Криптовалютная биржа CoinEgg


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CoinEgg is an exchange of digital assets that was launched in 2017 in the United Kingdom. It's a platform where digital assets are the main focus of trade rather than fiat currency offering over 40 of the most popular and rare coins as well as ICO tokens. The CoinEgg exchange platform can be used on all known operating systems. Regarding fees, CoinEgg has maintained a competitive position in front of other exchanges. Market takers, as well as makers, are charged only 0.10% which is known to be below the industry average of 0.25%.
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Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

-Maker: 0.10%;
-Taker: 0.10%.

To access the full detailed fee schedule, please visit https://support.coinegg.vip/hc/en-us/articles/360005345013

Вывод средств


Варианты депозита


  • ТОП 3 роста за 24 часа

  • ТОП 3 падения за 24 часа

  • Все криптовалюты