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CoinField operate in 193 countries spanning from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and beyond. Launched in April 2018, CoinField is a European based centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange & virtual currency wallet system supervised by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) under licence number FVT000111. CoinField adheres to the requirements under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (MLTFPA).Hosting a variety of cryptocurrencies that trade against six different fiat currencies including EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED. It was built with one goal in mind: To make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible globallyThe digital cryptocurrency trading platform ensures fast trades, a smooth user experience, top-of-the-line security and an extensive portfolio of coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Litecoin (LITC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DigiByte (DGB), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), 0x (ZRX), Golem (GNT), OmiseGO (OMG), Augur (REP), Zilliqa (ZIL), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Salt (SALT), Tron (TRX), Civic (CVC), Loom Network (LOOM) and stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) & ZIL.The native coin of CoinField exchange is CoinField Coin (CFC).Telegram | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Medium | Reddit
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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты

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In order to access the CoinField fee details, please click here.

Вывод средств

Cryptocurrency Fiat In order to access the CoinField withdrawal fee details, please click <a href="https://www.coinfield.com/support/transfer-fees" target="_blank">here</a>.

Варианты депозита

Cryptocurrency Fiat In order to access the CoinField deposit fee details, please click <a href="https://www.coinfield.com/support/transfer-fees" target="_blank">here</a>.

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Веб-сайт Coinfield: https://www.coinfield.com/  

