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Подробный обзор

Exrates is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 that has official Estonian license.Recently Exrates has launched a new design and enhanced functionality of the exchange. By the time of writing, 200 coins are listed on the exchange with average daily volume up to $80,000,000. Beside that Exrates has an IEO launchpad - X-Platform, Analytical Department that publishes trading signals daily and an opportunity to open a fiat bank account with 24 fiat currencies. More information about Exrates exchange can be found at https://exrates.me/dashboard.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Deposit: 0%
Withdrawal: https://support.exrates.me/article/fees-pairs
Trading: 0.2%

Вывод средств

-Cryptocurrencies. -Fiat.

Варианты депозита

-Cryptocurrencies. -Fiat.

Exrates (exrates) Estonia C 2017

Веб-сайт Exrates: https://exrates.me/dashboard  

Социальный сети и другие источники Exrates Exrates_Me    https://www.facebook.com/exrates/      https://t.me/exratesme    

Торговля на Exrates

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USDT10 898,56000000 USDT609,85 BTC1,00029600 BTC
BTC-USD10 909,60200001 USD346,50 BTC1,00119400 BTC
ETH-USDT372,87999998 USDT8 627,65 ETH0,03424762 BTC
ETH-USD372,92996800 USD5 358,68 ETH0,03420288 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03417101 BTC4 659,66 ETH0,03417101 BTC
NEO-USDT23,66652600 USDT28 923,47 NEO0,00217368 BTC
XRP-USDT0,24633000 USDT2 199 756,65 XRP0,00002261 BTC
NEO-USD23,71400000 USD19 179,49 NEO0,00217607 BTC
XRP-USD0,24735000 USD1 592 466,77 XRP0,00002270 BTC
LTC-USDT47,05999804 USDT8 351,60 LTC0,00431928 BTC
USDC-USD1,00200018 USD379 845,74 USDC0,00009195 BTC
BNB-USDT25,99450000 USDT13 514,28 BNB0,00238948 BTC
BNB-USD26,11522312 USD11 426,47 BNB0,00239664 BTC
ZEC-USDT56,80010470 USDT4 939,62 ZEC0,00521687 BTC
BCH-USD225,64543100 USD1 217,58 BCH0,02070790 BTC
TRX-USD0,02689111 USD9 595 732,16 TRX0,00000247 BTC
LTC-USD47,13468999 USD5 473,77 LTC0,00432291 BTC
QTUM-USD2,52600000 USD100 090,75 QTUM0,00023182 BTC
XLM-USDT0,07632000 USDT3 232 853,60 XLM0,00000701 BTC
USDT-USD1,00208800 USD226 213,12 USDT0,00009195 BTC
NEO-BTC0,00217201 BTC9 207,87 NEO0,00217201 BTC
ZEC-USD56,90234000 USD3 820,11 ZEC0,00521874 BTC
EOS-USD2,67331330 USD80 106,98 EOS0,00024518 BTC
XMR-USDT92,00000000 USDT2 152,75 XMR0,00844398 BTC
XLM-USD0,07642000 USD2 580 643,40 XLM0,00000701 BTC
ADK-BTC0,00004225 BTC423 194,45 ADK0,00004225 BTC
ADK-USD0,46027618 USD414 127,75 ADK0,00004221 BTC
VINCI-BTC0,00013690 BTC124 683,15 VINCI0,00013690 BTC
XMR-BTC0,00845200 BTC1 997,59 XMR0,00845200 BTC
REN-BTC0,00002165 BTC775 126,05 REN0,00002165 BTC
ADK-ETH0,00123499 ETH375 861,49 ADK0,00004222 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00002263 BTC684 636,37 XRP0,00002263 BTC
BCH-BTC0,02069899 BTC710,92 BCH0,02069899 BTC
XMR-USD92,33000000 USD1 729,29 XMR0,00847249 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00432100 BTC3 179,70 LTC0,00432100 BTC
BTT-USD0,00032750 USD433 461 030,49 BTT0,00000003 BTC
BNB-BTC0,00239420 BTC5 388,36 BNB0,00239420 BTC
