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Based in New York, Gemini Exchange is aptly named after its two founders the Winklevoss twins. The Gemini platform is available to customers in a total of 49 U.S. states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.The Company took an alternative route to most other exchanges in jumping through regulatory hoops by applying for status as a New York State limited liability Trust rather than a Bitlicence.  This gives the exchange the ability to deal both with institutional clients and individuals. The founders have also announced their intention to allow access to other alternative crypto markets as and when they warrant it. In all perhaps one of the most considered and well-positioned exchanges to capitalize on the bridge between main financial markets and the present ecosystem. A breath of fresh air in bringing a touch of wall street class & security to the innovative yet nascent Bitcoin arena.The Gemini native token is the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and native credit card is the Gemini Mastercard.Gemini is the world’s first SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified crypto exchange and custodian. With SOC 1 reporting on controls at a service organization relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting, and SOC 2 reporting on controls at a service organization relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality or privacy. Together These reports can play an important role in fields like oversight of the organization, vendor management programs, internal corporate governance and risk management processes, regulatory oversight, fairness of the presentation of management’s description of the service organization’s system and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of the controls to achieve the related control objectives included in the description throughout a specified period. For full details regarding SOC certifictions, please visit the following link: us.aicpa.org/interestareas/frc/assuranceadvisoryservices/socforserviceorganizationsFacebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Reddit
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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Fees vary according to volume exchanged. Gemini offers a variety of fee schedules depending on product & usage level.

Deposit Fees: applicable only on debit card transfers at 3.49% of total purchase amount

See the full fee schedule.

Вывод средств

Cryptocurrency Fiat See the full fee schedule for Withdrawals.

Варианты депозита

Cryptocurrency Fiat (Wire Transfer, ACH transfer, Debit Card, Bank Transfer) See the full fee schedule for deposits.

Gemini (gemini) U.S.A C 2014

Веб-сайт Gemini: https://gemini.com/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Gemini

