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Binance Chain is a blockchain software system developed by Binance and its community. Binance DEX refers to the decentralized exchange features developed on top of Binance Chain.The purpose of the new blockchain and DEX is to create an alternative marketplace for issuing and exchanging digital assets in a decentralized manner.Users are able to:Send and receive BNBIssue new tokens to digitalize assets, and use Binance Chain as underlying exchange/transfer network for the assetsSend, receive, burn/mint and freeze/unfreeze tokensPropose to create trading pairs between two different tokensSend orders to buy or sell assets through trading pairs created on the chainWatch the DEX market to confirm price and market activity of certain assetsTelegram | Discord
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Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины

Информация о комиссиях

Trading fees are subject to complex logic that may mean that individual trades are not charged exactly by the rates below, but between them instead; this is due to the block-based matching engine in use on the DEX.
The current fee for trades, applied on the settled amounts is:

0.1% Pay in non-BNB Asset
0.04% Pay in BNB

For more detailed information regarding fees, please visit the following link:

Вывод средств


Варианты депозита


Binance DEX (binance_dex) Malta C 2019 Децентрализованная

Веб-сайт Binance DEX: https://www.binance.org/en/trade  

Социальный сети и другие источники Binance DEX binance_dex    https://www.facebook.com/BinanceDEXchange/      https://t.me/BinanceDEXchange    

