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Подробный обзор

Bleutrade is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading on multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, DASH, and many others. The Bluetrade Echange only charges a 0.25% taker and maker fee for all currencies, although they reserve the right to charge a Fee which can range from 0.2% to 0.5% per trade, as well as fixed fees for withdrawals. Bleutrade does not support fiat currencies.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

Maker 0.25% / Taker 0.25%

Вывод средств

Audiocoin (ADC): 0.1 ADC BitBean (BITB): 0.1 BITB Bitcoin (BTC): 0.001 BTC Bitcoin Cash (BCC): 0.001 BCC BlackCoin (BLK): 0.1 BLK BoonCoin (BOON): 10.0 BOON Canada eCoin (CDN): 0.1 CDN Dash (DASH): 0.001 DASH Decred (DCR): 0.05 DCR EOS: 0.001 EOS Epacoin (EPC): 0 Ethereum (ETH): 0.01 ETH ETHLend (LEND): 0.1 LEND Dogecoin (DOGE): 10.0 DOGE Ethereum (ETH): 0.01 ETH FujiCoin (FJC): 0.1 FJC Goldblocks (GB): 0.1 GB Gulden (NLG): 0.1 NLG Htmlcoin (HTML5): 1.0 HTML Litecoin (LTC): 0.001 LTC Monacoin (MONA): 0.01 MONA Namecoin (NMC): 0.015 NMC OKCash (OK): 0.1 OK Potcoin (POT): 0.1 POT Primecoin (XPM): 0.001 XPM Reddcoin (RDD): 0.1 RDD Sp8de (SPX): 10.0 SPX Trollcoin 2.0 (TROLL): 0.1 TROLL Unobtanium (UNO): 0.01 UNO VeriCoin (VRC): 0.1 VRC Vertcoin (VTC): 0.1 VTC

Варианты депозита

Crytpo: 0%

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  • ТОП 3 роста за 24 часа

  • ТОП 3 падения за 24 часа

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