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Подробный обзор

Based in Estonia, CoinsBit is a multi cryptocurrency exchange platform. It allows users to perform crypto or/and fiat transactions by giving orders to buy and sell using the available pairs. CoinsBit does not charge fees for trading or deposit funds, only withdrawals will be charged depending on the currency in question. In addition, it provides a multi-language support available 24/7.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты

Информация о комиссиях

Fee for trading: 0% trading fee.

Deposit fee: Free.

Withdrawal fees:
-0.0012 BTC;
-0.01 ETH;
-4% USD (min 10 USD, max 100 USD);
-0.02 BCC;
-10 BNB;
-0.15% BTG (min 0.2 BTG, max 10 BTG);
-150 DOGE;
-0.01 ETC;
-0.01 LTC;
-20 TUSD.

Вывод средств

-Cryptocurrencies; -Fiat.

Варианты депозита

-Cryptocurrencies; -Fiat.

Coinsbit (coinsbit) Estonia C

Веб-сайт Coinsbit: https://coinsbit.io/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Coinsbit c0insbit      https://www.reddit.com/user/coinsbit/    https://t.me/coinsbit_chat    

Торговля на Coinsbit

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USDT10 729,30000000 USDT6 096,26 BTC0,99994408 BTC
ETH-USDT354,34000000 USDT26 499,20 ETH0,03300887 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03295334 BTC19 239,00 ETH0,03295334 BTC
BTC-USD10 749,90000000 USD600,07 BTC1,00168700 BTC
BTC-EUR9 275,00000000 EUR529,48 BTC1,00525700 BTC
ETH-USD353,82347000 USD15 983,70 ETH0,03299941 BTC
BTC-TUSD10 750,10000000 TUSD509,93 BTC1,00212000 BTC
ETH-EUR305,63000000 EUR13 977,07 ETH0,03314419 BTC
BTC-PAX10 741,90430667 PAX409,98 BTC1,00316900 BTC
ETH-TUSD354,11000000 TUSD8 996,60 ETH0,03303901 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00431700 BTC60 531,89 LTC0,00431700 BTC
SXP-USDT1,32000000 USDT1 698 623,60 SXP0,00012297 BTC
ETH-PAX353,47000000 PAX5 991,65 ETH0,03303664 BTC
TUSD-USDT0,99970000 USDT1 823 504,84 TUSD0,00009352 BTC
BNB-USDT25,47730000 USDT64 989,22 BNB0,00237336 BTC
LTC-USDT46,35760424 USDT34 521,64 LTC0,00431849 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00050110 BTC199 982,46 ETC0,00050110 BTC
BNB-BTC0,00237030 BTC39 983,72 BNB0,00237030 BTC
PAX-USDT0,99960000 USDT996 046,55 PAX0,00009316 BTC
LTC-USD46,35000000 USD20 050,32 LTC0,00432105 BTC
WAVES-BTC0,00023410 BTC349 980,26 WAVES0,00023410 BTC
DOGE-USD0,00272100 USD299 955 351,33 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
ONT-USD0,70170000 USD1 099 751,11 ONT0,00006539 BTC
WAVES-USD2,51150000 USD299 993,72 WAVES0,00023402 BTC
LTC-ETH0,13083665 ETH14 554,57 LTC0,00431892 BTC
BNB-ETH0,07179200 ETH25 100,66 BNB0,00236770 BTC
ONT-BTC0,00006530 BTC899 891,43 ONT0,00006530 BTC
