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Подробный обзор

Altilly is a multi-crypto currency exchange based on Hong Kong. Their trade engine is developed using top-level programming languages and cutting-edge technologies to provide a fast and reliable real-time interface. Altilly features 2FA Authentication to keep users information and crypto tokens safe. Withdrawal fees are based on actual costs to send transactions on the network. To create an account, users only need to provide minimal details, such as email, name, and username. All accounts start with no pre-set limits.

Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

Market Taker Fee: 0.12%
Market Maker Fee: 0.00% + 0.01% Bonus

Вывод средств

Crypto Withdrawal fees are based on actual costs to send transactions on the network. We adjust these fees from time to time depending on average network fee

Варианты депозита


Altilly (altilly) China C

Веб-сайт Altilly: https://www.altilly.com  

Социальный сети и другие источники Altilly altillycom      https://www.reddit.com/r/altilly/    https://t.me/altilly    

Торговля на Altilly

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
HOMI-BTC0,00068514 BTC22 232,87 HOMI0,00068514 BTC
HOMI-ETH0,02265015 ETH17 336,71 HOMI0,00074564 BTC
AOG-BTC0,00000960 BTC701 414,99 AOG0,00000960 BTC
BTC-USDT10 876,02000000 USDT3,80 BTC1,00230700 BTC
HNC-BTC0,00002333 BTC70 173,27 HNC0,00002333 BTC
AOG-USDT0,11097400 USDT136 918,20 AOG0,00001023 BTC
ETH-USDT356,00200000 USDT42,64 ETH0,03280825 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03281200 BTC41,55 ETH0,03281200 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00428230 BTC196,05 LTC0,00428230 BTC
BCH-USDT227,00120000 USDT37,86 BCH0,02091986 BTC
BSV-USDT175,49970000 USDT46,81 BSV0,01617361 BTC
BSV-BTC0,01601500 BTC45,64 BSV0,01601500 BTC
ZEC-USDT56,50050000 USDT135,05 ZEC0,00520694 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00635800 BTC101,51 DASH0,00635800 BTC
DASH-USDT68,74950000 USDT93,72 DASH0,00633578 BTC
LTC-USDT46,49980000 USDT130,65 LTC0,00428530 BTC
AOG-DOGE40,79036000 DOGE48 707,59 AOG0,00001034 BTC
XMR-BTC0,00892600 BTC51,02 XMR0,00892600 BTC
UNO-BTC0,00670015 BTC49,86 UNO0,00670015 BTC
ILC-BTC0,00000137 BTC216 125,71 ILC0,00000137 BTC
NMC-BTC0,00003550 BTC7 232,40 NMC0,00003550 BTC
VET-BTC0,00000120 BTC202 512,50 VET0,00000120 BTC
XRP-USDT0,24598600 USDT10 166,60 XRP0,00002267 BTC
XMR-USDT97,49900000 USDT25,62 XMR0,00898526 BTC
MMO-TUSD0,00271000 TUSD846 618,04 MMO0,00000027 BTC
PYRK-BTC0,00000104 BTC191 071,90 PYRK0,00000104 BTC
