Криптовалютная биржа Exrates


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Exrates is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 that has official Estonian license.Recently Exrates has launched a new design and enhanced functionality of the exchange. By the time of writing, 200 coins are listed on the exchange with average daily volume up to $80,000,000. Beside that Exrates has an IEO launchpad - X-Platform, Analytical Department that publishes trading signals daily and an opportunity to open a fiat bank account with 24 fiat currencies. More information about Exrates exchange can be found at https://exrates.me/dashboard.
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Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Deposit: 0%
Withdrawal: https://support.exrates.me/article/fees-pairs
Trading: 0.2%

Вывод средств

-Cryptocurrencies. -Fiat.

Варианты депозита

-Cryptocurrencies. -Fiat.

Exrates (exrates) Estonia C 2017

Веб-сайт Exrates: https://exrates.me/dashboard  

Социальный сети и другие источники Exrates Exrates_Me    https://www.facebook.com/exrates/      https://t.me/exratesme    

Торговля на Exrates

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USDT47 586,52000000 USDT139,98 BTC1,00089500 BTC
BTC-USD47 668,41000000 USD85,90 BTC0,99879335 BTC
ETH-USDT1 552,50000000 USDT2 459,68 ETH0,03265400 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03261900 BTC1 389,94 ETH0,03261900 BTC
ETH-USD1 555,17000000 USD1 359,84 ETH0,03258538 BTC
LTC-USDT178,25000000 USDT5 215,84 LTC0,00374916 BTC
XEM-BTC0,00001562 BTC750 856,27 XEM0,00001562 BTC
LTC-USD178,46000000 USD2 949,43 LTC0,00373926 BTC
XRP-USDT0,45502000 USDT1 011 396,80 XRP0,00000957 BTC
BNB-USDT222,49080000 USDT1 691,22 BNB0,00467969 BTC
BNB-USD223,05070000 USD1 395,93 BNB0,00467357 BTC
XRP-USD0,45601000 USD654 774,70 XRP0,00000955 BTC
XLM-USDT0,39521000 USDT727 737,80 XLM0,00000831 BTC
USDT-USD1,00180000 USD274 150,24 USDT0,00002099 BTC
USDC-USD1,00190000 USD272 852,01 USDC0,00002099 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00374600 BTC1 491,21 LTC0,00374600 BTC
IOTA-USDT1,30110000 USDT165 914,96 IOTA0,00002737 BTC
BCH-USD489,01000000 USD378,24 BCH0,01024620 BTC
QTUM-USD6,11300000 USD29 883,40 QTUM0,00012809 BTC
IOTA-USD1,30160000 USD136 190,91 IOTA0,00002727 BTC
ZEC-USDT121,95000000 USDT1 434,47 ZEC0,00256500 BTC
WAVES-USDT9,88460000 USDT17 576,29 WAVES0,00020790 BTC
XMR-USDT202,00000000 USDT858,49 XMR0,00424870 BTC
XEM-USDT0,74310000 USDT228 391,05 XEM0,00001563 BTC
EOS-USD3,66100000 USD45 574,93 EOS0,00007671 BTC
XLM-USD0,39609000 USD417 396,10 XLM0,00000830 BTC
TRX-USD0,04966000 USD3 130 098,00 TRX0,00000104 BTC
XMR-BTC0,00424800 BTC732,11 XMR0,00424800 BTC
NEO-USDT37,49900000 USDT3 705,38 NEO0,00078872 BTC
XMR-USD202,57000000 USD660,81 XMR0,00424444 BTC
NEO-USD37,52700000 USD3 226,26 NEO0,00078603 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00000958 BTC263 550,00 XRP0,00000958 BTC
WAVES-USD9,89450000 USD11 655,99 WAVES0,00020732 BTC
ZEC-USD122,01000000 USD920,38 ZEC0,00255647 BTC
XEM-USD0,74590000 USD137 205,82 XEM0,00001563 BTC
BNB-BTC0,00468250 BTC447,62 BNB0,00468250 BTC
BCH-BTC0,01025800 BTC196,26 BCH0,01025800 BTC
