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Upholding the motto of “Global exchange, Local presence”, Coineal is a global digital asset exchange, established by experienced blockchain investors and geeks in early 2018.While being global, Coineal puts equal emphasis on localization as on globalization and has branches in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc.Operating 24/7, Coineal places user satisfaction as its utmost priority, implementing a user-centered strategy in product design, operations, and marketing.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины

Информация о комиссиях

To access the Coineal full detailed fee structure, please visit https://www.coineal.com/static-page/about/en_US/?rates#en_US.

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Coineal (coineal) Republic of Seychelles C 2018

Веб-сайт Coineal: https://www.coineal.com/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Coineal CoinealExchange    https://www.facebook.com/coineal.kor.50      http://t.me/coineal    

Торговля на Coineal

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USDT19 333,10000000 USDT55 505,55 BTC0,99961428 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03161200 BTC492 533,23 ETH0,03161200 BTC
ETH-USDT610,97000000 USDT210 859,38 ETH0,03154188 BTC
LTC-USDT88,91000000 USDT1 168 403,01 LTC0,00459006 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00459900 BTC775 671,10 LTC0,00459900 BTC
BCH-USDT292,90000000 USDT226 513,27 BCH0,01512123 BTC
EOS-USDT3,09270000 USDT12 494 338,94 EOS0,00015991 BTC
DASH-USDT106,51000000 USDT135 655,56 DASH0,00549868 BTC
ETC-USDT6,35730000 USDT2 255 983,17 ETC0,00032820 BTC
LINK-USDT13,94020000 USDT852 308,10 LINK0,00071968 BTC
DOT-USDT5,54000000 USDT2 068 690,96 DOT0,00028644 BTC
BSV-USDT170,70350000 USDT56 967,79 BSV0,00882619 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00015990 BTC3 043 423,59 EOS0,00015990 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00551300 BTC19 219,59 DASH0,00551300 BTC
BTCV-USDT66,91000000 USDT29 159,91 BTCV0,00345429 BTC
BTCV-BTC0,00345130 BTC19 804,82 BTCV0,00345130 BTC
LRG-USDT10,23570000 USDT123 144,70 LRG0,00052843 BTC
TON-BTC0,00005159 BTC1 045 226,30 TON0,00005159 BTC
LINK-BTC0,00072118 BTC74 568,30 LINK0,00072118 BTC
YTA-USDT0,02735000 USDT27 625 619,80 YTA0,00000141 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00505600 ETH181 149,63 EOS0,00015977 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00032900 BTC85 331,15 ETC0,00032900 BTC
DOT-BTC0,00028633 BTC75 769,35 DOT0,00028633 BTC
NEAL-USDT0,00907800 USDT43 871 634,00 NEAL0,00000047 BTC
ORC-USDT0,11630000 USDT3 134 616,00 ORC0,00000601 BTC
ORC-BTC0,00000602 BTC2 873 463,00 ORC0,00000602 BTC
NEAL-BTC0,00000047 BTC24 202 110,00 NEAL0,00000047 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000164 BTC6 593 002,75 TRX0,00000164 BTC
OMG-ETH0,00619800 ETH33 535,43 OMG0,00019586 BTC
GPO-USDT0,04100000 USDT2 835 786,60 GPO0,00000212 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00005177 ETH2 736 165,14 TRX0,00000164 BTC
ZRX-BTC0,00002204 BTC174 247,71 ZRX0,00002204 BTC
AUTO-ETH0,00000054 ETH185 201 493,00 AUTO0,00000002 BTC
DTOP-USDT0,00225000 USDT14 806 500,10 DTOP0,00000012 BTC
CVNT-USDT0,00873200 USDT2 577 200,00 CVNT0,00000045 BTC
TTT-ETH0,00001530 ETH1 784 807,00 TTT0,00000048 BTC
MIKS-USDT0,00010670 USDT98 070 190,70 MIKS0,00000001 BTC
EST-ETH0,00000062 ETH27 716 502,00 EST0,00000002 BTC
ZRX-ETH0,00069648 ETH20 993,56 ZRX0,00002201 BTC
IZI-USDT0,00471000 USDT1 293 360,80 IZI0,00000024 BTC
FN-USDT0,00640000 USDT474 982,20 FN0,00000033 BTC
TEP-USDT0,00620000 USDT194 094,50 TEP0,00000032 BTC
ETHP-BTC0,00000220 BTC7 334,00 ETHP0,00000220 BTC
RES-USDT0,00032700 USDT790 899,80 RES0,00000002 BTC
TCLB-USDT0,05432000 USDT4 682,27 TCLB0,00000285 BTC
EVY-USDT0,00040000 USDT312 005,00 EVY0,00000002 BTC
CSCJ-BTC0,00000132 BTC3 075,00 CSCJ0,00000132 BTC
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