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Торговля на Coinfield

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USD19 214,25990000 USD238,26 BTC0,99895282 BTC
BTC-USDT19 212,47880000 USDT173,15 BTC1,00002900 BTC
BTC-EUR19 657,46060000 EUR110,98 BTC0,99936821 BTC
BTC-XRP43 077,25920000 XRP97,49 BTC1,00211800 BTC
BTC-GBP17 173,30230000 GBP79,40 BTC0,99982315 BTC
ETH-USD1 297,14060000 USD554,39 ETH0,06743857 BTC
ETH-USDT1 297,43840000 USDT370,63 ETH0,06757129 BTC
BTC-CAD26 442,05320000 CAD23,01 BTC1,00054400 BTC
BTC-USDC19 218,60270000 USDC22,80 BTC0,99889307 BTC
BTC-JPY2 787 989,07890000 JPY17,45 BTC0,99901133 BTC
XRP-USD0,44620000 USD746 653,43 XRP0,00002322 BTC
XRP-USDT0,44630000 USDT655 259,72 XRP0,00002324 BTC
ETH-EUR1 327,99090000 EUR146,42 ETH0,06752504 BTC
ETH-GBP1 159,52530000 GBP139,85 ETH0,06751886 BTC
ETH-CAD1 785,77870000 CAD74,75 ETH0,06751071 BTC
ETH-XRP2 908,71270000 XRP72,93 ETH0,06766615 BTC
XRP-GBP0,39880000 GBP208 133,90 XRP0,00002322 BTC
XRP-USDC0,44570000 USDC175 358,88 XRP0,00002317 BTC
TRX-USD0,06130000 USD1 228 852,01 TRX0,00000319 BTC
XRP-EUR0,45690000 EUR152 136,04 XRP0,00002323 BTC
TRX-USDT0,06120000 USDT1 050 258,92 TRX0,00000319 BTC
ZIL-USDT0,03080000 USDT1 532 778,05 ZIL0,00000160 BTC
LTC-USDT52,76350000 USDT717,56 LTC0,00274639 BTC
LTC-EUR54,00010000 EUR623,32 LTC0,00274532 BTC
LTC-USD52,79090000 USD605,98 LTC0,00274461 BTC
XLM-USDT0,11520000 USDT153 700,30 XLM0,00000600 BTC
XRP-CAD0,61190000 CAD39 102,76 XRP0,00002315 BTC
XLM-USD0,11520000 USD150 784,24 XLM0,00000599 BTC
DASH-USDT40,48720000 USDT396,91 DASH0,00210860 BTC
BCH-USDT114,61050000 USDT134,01 BCH0,00596559 BTC
XRP-AED1,63840000 AED32 395,14 XRP0,00002319 BTC
XLM-EUR0,11770000 EUR113 750,85 XLM0,00000598 BTC
XRP-JPY64,73230000 JPY28 215,49 XRP0,00002322 BTC
BCH-USD114,67520000 USD103,75 BCH0,00596198 BTC
DASH-USD40,50200000 USD270,19 DASH0,00210797 BTC
OMG-USDT1,67140000 USDT5 382,68 OMG0,00008700 BTC
CVC-XRP0,27990000 XRP61 546,57 CVC0,00000650 BTC
TRX-XRP0,13750000 XRP124 574,87 TRX0,00000319 BTC
DGB-USD0,00940000 USD806 455,03 DGB0,00000049 BTC
OMG-XRP3,73770000 XRP3 969,66 OMG0,00008678 BTC
BAT-USDT0,29530000 USDT21 687,86 BAT0,00001537 BTC
LTC-GBP47,14950000 GBP118,10 LTC0,00274503 BTC
XLM-GBP0,10260000 GBP50 500,64 XLM0,00000597 BTC
ZRX-USDT0,26150000 USDT22 120,26 ZRX0,00001361 BTC
DGB-USDT0,00940000 USDT603 950,01 DGB0,00000049 BTC
LOOM-XRP0,11390000 XRP108 119,29 LOOM0,00000264 BTC
ZIL-XRP0,06920000 XRP166 640,42 ZIL0,00000161 BTC
BCH-XRP257,15850000 XRP41,28 BCH0,00598235 BTC
DGB-GBP0,00840000 GBP455 680,97 DGB0,00000049 BTC
XLM-XRP0,25820000 XRP33 372,58 XLM0,00000601 BTC
DGB-XRP0,02100000 XRP408 499,74 DGB0,00000049 BTC
CVC-USDT0,12500000 USDT29 760,77 CVC0,00000651 BTC
DGB-CAD0,01290000 CAD372 682,76 DGB0,00000049 BTC
DGB-EUR0,00970000 EUR346 214,77 DGB0,00000049 BTC
SOLO-USDT0,13060000 USDT24 659,06 SOLO0,00000680 BTC
DASH-CAD55,69900000 CAD78,76 DASH0,00210568 BTC
BAT-XRP0,66060000 XRP9 303,56 BAT0,00001537 BTC
XLM-CAD0,15820000 CAD22 123,82 XLM0,00000598 BTC
ZRX-XRP0,58670000 XRP7 658,05 ZRX0,00001362 BTC
LTC-XRP118,48960000 XRP32,65 LTC0,00275050 BTC
LTC-CAD72,77270000 CAD31,36 LTC0,00275115 BTC
ZEC-CAD75,51330000 CAD26,27 ZEC0,00285736 BTC
REP-XRP15,54910000 XRP193,23 REP0,00036094 BTC
ZEC-USDT54,85690000 USDT21,25 ZEC0,00285536 BTC
BCH-CAD157,63500000 CAD8,03 BCH0,00595933 BTC
ZEC-XRP122,93520000 XRP16,34 ZEC0,00285987 BTC
BTG-XRP44,68610000 XRP37,62 BTG0,00103730 BTC
ZEC-USD54,90430000 USD12,42 ZEC0,00285755 BTC
DASH-XRP90,78840000 XRP7,29 DASH0,00210778 BTC
SOLO-USD0,13410000 USD1 200,66 SOLO0,00000697 BTC
SOLO-EUR0,14250000 EUR766,80 SOLO0,00000724 BTC
SOLO-GBP0,12520000 GBP658,90 SOLO0,00000729 BTC
SOLO-USDC0,13870000 USDC607,70 SOLO0,00000721 BTC
SOLO-XRP0,29000000 XRP300,57 SOLO0,00000716 BTC
SGB-XRP0,04440000 XRP607,92 SGB0,00000109 BTC
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