BCH-USD222,80000000 USD2 699,44 BCH0,02076073 BTC
BTC-BUSD10 748,93000000 BUSD54,96 BTC1,00107700 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000025 BTC218 316 561,63 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00024150 BTC200 003,54 EOS0,00024150 BTC
BNB-USD25,47130000 USD19 997,36 BNB0,00237344 BTC
EOS-USDT2,59250000 USDT179 677,29 EOS0,00024151 BTC
YFI-USDT30 571,46000000 USDT14,81 YFI2,85373700 BTC
BCH-BTC0,02073700 BTC1 800,13 BCH0,02073700 BTC
LTC-EUR40,02822173 EUR8 162,46 LTC0,00433840 BTC
ETC-ETH0,01519200 ETH69 893,28 ETC0,00050149 BTC
ETC-USD5,40370000 USD63 233,44 ETC0,00050381 BTC
UNI-USDT4,88100000 USDT60 048,87 UNI0,00045469 BTC
BUSD-USDT0,99970000 USDT289 809,88 BUSD0,00009313 BTC
LTC-TUSD46,41000000 TUSD5 996,21 LTC0,00432239 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00731700 ETH104 866,64 EOS0,00024153 BTC
LTC-PAX46,33000000 PAX5 497,71 LTC0,00432668 BTC
WAVES-ETH0,00706400 ETH99 979,50 WAVES0,00023318 BTC
YFI-BTC2,88148000 BTC6,97 YFI2,88148000 BTC
WAVES-EUR2,16801550 EUR79 972,07 WAVES0,00023498 BTC
BIZZ-BTC0,00007490 BTC241 808,90 BIZZ0,00007490 BTC
KNC-USDT1,03700000 USDT174 800,43 KNC0,00009664 BTC
PLC-EUR5,00000000 EUR30 096,21 PLC0,00054192 BTC
LEND-USDT0,55344000 USDT298 841,43 LEND0,00005163 BTC
YFII-USDT3 836,98000000 USDT42,97 YFII0,35743743 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00002262 BTC657 699,25 XRP0,00002262 BTC
SNX-USDT5,09900000 USDT29 925,98 SNX0,00047610 BTC
COMP-USDT146,21000000 USDT1 001,56 COMP0,01364664 BTC
UNI-BTC0,00045487 BTC29 995,47 UNI0,00045487 BTC
LINK-USDT10,41340000 USDT13 991,40 LINK0,00097007 BTC
BAND-USDT7,06750000 USDT20 021,42 BAND0,00065867 BTC
MYU-BTC0,00000704 BTC1 755 842,06 MYU0,00000704 BTC
SXP-BTC0,00012341 BTC100 094,76 SXP0,00012341 BTC
BAL-USDT15,46000000 USDT7 999,05 BAL0,00144083 BTC
ETH-BUSD354,50000000 BUSD340,04 ETH0,03301553 BTC
ETH-RUB28 300,00000000 RUB328,92 ETH0,03374439 BTC
LRC-USDT0,22460000 USDT499 971,56 LRC0,00002092 BTC
XLM-BTC0,00000685 BTC1 489 772,48 XLM0,00000685 BTC
BTC-RUB858 565,00000000 RUB9,87 BTC1,02423600 BTC
KNC-BTC0,00009829 BTC99 980,71 KNC0,00009829 BTC
REP-USDT14,69900000 USDT7 006,41 REP0,00136991 BTC
CFX-USDT0,99999000 USDT100 868,00 CFX0,00009344 BTC
PLC-TUSD5,54470000 TUSD18 050,44 PLC0,00051687 BTC
PLC-USD5,54470000 USD18 071,00 PLC0,00051666 BTC
PLC-USDT5,54470000 USDT18 057,65 PLC0,00051652 BTC
XEM-BTC0,00001093 BTC849 888,48 XEM0,00001093 BTC
PLC-PAX5,54470000 PAX17 608,61 PLC0,00051718 BTC
ETH-TRY2 657,86846195 TRY249,71 ETH0,03231214 BTC
LEND-BTC0,00005183 BTC149 911,77 LEND0,00005183 BTC
LINK-BTC0,00096772 BTC7 999,53 LINK0,00096772 BTC
BTC-TRY80 619,08481036 TRY7,78 BTC0,98009935 BTC
YFII-BTC0,35731000 BTC20,94 YFII0,35731000 BTC
