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Bitbuy is a Canadian owned and operated digital currency platform. The company’s mission is to provide convenient, dependable and secure access to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Bitbuy currently operates out of downtown Toronto.Bitbuy is a platform for everyone. Bitbuy 'Express Trade' is for one click buy/sell orders for users looking for easy access to digital currency. Bitbuy 'Pro Trade' offers more order types and a live order book for more advanced users. For customers looking for large amounts of digital currency, Bitbuy OTC offers competitive rates and white glove service.Bitbuy believe in strong custumer support, so they offer support over the phone if the issue cannot be resolved over email.Bitbuy considers this service an important part of their mission—simplifying the trade of digital currency for all Canadians. If you need assistance signing up, depositing funds in your account, or using our platform, Bitbuy encourages users to get in touch. Bitbuy guarantees prompt, friendly service from one of their dedicated customer service team members.FINTRAC Registered
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Информация о комиссиях

Коммиссия за сделку:
Pro Trade - 0.10% (Maker fee) | 0.20% (Taker fee)

Express Trade:
CAD/ All digital currencies - 0.50% (Buy & Sell)

Вывод средств

CAD Withdrawal Type: Interac e-Transfer - $50 (Minimum) | $10,000/ 24 Hrs. (Maximum) | 1.50% (Fee) Bank Wire - $20,000 (Minimum) | $500,000 (Maximum) | 1.50% (Fee) Digital currency withdrawal fees vary according to currency type. In order to access the EtherMium fees details, please click here.

Варианты депозита

CAD Deposit Type: Interac e-Transfer - $100 (Minimum) | $10,000/ 24 Hrs. (Maximum) |1.50% (Fee) Bank Wire - $20,000 (Minimum) | $500,000 (Maximum) | 0.50% (Fee) Digital Currencies Deposit: No fees

Bitbuy (bitbuy) Canada C

Веб-сайт Bitbuy: https://bitbuy.ca/  

Социальный сети и другие источники Bitbuy

 bitbuy  https://www.facebook.com/bitbuyCA/  https://www.reddit.com/r/BitBuyCA/

Торговля на Bitbuy

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
BTC-CAD30 500,00000000 CAD12,52 BTC0,99560839 BTC
ETH-CAD2 094,01000000 CAD57,79 ETH0,06834251 BTC
USDC-CAD1,33540000 CAD41 923,75 USDC0,00004358 BTC
MATIC-CAD1,50000000 CAD36 191,88 MATIC0,00004896 BTC
XLM-CAD0,12440000 CAD333 967,60 XLM0,00000406 BTC
ADA-CAD0,51020000 CAD64 724,80 ADA0,00001665 BTC
DOGE-CAD0,12040000 CAD251 702,35 DOGE0,00000393 BTC
SOL-CAD32,00000000 CAD588,83 SOL0,00104439 BTC
LTC-CAD118,88000000 CAD113,63 LTC0,00388059 BTC
COMP-CAD78,38000000 CAD128,47 COMP0,00255805 BTC
FTM-CAD0,61500000 CAD14 277,88 FTM0,00002008 BTC
LINK-CAD9,93000000 CAD801,99 LINK0,00032414 BTC
AXS-CAD16,02500000 CAD372,18 AXS0,00052300 BTC
DOT-CAD8,93000000 CAD435,60 DOT0,00029202 BTC
SUSHI-CAD1,82000000 CAD2 125,12 SUSHI0,00005941 BTC
MANA-CAD0,95000000 CAD3 848,64 MANA0,00003100 BTC
EOS-CAD1,41850000 CAD1 657,20 EOS0,00004630 BTC
BCH-CAD178,86000000 CAD10,57 BCH0,00583851 BTC
AAVE-CAD115,80000000 CAD10,85 AAVE0,00378005 BTC
MKR-CAD880,36000000 CAD1,13 MKR0,02873750 BTC
CRV-CAD1,25000000 CAD645,15 CRV0,00004080 BTC
BAT-CAD0,37000000 CAD1 541,25 BAT0,00001208 BTC
UNI-CAD8,95000000 CAD19,09 UNI0,00029210 BTC
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