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Upholding the motto of “Global exchange, Local presence”, Coineal is a global digital asset exchange, established by experienced blockchain investors and geeks in early 2018.While being global, Coineal puts equal emphasis on localization as on globalization and has branches in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc.Operating 24/7, Coineal places user satisfaction as its utmost priority, implementing a user-centered strategy in product design, operations, and marketing.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины

Информация о комиссиях

To access the Coineal full detailed fee structure, please visit https://www.coineal.com/static-page/about/en_US/?rates#en_US.

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Coineal (coineal) Republic of Seychelles C 2018

Веб-сайт Coineal: https://www.coineal.com/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Coineal CoinealExchange    https://www.facebook.com/coineal.kor.50      http://t.me/coineal    

Торговля на Coineal

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-USDT10 404,81000000 USDT31 634,69 BTC1,00068600 BTC
ETH-USDT341,66000000 USDT384 516,31 ETH0,03285927 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03283800 BTC270 043,39 ETH0,03283800 BTC
BCH-USDT213,26000000 USDT274 232,40 BCH0,02051036 BTC
LINK-USDT8,66470000 USDT3 021 112,45 LINK0,00083333 BTC
DOT-USDT4,07960000 USDT5 618 832,66 DOT0,00039236 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00416100 BTC456 050,99 LTC0,00416100 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00024250 BTC4 683 528,63 EOS0,00024250 BTC
BSV-USDT147,76510000 USDT71 695,84 BSV0,01421136 BTC
EOS-USDT2,52280000 USDT4 075 864,52 EOS0,00024263 BTC
LTC-USDT43,30000000 USDT121 462,71 LTC0,00416439 BTC
ETC-USDT4,89220000 USDT955 539,61 ETC0,00047051 BTC
DASH-USDT66,08000000 USDT59 083,61 DASH0,00635527 BTC
BTCV-BTC0,01212020 BTC21 785,81 BTCV0,01212020 BTC
LINK-BTC0,00083343 BTC305 843,23 LINK0,00083343 BTC
BTCV-USDT126,50000000 USDT20 510,05 BTCV0,01215236 BTC
LRG-USDT10,21380000 USDT174 244,90 LRG0,00098125 BTC
YTA-USDT0,03298000 USDT38 913 700,00 YTA0,00000317 BTC
DOT-BTC0,00039333 BTC300 158,13 DOT0,00039333 BTC
ZRX-BTC0,00003549 BTC2 100 265,64 ZRX0,00003549 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00634500 BTC9 710,99 DASH0,00634500 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00738300 ETH136 482,60 EOS0,00024261 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000239 BTC11 619 051,27 TRX0,00000239 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00007273 ETH11 207 729,43 TRX0,00000239 BTC
NEAL-USDT0,00520400 USDT36 452 342,00 NEAL0,00000050 BTC
DTOP-USDT0,00337000 USDT55 656 380,90 DTOP0,00000032 BTC
OMG-ETH0,00743300 ETH60 381,49 OMG0,00024417 BTC
ORC-BTC0,00000458 BTC3 207 254,00 ORC0,00000458 BTC
GPO-USDT0,07050000 USDT1 706 510,40 GPO0,00000678 BTC
NEAL-BTC0,00000050 BTC15 783 117,00 NEAL0,00000050 BTC
AUTO-ETH0,00000089 ETH211 684 517,00 AUTO0,00000003 BTC
ZRX-ETH0,00108004 ETH134 293,65 ZRX0,00003549 BTC
CSCJ-BTC0,00000389 BTC839 179,90 CSCJ0,00000389 BTC
FN-USDT0,03730000 USDT817 229,80 FN0,00000359 BTC
IZI-USDT0,01883000 USDT907 965,90 IZI0,00000181 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00047300 BTC2 857,85 ETC0,00047300 BTC
ETHP-BTC0,00001090 BTC119 388,90 ETHP0,00001090 BTC
CVNT-USDT0,00496300 USDT2 455 581,00 CVNT0,00000048 BTC
TTT-ETH0,00000500 ETH5 444 431,00 TTT0,00000016 BTC
EST-ETH0,00000079 ETH30 818 743,00 EST0,00000003 BTC
MIKS-USDT0,00021250 USDT16 300 933,50 MIKS0,00000002 BTC
EVY-USDT0,00185000 USDT675 851,00 EVY0,00000017 BTC
RES-USDT0,00052100 USDT2 197 803,30 RES0,00000005 BTC
TEP-USDT0,01670000 USDT11 933,30 TEP0,00000158 BTC
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