BAND-BTC0,00065874 BTC10 953,63 BAND0,00065874 BTC
ONT-ETH0,00195300 ETH110 585,57 ONT0,00006441 BTC
ETH-UAH10 061,34120000 UAH209,79 ETH0,03315042 BTC
BTC-UAH306 796,00000000 UAH6,67 BTC1,01133400 BTC
REP-BTC0,00136600 BTC4 874,21 REP0,00136600 BTC
REN-USDT0,22991000 USDT299 312,02 REN0,00002146 BTC
ETH-KZT151 298,36390977 KZT190,40 ETH0,03299810 BTC
LRC-BTC0,00002092 BTC299 861,47 LRC0,00002092 BTC
BET-BTC0,00000133 BTC4 593 093,08 BET0,00000133 BTC
RSR-USDT0,01242000 USDT5 015 146,06 RSR0,00000116 BTC
USDT-RUB80,00000000 RUB59 867,04 USDT0,00009544 BTC
BTC-KZT4 582 446,72472180 KZT5,67 BTC1,00209100 BTC
OKB-BTC0,00059558 BTC9 453,18 OKB0,00059558 BTC
WAVES-RUB199,87449840 RUB23 041,56 WAVES0,00023879 BTC
CNB-BTC0,00000003 BTC179 969 045,46 CNB0,00000003 BTC
BAL-BTC0,00144370 BTC3 499,77 BAL0,00144370 BTC
WAVES-UAH71,64337080 UAH21 042,84 WAVES0,00023617 BTC
HT-BTC0,00044640 BTC10 888,88 HT0,00044640 BTC
EOS-PAX2,59410000 PAX19 487,73 EOS0,00024226 BTC
COMP-BTC0,01340100 BTC352,23 COMP0,01340100 BTC
WAVES-TRY19,34163000 TRY19 976,61 WAVES0,00023514 BTC
SUSHI-USDT1,43100000 USDT34 999,80 SUSHI0,00013331 BTC
LINK-ETH0,02937400 ETH3 996,94 LINK0,00096964 BTC
WAVES-KZT1 069,22880572 KZT16 051,72 WAVES0,00023380 BTC
BNB-BUSD25,38881921 BUSD1 499,54 BNB0,00236734 BTC
RSR-BTC0,00000115 BTC3 006 815,35 RSR0,00000115 BTC
ZLW-BTC0,00067777 BTC4 933,54 ZLW0,00067777 BTC
LTC-RUB3 712,84590000 RUB749,60 LTC0,00442713 BTC
XEM-ETH0,00033268 ETH300 286,46 XEM0,00001097 BTC
REN-BTC0,00002131 BTC148 830,46 REN0,00002131 BTC
EOS-TUSD2,59254972 TUSD13 008,15 EOS0,00024174 BTC
ZLW-ETH0,02064331 ETH4 533,54 ZLW0,00068040 BTC
ZLW-USDT6,89461451 USDT4 741,80 ZLW0,00064227 BTC
USDT-UAH28,59000000 UAH31 489,80 USDT0,00009420 BTC
KNC-ETH0,00298330 ETH29 994,46 KNC0,00009848 BTC
LEND-ETH0,00157836 ETH49 989,58 LEND0,00005204 BTC
SNX-BTC0,00047790 BTC5 016,46 SNX0,00047790 BTC
ONG-BTC0,00001139 BTC209 914,88 ONG0,00001139 BTC
LTC-UAH1 327,52673000 UAH499,98 LTC0,00437398 BTC
LRC-ETH0,00063294 ETH100 002,55 LRC0,00002089 BTC
LTC-TRY357,04900000 TRY400,20 LTC0,00434070 BTC
USDT-TRY7,50199370 TRY18 982,29 USDT0,00009126 BTC
LTC-KZT19 728,49407652 KZT368,86 LTC0,00431395 BTC
REP-ETH0,04151000 ETH999,47 REP0,00136568 BTC
REP-ETH0,04151000 ETH999,47 REP0,00136568 BTC
BIKI-USDT0,04088228 USDT306 909,12 BIKI0,00000381 BTC
ONT-KZT299,39736864 KZT15 938,29 ONT0,00006524 BTC
MPT-EUR0,06035762 EUR154 450,85 MPT0,00000675 BTC
ONT-RUB56,22515400 RUB14 921,50 ONT0,00006704 BTC
AIDUS-USDT0,00361697 USDT2 828 885,47 AIDUS0,00000035 BTC
ONT-TRY5,40694000 TRY12 996,99 ONT0,00006573 BTC
GXT-BTC0,00001821 BTC46 052,51 GXT0,00001821 BTC
GMC-BTC0,00000698 BTC116 733,91 GMC0,00000698 BTC
ONT-UAH20,01453390 UAH12 498,58 ONT0,00006594 BTC