BAT-USD0,65540000 USD136 876,43 BAT0,00001373 BTC
XFC-BTC0,00000023 BTC8 016 159,76 XFC0,00000023 BTC
IOTA-BTC0,00002733 BTC63 880,13 IOTA0,00002733 BTC
OMG-USD4,65830000 USD17 439,90 OMG0,00009761 BTC
DASH-USD205,19000000 USD369,72 DASH0,00429933 BTC
DASH-USDT204,82000000 USDT359,31 DASH0,00430801 BTC
ETC-USDT10,82660000 USDT6 295,95 ETC0,00022772 BTC
QTUM-BTC0,00012810 BTC10 403,95 QTUM0,00012810 BTC
ZIL-USD0,11307000 USD549 196,70 ZIL0,00000237 BTC
ETC-USD10,83690000 USD5 645,33 ETC0,00022706 BTC
MANA-BTC0,00000729 BTC173 568,00 MANA0,00000729 BTC
ZRX-USD1,33940000 USD42 065,75 ZRX0,00002806 BTC
BTT-USD0,00121460 USD43 708 637,00 BTT0,00000003 BTC
XLM-BTC0,00000829 BTC132 050,10 XLM0,00000829 BTC
ADK-ETH0,00086655 ETH35 897,21 ADK0,00002829 BTC
ADK-BTC0,00002800 BTC35 263,38 ADK0,00002800 BTC
ADK-USD1,35509496 USD33 635,69 ADK0,00002839 BTC
GRS-BTC0,00001523 BTC61 583,00 GRS0,00001523 BTC
NEO-BTC0,00078600 BTC1 156,92 NEO0,00078600 BTC
IQN-USDT2,56305626 USDT16 543,98 IQN0,00005391 BTC
TUSD-USD1,00150000 USD42 290,23 TUSD0,00002098 BTC
DOGE-USDT0,05029490 USDT834 144,00 DOGE0,00000106 BTC
BAT-BTC0,00001378 BTC61 692,00 BAT0,00001378 BTC
WAVES-BTC0,00020790 BTC3 827,45 WAVES0,00020790 BTC
IQN-USD2,59547651 USD13 345,19 IQN0,00005438 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00007700 BTC9 421,45 EOS0,00007700 BTC
DOGE-USD0,05038260 USD676 029,14 DOGE0,00000106 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00022710 BTC3 044,28 ETC0,00022710 BTC
ZRX-BTC0,00002805 BTC23 644,00 ZRX0,00002805 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00003194 ETH630 096,00 TRX0,00000104 BTC
REN-BTC0,00002197 BTC25 341,00 REN0,00002197 BTC
OMG-BTC0,00009760 BTC5 634,91 OMG0,00009760 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00255700 BTC212,90 ZEC0,00255700 BTC
BUX-ETH0,00005800 ETH271 300,00 BUX0,00000182 BTC
IQN-BTC0,00005257 BTC9 470,61 IQN0,00005257 BTC
IQN-ETH0,00166550 ETH9 132,02 IQN0,00005438 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00430400 BTC109,48 DASH0,00430400 BTC
XFC-ETH0,00000723 ETH1 961 510,34 XFC0,00000024 BTC
ARK-BTC0,00002971 BTC15 361,00 ARK0,00002971 BTC
MANA-ETH0,00022304 ETH61 351,00 MANA0,00000728 BTC
GAS-BTC0,00024030 BTC1 726,01 GAS0,00024030 BTC
HOT-ETH0,00000198 ETH4 835 755,00 HOT0,00000006 BTC
BTG-BTC0,00056600 BTC526,33 BTG0,00056600 BTC
ZIL-BTC0,00000235 BTC122 141,00 ZIL0,00000235 BTC
LSK-BTC0,00006450 BTC4 140,10 LSK0,00006450 BTC
REP-BTC0,00060800 BTC430,29 REP0,00060800 BTC
USDT-RUB74,80000000 RUB11 970,10 USDT0,00002108 BTC
BTC-RUB3 566 935,00000000 RUB0,23 BTC1,00528200 BTC
INXT-BTC0,00013207 BTC1 645,91 INXT0,00013207 BTC
MTL-BTC0,00002665 BTC8 133,00 MTL0,00002665 BTC
BLCT-BTC0,00007714 BTC2 672,90 BLCT0,00007714 BTC
ETH-RUB116 200,10000000 RUB6,07 ETH0,03274908 BTC
VCCO-ETH0,00170299 ETH3 167,00 VCCO0,00005352 BTC
RDN-BTC0,00000921 BTC19 012,72 RDN0,00000921 BTC
MTL-ETH0,00081600 ETH6 422,75 MTL0,00002664 BTC
LSK-USDT3,05990000 USDT2 607,49 LSK0,00006436 BTC
BAT-ETH0,00042048 ETH11 733,70 BAT0,00001373 BTC
QTUM-ETH0,00394800 ETH1 243,06 QTUM0,00012890 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000107 BTC144 830,51 DOGE0,00000107 BTC
QKC-ETH0,00000988 ETH460 677,00 QKC0,00000032 BTC