Торговля на Binance DEX

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
LTC-F07-BUSD-BD156,68070000 BUSD-BD115,00 LTC-F070,00284144 BTC
ETHBULL-D3-BNB3,25022000 BNB0,64 ETHBULL-D30,04505455 BTC
LTC-F07-BNB0,20606400 BNB7,73 LTC-F070,00284286 BTC
MATIC-84A-BNB0,00195000 BNB742,00 MATIC-84A0,00002707 BTC
LTO-BDF-BNB0,00030700 BNB3 850,00 LTO-BDF0,00000425 BTC
CHZ-ECD-BNB0,00076096 BNB1 300,00 CHZ-ECD0,00001058 BTC
XRPBEAR-00-BNB0,06660800 BNB13,90 XRPBEAR-000,00092492 BTC
TOMOB-4BC-BNB0,00173000 BNB493,00 TOMOB-4BC0,00002406 BTC
TWT-8C2-BNB0,00340500 BNB234,00 TWT-8C20,00004734 BTC
GTO-908-BNB0,00006700 BNB10 500,00 GTO-9080,00000093 BTC
FTM-A64-BNB0,00098000 BNB710,00 FTM-A640,00001358 BTC
MITH-C76-BNB0,00008175 BNB8 000,00 MITH-C760,00000114 BTC
BNB-IDRTB-1783 260 090,00000000 IDRTB-1780,49 BNB0,01381600 BTC
RUNE-B1A-BNB0,00679999 BNB63,00 RUNE-B1A0,00009455 BTC
SHR-DB6-BNB0,00000842 BNB49 000,00 SHR-DB60,00000012 BTC
NPXSXEM-89-BNB0,00000015 BNB2 600 000,00 NPXSXEM-890,00000000 BTC
AVA-645-BUSD-BD10,83000000 BUSD-BD1124,00 AVA-6450,00004141 BTC
AERGO-46B-BNB0,00039014 BNB940,00 AERGO-46B0,00000542 BTC
MVL-7B0-BNB0,00001186 BNB30 600,00 MVL-7B00,00000017 BTC
PVT-554-BNB0,00000001 BNB34 500 000,00 PVT-5540,00000000 BTC
SLV-986-BNB0,00000034 BNB1 000 000,00 SLV-9860,00000000 BTC
BCH-1FD-BUSD-BD1117,00000000 BUSD-BD10,75 BCH-1FD0,00585560 BTC
DUSK-45E-BNB0,00047000 BNB600,00 DUSK-45E0,00000654 BTC
CRPT-8C9-BNB0,00008400 BNB2 930,00 CRPT-8C90,00000117 BTC
VDX-A17-BNB0,00000068 BNB320 000,00 VDX-A170,00000001 BTC
BZNT-464-BNB0,00000122 BNB180 000,00 BZNT-4640,00000002 BTC
NEW-09E-BNB0,00000061 BNB350 000,00 NEW-09E0,00000001 BTC
ARPA-575-BNB0,00012500 BNB1 690,00 ARPA-5750,00000174 BTC
COS-2E4-BNB0,00002350 BNB8 500,00 COS-2E40,00000033 BTC
MDAB-D42-BNB0,00000646 BNB30 000,00 MDAB-D420,00000009 BTC
VIDT-F53-BNB0,00114999 BNB160,00 VIDT-F530,00001629 BTC
EOSBEAR-72-BNB0,00199999 BNB92,00 EOSBEAR-720,00002778 BTC
COTI-CBB-BNB0,00032999 BNB530,00 COTI-CBB0,00000456 BTC
RUNE-B1A-BUSD-BD11,86001000 BUSD-BD126,00 RUNE-B1A0,00009294 BTC
MZK-2C7-BNB0,00001647 BNB10 000,00 MZK-2C70,00000023 BTC
WISH-2D5-BNB0,00009469 BNB1 700,00 WISH-2D50,00000134 BTC
FSN-E14-BNB0,00055218 BNB299,00 FSN-E140,00000766 BTC
KAT-7BB-BNB0,00000204 BNB81 000,00 KAT-7BB0,00000003 BTC
EQL-586-BNB0,00000198 BNB82 000,00 EQL-5860,00000003 BTC
MTV-4C6-BNB0,00000395 BNB38 000,00 MTV-4C60,00000005 BTC
PLG-D8D-BNB0,00000070 BNB200 000,00 PLG-D8D0,00000001 BTC
BTCB-1DE-BUSD-BD120 161,80000000 BUSD-BD10,00 BTCB-1DE1,00782100 BTC
XRP-BF2-BNB0,00119637 BNB114,00 XRP-BF20,00001661 BTC
CAS-167-BNB0,00002749 BNB4 600,00 CAS-1670,00000038 BTC
LTC-F07-TUSDB-88842,50050000 TUSDB-8880,78 LTC-F070,00196741 BTC
ANKR-E97-BNB0,00011658 BNB900,00 ANKR-E970,00000162 BTC
BCH-1FD-BNB0,41810100 BNB0,24 BCH-1FD0,00580617 BTC
LIT-099-BNB0,00001002 BNB10 000,00 LIT-0990,00000014 BTC
SPNDB-916-BNB0,00000945 BNB10 000,00 SPNDB-9160,00000013 BTC
DOS-120-BNB0,00000326 BNB30 000,00 DOS-1200,00000004 BTC