 gemini  https://www.facebook.com/GeminiDotCom/

Торговля на Gemini

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USD23 168,71000000 USD171,58 BTC0,99946632 BTC
ETH-USD1 590,57000000 USD1 139,56 ETH0,06861500 BTC
LTC-USD94,80000000 USD7 974,54 LTC0,00409046 BTC
FTM-USD0,46890000 USD1 131 761,31 FTM0,00002023 BTC
USDC-USD0,99974000 USD453 038,86 USDC0,00004313 BTC
SOL-USD24,12300000 USD14 218,27 SOL0,00104062 BTC
MATIC-USD1,15702000 USD223 698,50 MATIC0,00004992 BTC
BTC-SGD30 474,01000000 SGD10,21 BTC1,00129000 BTC
GALA-USD0,05743000 USD3 640 302,46 GALA0,00000248 BTC
SHIB-USD0,00001194 USD14 383 652 630,39 SHIB0,00000000 BTC
DOGE-USD0,08863000 USD1 779 937,52 DOGE0,00000382 BTC
BCH-USD135,47000000 USD1 072,57 BCH0,00584399 BTC
ETH-BTC0,06872000 BTC79,04 ETH0,06872000 BTC
MANA-USD0,72984000 USD147 817,46 MANA0,00003149 BTC
ETH-SGD2 088,96000000 SGD67,02 ETH0,06863732 BTC
BTC-GBP18 668,30000000 GBP3,73 BTC0,99729744 BTC
GUSD-SGD1,31100000 SGD86 024,04 GUSD0,00004308 BTC
USDT-USD1,00100000 USD78 382,35 USDT0,00004318 BTC
LINK-USD7,34248000 USD10 440,77 LINK0,00031682 BTC
FET-USD0,28594000 USD265 373,93 FET0,00001233 BTC
APE-USD6,06200000 USD10 307,40 APE0,00026150 BTC
LDO-USD2,32100000 USD26 199,53 LDO0,00009998 BTC
SUSHI-USD1,30410000 USD35 062,79 SUSHI0,00005627 BTC
UMA-USD2,07110000 USD22 007,81 UMA0,00008936 BTC
ALI-USD0,04200100 USD1 079 308,23 ALI0,00000181 BTC
ETH-GBP1 287,76000000 GBP28,34 ETH0,06879468 BTC
BTC-GUSD23 197,45000000 GUSD1,93 BTC0,99703215 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00409270 BTC448,49 LTC0,00409270 BTC
CRV-USD1,07930000 USD39 262,20 CRV0,00004657 BTC
LRC-USD0,31248000 USD130 328,12 LRC0,00001348 BTC
FIL-USD5,33580000 USD6 769,74 FIL0,00023023 BTC
UNI-USD6,77470000 USD5 157,55 UNI0,00029232 BTC
ZEC-USD46,63000000 USD739,36 ZEC0,00200990 BTC
LTC-ETH0,05964000 ETH360,86 LTC0,00409309 BTC
AXS-USD11,54000000 USD2 838,56 AXS0,00049793 BTC
OXT-USD0,09683000 USD308 205,68 OXT0,00000418 BTC
AMP-USD0,00475000 USD6 109 192,12 AMP0,00000020 BTC
LUNA-USD0,00017134 USD158 682 102,35 LUNA0,00000001 BTC
SNX-USD2,44370000 USD10 528,13 SNX0,00010544 BTC
IMX-USD0,68078000 USD30 822,29 IMX0,00002937 BTC
AAVE-USD86,26790000 USD242,51 AAVE0,00372232 BTC
SAND-USD0,75114000 USD27 228,84 SAND0,00003241 BTC
1INCH-USD0,52510000 USD38 524,20 1INCH0,00002266 BTC
ELON-USD0,00000032 USD57 303 301 828,69 ELON0,00000000 BTC
MASK-USD3,13100000 USD5 869,87 MASK0,00013488 BTC
REN-USD0,08913000 USD192 799,52 REN0,00000385 BTC
MASK-USD3,11500000 USD5 370,00 MASK0,00013438 BTC
STORJ-USD0,38696000 USD39 021,97 STORJ0,00001670 BTC
ENJ-USD0,45680000 USD30 436,02 ENJ0,00001971 BTC
YFI-USD7 518,87000000 USD1,73 YFI0,32442676 BTC
QNT-USD149,25000000 USD85,66 QNT0,00643837 BTC
MKR-USD661,57000000 USD16,98 MKR0,02854565 BTC
XTZ-USD1,16280000 USD9 276,83 XTZ0,00005016 BTC
OXT-ETH0,00006070 ETH103 034,24 OXT0,00000417 BTC
BTC-EUR21 393,17000000 EUR0,42 BTC1,00256600 BTC
LINK-BTC0,00031503 BTC1 296,82 LINK0,00031503 BTC
JAM-USD0,00316400 USD2 973 656,48 JAM0,00000014 BTC
COMP-USD56,31000000 USD144,75 COMP0,00242968 BTC
GRT-USD0,09510000 USD83 834,03 GRT0,00000410 BTC
OXT-BTC0,00000422 BTC68 600,95 OXT0,00000422 BTC
SPELL-USD0,00082020 USD7 093 002,35 SPELL0,00000004 BTC
BAT-USD0,26920000 USD20 002,58 BAT0,00001162 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000381 BTC59 137,08 DOGE0,00000381 BTC
SLP-USD0,00321000 USD1 597 615,58 SLP0,00000014 BTC