PYRK-USDT0,01190000 USDT179 636,95 PYRK0,00000110 BTC
LUNES-BTC0,00000053 BTC336 288,18 LUNES0,00000053 BTC
UNO-USDT71,80000000 USDT24,45 UNO0,00660409 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000025 BTC624 747,07 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
MRX-BTC0,00000003 BTC4 283 681,00 MRX0,00000003 BTC
REW-ETH0,00069679 ETH5 874,91 REW0,00002297 BTC
42-BTC4,69860000 BTC0,03 424,69860000 BTC
ETC-USDT5,50019000 USDT241,87 ETC0,00050688 BTC
PPC-BTC0,00002070 BTC5 736,75 PPC0,00002070 BTC
PYRK-DOGE4,00400000 DOGE99 386,34 PYRK0,00000101 BTC
BLOCK-BTC0,00008500 BTC1 017,86 BLOCK0,00008500 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000245 BTC33 657,00 TRX0,00000245 BTC
HONK-BCH0,00000000 BCH1 887 964 768,50 HONK0,00000000 BTC
AOG-XQR351,00000000 XQR5 523,94 AOG0,00001176 BTC
TRX-USDT0,02685040 USDT25 550,00 TRX0,00000247 BTC
ACPT-USDT0,00020300 USDT2 891 196,35 ACPT0,00000002 BTC
VGTG-ETH0,00240000 ETH610,67 VGTG0,00007910 BTC
XQR-BTC0,00000003 BTC1 394 166,58 XQR0,00000003 BTC
ILC-XQR39,80000001 XQR31 786,00 ILC0,00000133 BTC
RICK-BTC0,00000020 BTC197 022,61 RICK0,00000020 BTC
DGB-BTC0,00000216 BTC18 082,80 DGB0,00000216 BTC
BCH-BTC0,01870000 BTC1,63 BCH0,01870000 BTC
BCN-BTC0,00000001 BTC2 327 096,00 BCN0,00000001 BTC
UNO-XQR190 000,00000000 XQR3,67 UNO0,00631351 BTC
PXC-BTC0,00000077 BTC29 472,23 PXC0,00000077 BTC
LUNES-ETH0,00001430 ETH45 947,82 LUNES0,00000047 BTC
DOGE-USDT0,00286000 USDT80 533,57 DOGE0,00000026 BTC
HTML-BTC0,00000000 BTC5 478 793,27 HTML0,00000000 BTC
TRBO-ETH0,00000012 ETH5 038 530,00 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
TRBO-DOGE0,01404000 DOGE4 965 863,33 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
PAC-BTC0,00000005 BTC299 900,00 PAC0,00000005 BTC
VTC-BTC0,00002220 BTC639,17 VTC0,00002220 BTC
SHIFT-BTC0,00001870 BTC674,91 SHIFT0,00001870 BTC
1UP-ETH0,00002950 ETH12 884,05 1UP0,00000097 BTC
ACPT-XQR0,50001100 XQR806 166,68 ACPT0,00000002 BTC
EFL-BTC0,00000663 BTC1 696,40 EFL0,00000663 BTC
XQR-USDT0,00036400 USDT287 037,66 XQR0,00000003 BTC
REW-BTC0,00001427 BTC636,68 REW0,00001427 BTC
BEAM-XQR1 000,00000000 XQR287,60 BEAM0,00003062 BTC
MOON-USDT0,00000520 USDT17 877 370,82 MOON0,00000000 BTC
MOON-USDT0,00000520 USDT17 877 370,82 MOON0,00000000 BTC
XNC-BTC0,00003549 BTC219,82 XNC0,00003549 BTC
RPI-LTC0,00000050 LTC3 417 089,71 RPI0,00000000 BTC
RPI-ETH0,00000004 ETH5 745 785,49 RPI0,00000000 BTC
DOGE-XQR8,25000000 XQR25 205,16 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
DASH-XQR190 000,00000000 XQR0,92 DASH0,00639540 BTC