DASH-USDT70,72000000 USDT1 958,19 DASH0,00649536 BTC
TUSD-USD1,00181790 USD137 446,10 TUSD0,00009188 BTC
WAVES-USDT2,44620000 USDT54 493,39 WAVES0,00022474 BTC
DASH-USD70,64000000 USD1 665,48 DASH0,00648276 BTC
XEM-BTC0,00001001 BTC1 037 445,01 XEM0,00001001 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00024525 BTC39 045,64 EOS0,00024525 BTC
WAVES-USD2,44809884 USD40 757,65 WAVES0,00022452 BTC
ETC-USDT5,06901713 USDT19 307,26 ETC0,00046525 BTC
QTUM-BTC0,00023050 BTC38 169,94 QTUM0,00023050 BTC
INXT-BTC0,00041246 BTC19 018,05 INXT0,00041246 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000246 BTC3 173 947,97 TRX0,00000246 BTC
INO-BTC0,00023008 BTC33 916,92 INO0,00023008 BTC
INO-USD2,49999996 USD32 641,90 INO0,00022941 BTC
ETC-USD5,08213240 USD15 930,88 ETC0,00046635 BTC
INO-ETH0,00674903 ETH30 530,75 INO0,00023061 BTC
ZIL-USD0,01575648 USD4 731 415,75 ZIL0,00000145 BTC
BAT-USD0,23321751 USD318 334,38 BAT0,00002140 BTC
BUX-ETH0,00220000 ETH78 400,00 BUX0,00007557 BTC
OMG-USD2,88081696 USD21 149,31 OMG0,00026435 BTC
XLM-BTC0,00000701 BTC748 059,00 XLM0,00000701 BTC
BAT-BTC0,00002137 BTC228 515,13 BAT0,00002137 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00522100 BTC766,38 ZEC0,00522100 BTC
WAVES-BTC0,00022410 BTC17 563,61 WAVES0,00022410 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00648362 BTC586,58 DASH0,00648362 BTC
ZRX-USD0,40150000 USD100 426,81 ZRX0,00003685 BTC
OMG-BTC0,00026411 BTC13 979,10 OMG0,00026411 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00007216 ETH1 386 909,48 TRX0,00000247 BTC
LINA-ETH0,00003800 ETH1 895 620,36 LINA0,00000130 BTC
ZRX-BTC0,00003687 BTC61 533,97 ZRX0,00003687 BTC
ZIL-BTC0,00000144 BTC1 538 031,33 ZIL0,00000144 BTC
IQN-ETH0,00360878 ETH16 748,11 IQN0,00012331 BTC
IQN-USD1,36064157 USD16 206,90 IQN0,00012479 BTC
HOT-BTC0,00000005 BTC37 039 251,00 HOT0,00000005 BTC
IQN-BTC0,00011823 BTC15 223,01 IQN0,00011823 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00046531 BTC3 615,94 ETC0,00046531 BTC
IQN-USDT1,34546636 USDT10 695,33 IQN0,00012349 BTC
GNT-BTC0,00000955 BTC134 916,59 GNT0,00000955 BTC
REP-BTC0,00132900 BTC840,26 REP0,00132900 BTC
XFC-BTC0,00000032 BTC3 254 520,07 XFC0,00000032 BTC
MTL-BTC0,00002782 BTC37 087,21 MTL0,00002782 BTC
MANA-BTC0,00000726 BTC131 154,21 MANA0,00000726 BTC
LSK-BTC0,00012278 BTC7 132,12 LSK0,00012278 BTC
HOT-ETH0,00000142 ETH17 187 686,97 HOT0,00000005 BTC
XFC-ETH0,00000802 ETH2 897 020,28 XFC0,00000027 BTC
GAS-BTC0,00016739 BTC4 683,65 GAS0,00016739 BTC
XFC-USD0,00310000 USD2 631 558,16 XFC0,00000028 BTC
BTG-BTC0,00074600 BTC837,37 BTG0,00074600 BTC
ARK-BTC0,00003195 BTC18 477,00 ARK0,00003195 BTC
QTUM-ETH0,00671630 ETH2 353,76 QTUM0,00022896 BTC
QKC-BTC0,00000051 BTC1 030 699,93 QKC0,00000051 BTC
USDT-RUB77,35200000 RUB4 603,90 USDT0,00009377 BTC
LTC-TUSD46,97596870 TUSD88,99 LTC0,00432200 BTC
BTC-RUB842 178,00000000 RUB0,32 BTC1,02153100 BTC
ZIL-ETH0,00004233 ETH212 644,85 ZIL0,00000145 BTC
BAT-ETH0,00062743 ETH13 894,89 BAT0,00002144 BTC
GRS-BTC0,00001697 BTC17 086,72 GRS0,00001697 BTC
XRP-TUSD0,24616000 TUSD12 221,76 XRP0,00002262 BTC
BCD-BTC0,00005154 BTC5 345,00 BCD0,00005154 BTC