DAI-USD0,99951000 USD5 103,72 DAI0,00004313 BTC
ANKR-USD0,02725000 USD184 335,50 ANKR0,00000118 BTC
ENS-USD16,03200000 USD282,75 ENS0,00069159 BTC
CHZ-USD0,13759000 USD32 150,30 CHZ0,00000594 BTC
ZBC-USD0,01100000 USD358 267,84 ZBC0,00000047 BTC
BOND-USD4,78080000 USD714,28 BOND0,00020607 BTC
PAXG-USD1 906,01000000 USD1,78 PAXG0,08224117 BTC
CTX-USD2,63000000 USD1 045,76 CTX0,00011348 BTC
KNC-USD0,80818000 USD3 400,97 KNC0,00003487 BTC
GMT-USD0,59178000 USD4 170,21 GMT0,00002553 BTC
TOKE-USD1,03400000 USD2 332,82 TOKE0,00004460 BTC
CUBE-USD1,23700000 USD1 935,44 CUBE0,00005337 BTC
SKL-USD0,03581000 USD55 006,43 SKL0,00000155 BTC
BNT-USD0,43440000 USD3 975,80 BNT0,00001874 BTC
ETH-GUSD1 596,78000000 GUSD1,08 ETH0,06863000 BTC
SAMO-USD0,00482920 USD313 008,38 SAMO0,00000021 BTC
SAMO-USD0,00482920 USD311 628,22 SAMO0,00000021 BTC
BUSD-USD1,00200000 USD1 458,94 BUSD0,00004322 BTC
BAT-BTC0,00001149 BTC5 401,93 BAT0,00001149 BTC
QRDO-USD0,16558000 USD6 811,23 QRDO0,00000714 BTC
API3-USD1,59400000 USD704,54 API30,00006878 BTC
RARE-USD0,13900000 USD7 896,58 RARE0,00000600 BTC
LINK-ETH0,00460370 ETH139,49 LINK0,00031595 BTC
PLA-USD0,25449000 USD3 939,95 PLA0,00001098 BTC
MC-USD0,36900000 USD1 805,55 MC0,00001592 BTC
GFI-USD0,59700000 USD999,47 GFI0,00002575 BTC
GFI-USD0,59700000 USD999,47 GFI0,00002572 BTC
MPL-USD6,59800000 USD87,25 MPL0,00028463 BTC
ERN-USD2,19230000 USD252,19 ERN0,00009459 BTC
ERN-USD2,19230000 USD252,19 ERN0,00009449 BTC
EUL-USD5,24900000 USD93,49 EUL0,00022800 BTC
ETH-EUR1 476,08000000 EUR0,28 ETH0,06924737 BTC
NMR-USD17,02500000 USD21,94 NMR0,00073443 BTC
ALCX-USD21,91000000 USD17,04 ALCX0,00094439 BTC
ALCX-USD21,91000000 USD17,02 ALCX0,00094538 BTC
NMR-USD17,02500000 USD21,42 NMR0,00073339 BTC
DOGE-ETH0,00005547 ETH3 995,08 DOGE0,00000381 BTC
ZRX-USD0,23622000 USD1 310,52 ZRX0,00001019 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00195820 BTC6,55 ZEC0,00195820 BTC
SBR-USD0,00141000 USD202 761,71 SBR0,00000006 BTC
AUDIO-USD0,30030000 USD897,89 AUDIO0,00001295 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00202460 BTC5,59 ZEC0,00202460 BTC
GUSD-GBP0,80400000 GBP233,45 GUSD0,00004291 BTC
BCH-BTC0,00615000 BTC1,33 BCH0,00615000 BTC
CVC-USD0,10486000 USD1 739,40 CVC0,00000452 BTC
BCH-ETH0,08510000 ETH1,29 BCH0,00584126 BTC
LQTY-USD0,68400000 USD240,78 LQTY0,00002951 BTC
BTC-DAI23 111,82000000 DAI0,01 BTC0,99680244 BTC
RBN-USD0,24871000 USD446,41 RBN0,00001073 BTC
ETH-DAI1 575,75000000 DAI0,07 ETH0,06785903 BTC
ZEC-ETH0,02923000 ETH1,92 ZEC0,00200693 BTC
REVV-USD0,01350000 USD6 082,22 REVV0,00000058 BTC
BAT-ETH0,00016770 ETH265,23 BAT0,00001151 BTC
ASH-USD0,82000000 USD33,77 ASH0,00003532 BTC
GAL-USD2,11470000 USD11,73 GAL0,00009148 BTC
LUSD-USD1,01000000 USD21,77 LUSD0,00004357 BTC
KP3R-USD78,64000000 USD0,25 KP3R0,00338762 BTC
ZEC-LTC0,45900000 LTC0,43 ZEC0,00186859 BTC
RLY-USD0,01155000 USD1 581,37 RLY0,00000050 BTC
RAD-USD1,84600000 USD6,76 RAD0,00007952 BTC
DPI-USD82,50000000 USD0,13 DPI0,00355389 BTC
BICO-USD0,39000000 USD20,70 BICO0,00001681 BTC
WCFG-USD0,25132000 USD25,13 WCFG0,00001083 BTC
IOTX-USD0,03200000 USD171,64 IOTX0,00000138 BTC
FIDA-USD0,44500000 USD9,22 FIDA0,00001917 BTC
MIM-USD1,05000000 USD3,80 MIM0,00004526 BTC
LTC-BCH0,68530000 BCH0,01 LTC0,00398710 BTC
ORCA-USD1,07000000 USD0,76 ORCA0,00004649 BTC
TRU-USD0,03999000 USD12,50 TRU0,00000174 BTC
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