KFX-BTC0,00000013 BTC41 313,24 KFX0,00000013 BTC
LYNX-LTC0,00000049 LTC2 531 448,16 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
XNC-USDT0,37999999 USDT122,96 XNC0,00003483 BTC
PND-ETH0,00000006 ETH2 036 920,00 PND0,00000000 BTC
DCN-ETH0,00000002 ETH5 972 833,00 DCN0,00000000 BTC
BCD-BTC0,00006990 BTC51,07 BCD0,00006990 BTC
XVG-BTC0,00000040 BTC8 706,81 XVG0,00000040 BTC
DIVI-BTC0,00000468 BTC731,43 DIVI0,00000468 BTC
SPICE-BCH0,00000160 BCH114 179,83 SPICE0,00000003 BTC
ARK-BTC0,00002800 BTC118,66 ARK0,00002800 BTC
BTG-BTC0,00057000 BTC5,74 BTG0,00057000 BTC
ARRR-BTC0,00000980 BTC326,06 ARRR0,00000980 BTC
D-BTC0,00001220 BTC260,86 D0,00001220 BTC
DUO-BTC0,00001010 BTC312,84 DUO0,00001010 BTC
AEON-BTC0,00003714 BTC84,58 AEON0,00003714 BTC
BEFX-XQR0,06410000 XQR1 539 344,53 BEFX0,00000000 BTC
CPU-BTC0,00000005 BTC59 973,69 CPU0,00000005 BTC
LUNES-USDT0,00989900 USDT3 184,80 LUNES0,00000092 BTC
ADA-BTC0,00001351 BTC214,00 ADA0,00001351 BTC
BLUR-BTC0,00000210 BTC1 372,00 BLUR0,00000210 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00051300 BTC5,61 ETC0,00051300 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00504000 BTC0,57 ZEC0,00504000 BTC
HUSH-BTC0,00000380 BTC749,17 HUSH0,00000380 BTC
DOGE-ETH0,00000769 ETH11 229,47 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00002240 BTC126,10 XRP0,00002240 BTC
XLM-BTC0,00000872 BTC297,00 XLM0,00000872 BTC
1UP-BTC0,00000099 BTC2 597,72 1UP0,00000099 BTC
ENJ-BTC0,00001640 BTC152,63 ENJ0,00001640 BTC
OMG-BTC0,00032100 BTC7,78 OMG0,00032100 BTC
LPK-BTC0,00000001 BTC331 272,00 LPK0,00000001 BTC
SHARD-BTC0,00000192 BTC1 241,90 SHARD0,00000192 BTC
MONA-BTC0,00009500 BTC23,97 MONA0,00009500 BTC
LTC-ETH0,14400000 ETH0,48 LTC0,00474048 BTC
BARE-BTC0,00000454 BTC494,04 BARE0,00000454 BTC
LYNX-BTC0,00000000 BTC1 062 264,00 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
ZMY-BTC0,00000084 BTC2 646,71 ZMY0,00000084 BTC
EGC-BTC0,00000189 BTC1 150,23 EGC0,00000189 BTC
GOLF-BTC0,00000000 BTC1 528 139,01 GOLF0,00000000 BTC
ASAFE-BTC0,00000169 BTC1 218,20 ASAFE0,00000169 BTC
CRM-BTC0,00000002 BTC111 750,95 CRM0,00000002 BTC
SEND-BTC0,00000033 BTC5 968,84 SEND0,00000033 BTC
ANON-BTC0,00000027 BTC7 288,11 ANON0,00000027 BTC
NAV-BTC0,00001130 BTC174,13 NAV0,00001130 BTC
RVN-BTC0,00000133 BTC1 470,63 RVN0,00000133 BTC
BEFX-USDT0,00001690 USDT1 248 032,87 BEFX0,00000000 BTC
XSPEC-BTC0,00000860 BTC225,26 XSPEC0,00000860 BTC
GLC-BTC0,00000040 BTC4 630,10 GLC0,00000040 BTC
XCASH-LTC0,00000198 LTC219 148,68 XCASH0,00000001 BTC
SMART-BTC0,00000031 BTC5 861,34 SMART0,00000031 BTC
HEX2T-XQR1,19999998 XQR48 906,57 HEX2T0,00000004 BTC