BLCT-ETH0,00236700 ETH1 601,32 BLCT0,00007728 BTC
ZRX-ETH0,00086282 ETH4 304,00 ZRX0,00002817 BTC
XFC-USD0,01057049 USD513 403,26 XFC0,00000022 BTC
BCD-BTC0,00002092 BTC5 367,00 BCD0,00002092 BTC
LSK-USD3,06650000 USD1 555,53 LSK0,00006425 BTC
ZIL-ETH0,00007280 ETH36 764,00 ZIL0,00000238 BTC
VCCO-USDT1,24990000 USDT3 167,00 VCCO0,00002449 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000106 BTC72 380,20 TRX0,00000106 BTC
HDP-ETH0,00005136 ETH42 400,37 HDP0,00000168 BTC
BLCT-USDT3,64530000 USDT842,67 BLCT0,00007667 BTC
INO-ETH0,00389107 ETH479,62 INO0,00012704 BTC
INO-BTC0,00012288 BTC485,08 INO0,00012288 BTC
INO-USD5,90688267 USD463,23 INO0,00012377 BTC
STOR-ETH0,00470000 ETH324,61 STOR0,00014758 BTC
REP-USD29,02500000 USD77,65 REP0,00060816 BTC
XRP-TUSD0,45579000 TUSD4 810,80 XRP0,00000960 BTC
LTC-TUSD177,85000000 TUSD10,96 LTC0,00374700 BTC
EDC-BTC0,00000078 BTC47 595,57 EDC0,00000078 BTC
LINA-ETH0,00001281 ETH48 002,47 LINA0,00000040 BTC
CREA-ETH0,00004481 ETH2 950,00 CREA0,00000142 BTC
VINCI-BTC0,00014798 BTC16,84 VINCI0,00014798 BTC
BUX-BTC0,00000110 BTC591,99 BUX0,00000110 BTC
HDP-BTC0,00000200 BTC281,30 HDP0,00000200 BTC
LINA-BTC0,00000030 BTC1 638,00 LINA0,00000030 BTC
NPXS-ETH0,00000119 ETH11 148,00 NPXS0,00000004 BTC
KMC-BTC0,00000040 BTC1 035,00 KMC0,00000040 BTC
LCC-ETH0,00000146 ETH8 000,00 LCC0,00000005 BTC
VCCO-BTC0,00004599 BTC6,00 VCCO0,00004599 BTC
FTO-BTC0,00000024 BTC883,88 FTO0,00000024 BTC
LUNES-BTC0,00000047 BTC381,59 LUNES0,00000047 BTC
BCA-BTC0,00000190 BTC59,27 BCA0,00000190 BTC
SAT-ETH0,00000019 ETH10 464,49 SAT0,00000001 BTC
TREEP-ETH0,00000002 ETH84 342,50 TREEP0,00000000 BTC
FGC-BTC0,00000016 BTC100,00 FGC0,00000016 BTC
S4F-ETH0,00001190 ETH10,01 S4F0,00000039 BTC
S4F-BTC0,00000039 BTC9,00 S4F0,00000039 BTC
TERN-BTC0,00000220 BTC1,10 TERN0,00000220 BTC
BCA-USD0,05509820 USD2,05 BCA0,00000116 BTC
EXO-ETH0,00003596 ETH1,00 EXO0,00000116 BTC
BUX-USD0,05072100 USD1,00 BUX0,00000101 BTC
EXO-BTC0,00000081 BTC1,00 EXO0,00000081 BTC
EXO-USD0,03967800 USD1,00 EXO0,00000081 BTC
BTCZ-ETH0,00000015 ETH80,00 BTCZ0,00000000 BTC
TERN-ETH0,00002100 ETH0,50 TERN0,00000067 BTC
S4F-USD0,01424900 USD1,00 S4F0,00000029 BTC
CREA-USD0,06603300 USD0,19 CREA0,00000135 BTC
CREA-BTC0,00000135 BTC0,19 CREA0,00000135 BTC
ECOS-USDT0,01070200 USDT1,00 ECOS0,00000022 BTC
TREEP-EUR0,00000575 EUR1 036,00 TREEP0,00000000 BTC
BTC-EUR44 332,99890000 EUR0,00 BTC1,12478700 BTC
CSC-BTC0,00000002 BTC5,00 CSC0,00000002 BTC
TERN-USD0,00400000 USD1,00 TERN0,00000009 BTC
BUX-USDT0,01000000 USDT0,37 BUX0,00000020 BTC
SPC-USDT2,32382800 USDT0,00 SPC0,00004859 BTC
MEXC-USDT0,00022067 USDT11,00 MEXC0,00000000 BTC
LUNES-ETH0,00001180 ETH0,10 LUNES0,00000038 BTC
WOLF-ETH0,00000008 ETH10,00 WOLF0,00000000 BTC
LUNES-USD0,01160000 USD0,10 LUNES0,00000024 BTC
ELT-BTC0,00000002 BTC1,00 ELT0,00000002 BTC
LCC-USD0,00888000 USD0,11 LCC0,00000018 BTC
ELT-ETH0,00000029 ETH1,00 ELT0,00000001 BTC
MBC-USDT0,00004000 USDT10,00 MBC0,00000000 BTC
WOLF-USD0,00012000 USD2,00 WOLF0,00000000 BTC
ELT-EUR0,00017000 EUR1,00 ELT0,00000000 BTC
CSC-USD0,00005595 USD1,00 CSC0,00000000 BTC
BTCZ-USD0,00011265 USD0,00 BTCZ0,00000000 BTC
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