pro, a cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade more than 190 currency pairs. The platform is operated by Huobi Global Limited, a cryptocurrency financial services group that was established in China in 2013 but which is currently incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles.Huobi Global offers cryptocurrency trading platforms to users in over 130 countries and has offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.
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Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

0.2% Trading Fee

Вывод средств


Варианты депозита


  • ТОП 3 роста за 24 часа

  • ТОП 3 падения за 24 часа

  • Все криптовалюты