CNB-ETH0,00000087 ETH27 700 192,85 CNB0,00000003 BTC
ONT-EUR0,59722190 EUR11 919,56 ONT0,00006476 BTC
CNB-USDT0,00033900 USDT16 447 336,69 CNB0,00000003 BTC
OAP-ETH0,00217852 ETH5 954,30 OAP0,00007191 BTC
CBC-BTC0,00000112 BTC372 093,04 CBC0,00000112 BTC
FREE-USD0,00000013 USD30 867 010 696,17 FREE0,00000000 BTC
LOBS-BTC0,00000278 BTC101 829,00 LOBS0,00000278 BTC
CSNP-USDT0,11418370 USDT22 551,04 CSNP0,00001064 BTC
BKK-USDT0,08417906 USDT29 477,79 BKK0,00000784 BTC
MPT-USDT0,11736229 USDT17 596,68 MPT0,00001122 BTC
TOR-BTC0,00000005 BTC3 194 088,69 TOR0,00000005 BTC
MPT-BTC0,00001124 BTC14 180,38 MPT0,00001124 BTC
RPD-BUSD0,00013000 BUSD10 527 124,31 RPD0,00000001 BTC
RPD-USDT0,00013000 USDT10 200 746,00 RPD0,00000001 BTC
BCHC-USDT0,00730354 USDT155 199,00 BCHC0,00000070 BTC
CNG-USDT0,00001776 USDT52 047 581,69 CNG0,00000000 BTC
CSNP-BTC0,00001056 BTC7 717,84 CSNP0,00001056 BTC
GSMT-BTC0,00004294 BTC1 748,78 GSMT0,00004294 BTC
CNG-ETH0,00000005 ETH26 913 261,71 CNG0,00000000 BTC
AMF-BTC0,00000154 BTC23 717,11 AMF0,00000154 BTC
GALA-ETH0,00000273 ETH333 680,81 GALA0,00000009 BTC
GALA-BTC0,00000009 BTC152 235,66 GALA0,00000009 BTC
CNG-BTC0,00000001 BTC1 022 555,00 CNG0,00000001 BTC
GALA-USDT0,00095881 USDT113 802,22 GALA0,00000009 BTC
IGF-ETH0,00084120 ETH238,27 IGF0,00002773 BTC
JDC-USD0,03700010 USD1 089,40 JDC0,00000354 BTC
KSH-BTC0,00000150 BTC1 909,00 KSH0,00000150 BTC
YUSRA-ETH0,06000000 ETH1,37 YUSRA0,00193260 BTC
ARK-USD0,30000000 USD90,76 ARK0,00002819 BTC
RPD-BTC0,00000001 BTC221 125,00 RPD0,00000001 BTC
IQ-BTC0,00000239 BTC769,79 IQ0,00000239 BTC
WLF-BTC0,00000950 BTC106,39 WLF0,00000950 BTC
FK-BTC0,00018379 BTC5,47 FK0,00018379 BTC
RPD-ETH0,00000026 ETH111 421,48 RPD0,00000001 BTC
HEAT-BTC0,00000173 BTC180,00 HEAT0,00000173 BTC
UCA-ETH0,00001000 ETH725,09 UCA0,00000033 BTC
GLEEC-BTC0,00000402 BTC55,46 GLEEC0,00000402 BTC
CTAG-ETH0,00090000 ETH7,51 CTAG0,00002952 BTC
REL-BTC0,00000001 BTC20 000,00 REL0,00000001 BTC
CFX-BTC0,00110000 BTC0,11 CFX0,00110000 BTC
GCM-BTC0,00000001 BTC10 000,00 GCM0,00000001 BTC
IQ-USDT0,00200000 USDT500,09 IQ0,00000019 BTC
CTAG-BTC0,00003200 BTC2,50 CTAG0,00003200 BTC
ERG-BTC0,00005700 BTC1,26 ERG0,00005700 BTC
ERG-USD0,60000000 USD1,26 ERG0,00005591 BTC
ZTX-BTC0,00000004 BTC1 008,00 ZTX0,00000004 BTC
4AC-BTC0,00000002 BTC1 666,67 4AC0,00000002 BTC
SVN-BTC0,00000001 BTC2 431,15 SVN0,00000001 BTC
XPM-BTC0,00000202 BTC8,00 XPM0,00000202 BTC
EMRX-USD0,02250000 USD5,60 EMRX0,00000216 BTC
SLV-USD0,00000241 USD7 000,00 SLV0,00000000 BTC
SGCT-USDT0,00500000 USDT1,00 SGCT0,00000048 BTC
KSH-USD0,03500000 USD0,03 KSH0,00000334 BTC
HEAT-USD0,02699900 USD0,04 HEAT0,00000259 BTC
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