IRIS-D88-BNB0,00005600 BNB1 700,00 IRIS-D880,00000078 BTC
PHB-2DF-BNB0,00000849 BNB10 000,00 PHB-2DF0,00000012 BTC
MEETONE-03-BNB0,00000760 BNB11 000,00 MEETONE-030,00000011 BTC
BST2-2F2-BNB0,00000098 BNB81 000,00 BST2-2F20,00000001 BTC
TM2-0C4-BNB0,00000009 BNB870 000,00 TM2-0C40,00000000 BTC
QBX-38C-BNB0,00001708 BNB4 200,00 QBX-38C0,00000024 BTC
NOW-E68-BNB0,00021468 BNB330,00 NOW-E680,00000303 BTC
WRX-ED1-BNB0,00067693 BNB100,00 WRX-ED10,00000941 BTC
CBIX-3C9-BNB0,00000210 BNB32 000,00 CBIX-3C90,00000003 BTC
HNST-3C9-BNB0,00002022 BNB2 900,00 HNST-3C90,00000028 BTC
BET-844-BNB0,00005750 BNB1 000,00 BET-8440,00000080 BTC
LBA-340-BNB0,00000362 BNB16 000,00 LBA-3400,00000005 BTC
BUSD-BD1-DAI-D751,03760000 DAI-D7513,00 BUSD-BD10,00004946 BTC
XRPBULL-E7-BNB0,05600010 BNB0,80 XRPBULL-E70,00077807 BTC
VOTE-FD4-BNB0,00000188 BNB20 000,00 VOTE-FD40,00000003 BTC
AWC-986-BNB0,00114000 BNB25,00 AWC-9860,00001584 BTC
XRP-BF2-BUSD-BD10,32756500 BUSD-BD124,00 XRP-BF20,00001637 BTC
EBST-783-BNB0,00001206 BNB2 300,00 EBST-7830,00000017 BTC
BNB-TUSDB-888289,49300000 TUSDB-8880,02 BNB0,01390600 BTC
COVA-218-BNB0,00000350 BNB6 000,00 COVA-2180,00000005 BTC
RAVEN-F66-BNB0,00000067 BNB30 000,00 RAVEN-F660,00000001 BTC
ENTRP-C8D-BNB0,00003680 BNB500,00 ENTRP-C8D0,00000051 BTC
FRM-DE7-BUSD-BD10,02550000 BUSD-BD1200,00 FRM-DE70,00000127 BTC
BUSD-BD1-IDRTB-17814 200,10000000 IDRTB-1786,00 BUSD-BD10,00003827 BTC
CBM-4B2-BNB0,00000007 BNB200 000,00 CBM-4B20,00000000 BTC
TOP-491-BNB0,00000307 BNB4 000,00 TOP-4910,00000004 BTC
BNB-USDT-6D8279,42000000 USDT-6D80,01 BNB0,01388600 BTC
SHR-DB6-BUSD-BD10,00277991 BUSD-BD11 000,00 SHR-DB60,00000014 BTC
NPXB-1E8-BNB0,00021300 BNB40,00 NPXB-1E80,00000296 BTC
SWINGBY-88-BUSD-BD10,00230000 BUSD-BD11 000,00 SWINGBY-880,00000011 BTC
TROY-9B8-BNB0,00001600 BNB500,00 TROY-9B80,00000022 BTC
BCPT-95A-BNB0,00000800 BNB1 000,00 BCPT-95A0,00000011 BTC
BNB-BTCB-1DE0,01378300 BTCB-1DE0,01 BNB0,01378300 BTC
UPX-F3E-BNB0,00000069 BNB10 000,00 UPX-F3E0,00000001 BTC
GIV-94E-BNB0,00000067 BNB10 000,00 GIV-94E0,00000001 BTC
SWIPE.B-DC-BNB0,00000003 BNB200 000,00 SWIPE.B-DC0,00000000 BTC
PYN-C37-BNB0,00000026 BNB20 000,00 PYN-C370,00000000 BTC
ONE-5F9-BNB0,00015450 BNB30,00 ONE-5F90,00000214 BTC
NEXO-A84-BNB0,00382000 BNB1,00 NEXO-A840,00005308 BTC
BUSD-BD1-USDT-6D80,99400100 USDT-6D81,00 BUSD-BD10,00004943 BTC
CAN-677-BNB0,00003368 BNB100,00 CAN-6770,00000047 BTC
CSM-734-BNB0,00000033 BNB10 000,00 CSM-7340,00000000 BTC
DEFI-FA5-BNB0,00015000 BNB20,00 DEFI-FA50,00000209 BTC
BNB-BUSD-BD1277,79400000 BUSD-BD10,00 BNB0,01389800 BTC
BLINK-9C6-BNB0,00000027 BNB10 000,00 BLINK-9C60,00000000 BTC
EVT-49B-BNB0,00000135 BNB2 000,00 EVT-49B0,00000002 BTC
BNB-TAUDB-8882 930,33000000 TAUDB-8880,00 BNB0,01411100 BTC
ART-3C9-BNB0,00000197 BNB1 000,00 ART-3C90,00000003 BTC
MITX-CAA-BNB0,00001549 BNB100,00 MITX-CAA0,00000021 BTC
BNB-ETH-1C90,17542100 ETH-1C90,00 BNB0,01389700 BTC
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