MCO-BTC0,00041110 BTC654,83 MCO0,00041110 BTC
ILC-BTC0,00000228 BTC114 245,00 ILC0,00000228 BTC
LINA-BTC0,00000150 BTC157 413,09 LINA0,00000150 BTC
RDN-BTC0,00002127 BTC9 794,13 RDN0,00002127 BTC
ECOS-ETH0,00283366 ETH1 693,00 ECOS0,00009748 BTC
MTL-ETH0,00080981 ETH5 586,29 MTL0,00002767 BTC
UCA-USDT0,00092567 USDT1 737 597,79 UCA0,00000009 BTC
ZRX-ETH0,00107480 ETH3 655,87 ZRX0,00003673 BTC
MANA-ETH0,00021228 ETH16 105,64 MANA0,00000725 BTC
NPXS-ETH0,00000040 ETH8 452 802,44 NPXS0,00000001 BTC
CREA-BTC0,00000341 BTC26 853,77 CREA0,00000341 BTC
ETH-RUB28 802,10000000 RUB2,42 ETH0,03491374 BTC
S4F-BTC0,00000565 BTC12 878,00 S4F0,00000565 BTC
MCO-ETH0,01202900 ETH143,02 MCO0,00041103 BTC
QKC-ETH0,00001515 ETH72 116,44 QKC0,00000052 BTC
ECOS-BTC0,00001838 BTC862,06 ECOS0,00001838 BTC
STOR-ETH0,00600400 ETH73,95 STOR0,00020516 BTC
HDP-ETH0,00007967 ETH4 607,22 HDP0,00000272 BTC
MEXC-USDT0,00017999 USDT251 600,00 MEXC0,00000002 BTC
SAT-ETH0,00000192 ETH42 003,33 SAT0,00000007 BTC
FGC-BTC0,00000009 BTC24 753,00 FGC0,00000009 BTC
OWC-ETH0,00230000 ETH22,00 OWC0,00007859 BTC
OWC-USD0,87500000 USD20,00 OWC0,00008029 BTC
HDP-BTC0,00000749 BTC191,00 HDP0,00000749 BTC
OWC-BTC0,00007800 BTC15,00 OWC0,00007800 BTC
S4F-ETH0,00017500 ETH145,63 S4F0,00000598 BTC
BTC-EUR8 188,55800000 EUR0,00 BTC0,88940340 BTC
LHT-ETH0,00000065 ETH20 003,08 LHT0,00000002 BTC
EXO-BTC0,00000731 BTC54,26 EXO0,00000731 BTC
ECOS-USDT0,12672000 USDT19,50 ECOS0,00001158 BTC
S4F-USD0,07850000 USD30,00 S4F0,00000720 BTC
NEO-TUSD22,22200000 TUSD0,08 NEO0,00204452 BTC
EXO-USD0,07383400 USD23,31 EXO0,00000674 BTC
LCC-BTC0,00000010 BTC988,52 LCC0,00000010 BTC
BTCZ-ETH0,00000006 ETH45 674,69 BTCZ0,00000000 BTC
CREA-ETH0,00005130 ETH48,42 CREA0,00000176 BTC
DTRC-USD0,00018351 USD5 000,00 DTRC0,00000002 BTC
TUSD-BTC0,03725000 BTC0,00 TUSD0,03725000 BTC
EXO-ETH0,00031590 ETH3,28 EXO0,00001099 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000027 BTC110,00 DOGE0,00000027 BTC
JET-ETH0,00009200 ETH8,34 JET0,00000315 BTC
TERN-USD0,00717700 USD30,34 TERN0,00000066 BTC
MEXC-BTC0,00000002 BTC1 002,00 MEXC0,00000002 BTC
NYC-ETH0,00000003 ETH16 300,00 NYC0,00000000 BTC
KMC-BTC0,00000125 BTC10,00 KMC0,00000125 BTC
CREA-USD0,02703100 USD2,00 CREA0,00000248 BTC
LHT-USD0,00013000 USD95,00 LHT0,00000001 BTC
CSC-USD0,00040000 USD29,57 CSC0,00000004 BTC
UCA-USD0,00044050 USD24,96 UCA0,00000004 BTC
TERN-ETH0,00001009 ETH2,00 TERN0,00000034 BTC
BCA-USD0,02215000 USD0,26 BCA0,00000203 BTC
TERN-BTC0,00000050 BTC1,00 TERN0,00000050 BTC
BTX-EUR0,00137499 EUR2,36 BTX0,00000015 BTC
QRK-BTC0,00000006 BTC4,81 QRK0,00000006 BTC
EDC-BTC0,00000251 BTC0,10 EDC0,00000251 BTC
BCA-BTC0,00002422 BTC0,01 BCA0,00002422 BTC
UCA-EUR0,00004000 EUR25,00 UCA0,00000000 BTC
DTRC-BTC0,00000004 BTC2,00 DTRC0,00000004 BTC
LHT-BTC0,00000003 BTC2,00 LHT0,00000003 BTC
ERK-BTC0,00000009 BTC0,25 ERK0,00000009 BTC
UCA-ETH0,00000025 ETH0,60 UCA0,00000001 BTC
ERK-ETH0,00000149 ETH0,06 ERK0,00000005 BTC
CSC-ETH0,00000006 ETH1,00 CSC0,00000000 BTC
QKC-USD0,00020000 USD0,10 QKC0,00000002 BTC
ERK-USDT0,00076000 USDT0,01 ERK0,00000007 BTC
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