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BTCC exchange has reopened and will initially support four major cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and ‎Bitcoin Cash. The exchange had previously closed its trading activity on September 30th 2017 due to regulatory pressure from the Chinese authorities. It’s mining pool however, had continued to operate, and currently controls 2% of the BTC hash rate.History:BTCC was founded by Bobby Lee in China in 2011, and up until late 2017, was one of the world’s oldest bitcoin exchanges. BTCC was the dominant player for CNY (Chinese Yuan) trades into Bitcoin, having rebranded itself to BTCC from BTCChina to reflect the international nature of Bitcoin.The company had started moving into mining by offering its own pool - mimicking the business model of CEX.io & GHash.io. Its mining pool remained unaffected by regulatory pressure.At the beginning of 2017, the People's Bank of China announced inspections on the three major exchanges in the country. Following these inspections, BTCC has halted margin trading services and instituted a trading fee of 0.2%/0.2%. It finally closed all trading on 30th September 2017.In January 2018, BTCC announced its acquisition by a Hong Kong based investment fund. In early July 2018, it announced its relaunch.

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Trading fees:
BTC/CNY 0.2%/0.2%
LTC/CNY 0.2%/0.2%
ETH/CNY 0.1%/0.1%
ICO/CNY 0.1%/0.1%
BCC/CNY 0.1%/0.1%
BTC/LTC 0.2%/0.2%

Вывод средств

BTC: 0.0002 BTC LTC: 0.001 LTC ETH: 0.01 ETH ICO: 0.01 ETH Online Bank Withdrawals: 0.38% (A flat fee of 2 CNY applies to withdrawals of less than 200 CNY)

Варианты депозита

BTC: 0% LTC: 0% ETH: 0% ICO: 0% Online Bank Deposits: 0%

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