WAX-BTC0,00000894 BTC198,84 WAX0,00000894 BTC
LUNES-XQR15,00000000 XQR3 533,87 LUNES0,00000051 BTC
CLO-BTC0,00000008 BTC21 839,00 CLO0,00000008 BTC
UFR-BTC0,00002860 BTC58,59 UFR0,00002860 BTC
LYNX-XQR0,06560000 XQR812 581,08 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
SCC-BTC0,00005000 BTC29,79 SCC0,00005000 BTC
XQR-LTC0,00000701 LTC48 548,66 XQR0,00000003 BTC
BELA-BTC0,00000009 BTC14 454,03 BELA0,00000009 BTC
YEC-BTC0,00000800 BTC160,26 YEC0,00000800 BTC
MOON-BTC0,00000000 BTC1 825 046,74 MOON0,00000000 BTC
FTC-BTC0,00000060 BTC1 951,06 FTC0,00000060 BTC
HEX2T-ETH0,00000119 ETH27 291,16 HEX2T0,00000004 BTC
XQR-BCH0,00000159 BCH31 474,88 XQR0,00000003 BTC
DGB-LTC0,00065200 LTC331,09 DGB0,00000278 BTC
XFG-BTC0,00000067 BTC1 361,97 XFG0,00000067 BTC
DIME-BTC0,00000000 BTC4 553 000,00 DIME0,00000000 BTC
XQR-ETH0,00000093 ETH25 933,96 XQR0,00000003 BTC
LCC-BTC0,00000028 BTC2 707,32 LCC0,00000028 BTC
ADA-USDT0,15000000 USDT51,00 ADA0,00001382 BTC
MINT-BTC0,00000001 BTC71 593,20 MINT0,00000001 BTC
MOON-DOGE0,00244000 DOGE971 771,56 MOON0,00000000 BTC
RPI-USDT0,00001000 USDT630 402,33 RPI0,00000000 BTC
BTC-PAX9 751,70000000 PAX0,00 BTC1,15027000 BTC
PXC-XQR23,00000000 XQR748,07 PXC0,00000077 BTC
BTCT-ETH0,00001800 ETH942,46 BTCT0,00000059 BTC
MMO-BTC0,00000013 BTC4 185,08 MMO0,00000013 BTC
APL-BTC0,00000011 BTC4 724,40 APL0,00000011 BTC
BARE-XQR119,00000000 XQR136,34 BARE0,00000364 BTC
AFRO-BTC0,00000001 BTC49 525,61 AFRO0,00000001 BTC
GAME-ETH0,00019500 ETH77,00 GAME0,00000642 BTC
FED-BTC0,00000000 BTC4 870 000,00 FED0,00000000 BTC
EFL-ETH0,00020500 ETH68,55 EFL0,00000675 BTC
DUO-XQR652,99000000 XQR22,62 DUO0,00002045 BTC
ONION-BTC0,00000900 BTC50,00 ONION0,00000900 BTC
GALI-BTC0,00000037 BTC1 196,66 GALI0,00000037 BTC
MOON-XQR0,01720000 XQR768 225,61 MOON0,00000000 BTC
AIRX-BTC0,00000001 BTC69 920,00 AIRX0,00000001 BTC
BNT-BTC0,00007300 BTC5,56 BNT0,00007300 BTC
HNC-XQR1 008,55000000 XQR13,05 HNC0,00003088 BTC
SAGE-BTC0,00000002 BTC20 000,00 SAGE0,00000002 BTC
XQR-PAX0,00030000 PAX10 580,97 XQR0,00000004 BTC
ZEN-BTC0,00017004 BTC2,29 ZEN0,00017004 BTC
LYNX-USDT0,00002150 USDT196 208,81 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
DOGE-BCH0,00001260 BCH1 673,67 DOGE0,00000023 BTC
TUSC-ETH0,00000004 ETH292 054,75 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
ETH-PAX280,02000000 PAX0,01 ETH0,02871403 BTC
PAX-USDT1,00200000 USDT3,99 PAX0,00009234 BTC
WAVES-ETH0,00795000 ETH1,39 WAVES0,00026108 BTC
BELA-XQR100,00000000 XQR113,98 BELA0,00000324 BTC
STEEM-XQR1 000,00000000 XQR11,37 STEEM0,00003062 BTC
