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Based in New York, Gemini Exchange is aptly named after its two founders the Winklevoss twins. The Gemini platform is available to customers in a total of 49 U.S. states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.The Company took an alternative route to most other exchanges in jumping through regulatory hoops by applying for status as a New York State limited liability Trust rather than a Bitlicence.  This gives the exchange the ability to deal both with institutional clients and individuals. The founders have also announced their intention to allow access to other alternative crypto markets as and when they warrant it. In all perhaps one of the most considered and well-positioned exchanges to capitalize on the bridge between main financial markets and the present ecosystem. A breath of fresh air in bringing a touch of wall street class & security to the innovative yet nascent Bitcoin arena.
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Fees vary according to volume exchanged. See full fee schedule here: https://gemini.com/trading-fee-schedule/#trading-fee-schedule

Вывод средств

10+ per calendar month Bitcoin 0.002 BTC Ether 0.001 ETH WireTransfer Free ACH Free

Варианты депозита

Wire Transfer

Gemini (gemini) U.S.A C 2014

Веб-сайт Gemini: https://gemini.com/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Gemini gemini    https://www.facebook.com/GeminiDotCom/        

Торговля на Gemini

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USD62 336,77000000 USD2 433,58 BTC1,00177100 BTC
ETH-USD2 489,72000000 USD26 468,36 ETH0,04001056 BTC
BCH-USD1 146,93000000 USD40 249,10 BCH0,01843152 BTC
LTC-USD331,29000000 USD104 289,43 LTC0,00532393 BTC
FIL-USD189,36500000 USD80 539,72 FIL0,00304315 BTC
AMP-USD0,05324000 USD270 762 189,61 AMP0,00000086 BTC
LINK-USD44,03410000 USD255 004,51 LINK0,00070764 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03996000 BTC2 339,56 ETH0,03996000 BTC
DAI-USD1,00285000 USD4 024 116,74 DAI0,00001612 BTC
COMP-USD579,28000000 USD6 930,74 COMP0,00930921 BTC
BTC-GBP45 110,39000000 GBP57,93 BTC1,00275000 BTC
UNI-USD37,35180000 USD89 952,25 UNI0,00060025 BTC
CRV-USD4,29360000 USD638 764,69 CRV0,00006900 BTC
ZEC-USD280,83000000 USD9 224,42 ZEC0,00451302 BTC
MKR-USD3 575,97000000 USD687,26 MKR0,05746693 BTC
REN-USD1,19934000 USD1 997 335,84 REN0,00001927 BTC
MANA-USD1,27200000 USD1 879 524,72 MANA0,00002044 BTC
STORJ-USD2,42276000 USD654 000,77 STORJ0,00003893 BTC
SNX-USD21,71390000 USD67 400,37 SNX0,00034895 BTC
AAVE-USD459,71440000 USD3 111,81 AAVE0,00738775 BTC
ENJ-USD3,06330000 USD442 704,60 ENJ0,00004923 BTC
YFI-USD53 194,80000000 USD24,38 YFI0,85485673 BTC
UMA-USD28,70010000 USD43 843,80 UMA0,00046122 BTC
ETH-GBP1 796,13000000 GBP501,04 ETH0,03998241 BTC
OXT-USD0,85318000 USD1 451 777,82 OXT0,00001371 BTC
BAL-USD65,89000000 USD17 279,06 BAL0,00105887 BTC
BAT-USD1,54808000 USD627 971,59 BAT0,00002488 BTC
KNC-USD3,55352000 USD266 534,40 KNC0,00005711 BTC
SAND-USD0,69230000 USD1 321 920,67 SAND0,00001113 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00530000 BTC2 321,63 LTC0,00530000 BTC
GRT-USD2,04180000 USD314 212,22 GRT0,00003281 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00450000 BTC2 069,12 ZEC0,00450000 BTC
1INCH-USD5,97780000 USD96 471,97 1INCH0,00009607 BTC
ETH-EUR2 080,04000000 EUR224,42 ETH0,04005191 BTC
ZRX-USD2,12084000 USD252 233,82 ZRX0,00003408 BTC
BCH-BTC0,01810000 BTC430,79 BCH0,01810000 BTC
BTC-EUR51 811,37000000 EUR6,95 BTC0,99810819 BTC
LRC-USD0,65076000 USD638 632,23 LRC0,00001046 BTC
SKL-USD0,74745000 USD534 984,55 SKL0,00001201 BTC
LINK-BTC0,00070590 BTC6 195,31 LINK0,00070590 BTC
PAXG-USD1 806,92000000 USD113,37 PAXG0,02903776 BTC
LTC-ETH0,13310000 ETH422,79 LTC0,00532134 BTC
BCH-ETH0,45260000 ETH124,02 BCH0,01814926 BTC
BNT-USD7,92470000 USD17 034,51 BNT0,00012735 BTC
BAT-BTC0,00002481 BTC21 575,56 BAT0,00002481 BTC
LINK-ETH0,01754340 ETH426,50 LINK0,00070051 BTC
ZEC-ETH0,11240000 ETH66,26 ZEC0,00449375 BTC
OXT-ETH0,00034500 ETH14 185,68 OXT0,00001378 BTC
ZEC-LTC0,82600000 LTC32,48 ZEC0,00438028 BTC
BAT-ETH0,00061000 ETH2 672,00 BAT0,00002402 BTC
OXT-BTC0,00001349 BTC4 618,00 OXT0,00001349 BTC
LTC-BCH0,27150000 BCH1,34 LTC0,00505112 BTC
ZEC-BCH0,23620000 BCH0,15 ZEC0,00421304 BTC
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