XFG-ETH0,00002100 ETH500,00 XFG0,00000069 BTC
TUSC-BTC0,00000000 BTC490 873,01 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
BEAM-BTC0,00002361 BTC13,85 BEAM0,00002361 BTC
BSV-XQR490 000,00000000 XQR0,02 BSV0,01534754 BTC
DOGE-LTC0,00005990 LTC1 025,96 DOGE0,00000026 BTC
USDC-USDT0,96100000 USDT2,91 USDC0,00008838 BTC
ATT-BTC0,00000018 BTC1 380,91 ATT0,00000018 BTC
DOGE-USDC0,00260000 USDC1 002,01 DOGE0,00000024 BTC
SINS-BTC0,00000290 BTC83,54 SINS0,00000290 BTC
PND-BTC0,00000000 BTC87 536,00 PND0,00000000 BTC
NMC-XQR1 120,00000000 XQR5,96 NMC0,00003770 BTC
RPD-BTC0,00000001 BTC17 882,41 RPD0,00000001 BTC
BCN-XQR0,40000000 XQR14 763,67 BCN0,00000001 BTC
RISE-ETH0,00001000 ETH596,00 RISE0,00000033 BTC
WRKZ-DOGE0,00002600 DOGE29 729 144,23 WRKZ0,00000000 BTC
TRX-XQR97,40000000 XQR51,22 TRX0,00000317 BTC
PYRK-XQR33,50000000 XQR157,95 PYRK0,00000103 BTC
DGB-USDT0,02990000 USDT57,33 DGB0,00000276 BTC
XSN-BTC0,00000530 BTC29,00 XSN0,00000530 BTC
MOON-LTC0,00000015 LTC234 876,00 MOON0,00000000 BTC
XLM-USDT0,48199882 USDT3,38 XLM0,00004436 BTC
VBIT-BTC0,00000015 BTC1 000,00 VBIT0,00000015 BTC
WAVES-USDT2,98000000 USDT0,54 WAVES0,00027463 BTC
XBC-BTC0,00034978 BTC0,40 XBC0,00034978 BTC
STEEM-BTC0,00003700 BTC3,78 STEEM0,00003700 BTC
RDD-BTC0,00000011 BTC1 170,12 RDD0,00000011 BTC
MANA-BTC0,00001720 BTC7,56 MANA0,00001720 BTC
SMART-ETH0,00000900 ETH437,89 SMART0,00000030 BTC
APL-ETH0,00000255 ETH1 525,51 APL0,00000008 BTC
XLM-ETH0,00018681 ETH20,61 XLM0,00000613 BTC
COLX-BTC0,00000002 BTC5 217,39 COLX0,00000002 BTC
TRBO-BTC0,00000000 BTC26 580,00 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
XCASH-ETH0,00000006 ETH65 224,78 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
XFG-USDT0,00700000 USDT180,95 XFG0,00000064 BTC
MMO-XQR4,00000000 XQR942,66 MMO0,00000012 BTC
0XBTC-BTC0,00005000 BTC2,22 0XBTC0,00005000 BTC
RIPPED-BTC0,00000004 BTC2 757,00 RIPPED0,00000004 BTC
CCX-BTC0,00014310 BTC0,77 CCX0,00014310 BTC
FTC-ETH0,00001000 ETH332,55 FTC0,00000033 BTC
ENJ-ETH0,00069000 ETH4,78 ENJ0,00002271 BTC
MOON-ETH0,00000002 ETH153 481,00 MOON0,00000000 BTC
FREE-DOGE0,00003700 DOGE11 708 894,02 FREE0,00000000 BTC
GZRO-ETH0,00000001 ETH372 625,00 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
STEEM-ETH0,00113000 ETH2,88 STEEM0,00003720 BTC
BPL-ETH0,00001100 ETH294,43 BPL0,00000036 BTC
PPC-XQR660,00000000 XQR5,26 PPC0,00002021 BTC
GAME-BTC0,00000899 BTC11,72 GAME0,00000899 BTC
MONA-ETH0,00350000 ETH0,91 MONA0,00011522 BTC
PND-XQR0,08100000 XQR41 382,06 PND0,00000000 BTC
PLR-ETH0,00013100 ETH23,88 PLR0,00000431 BTC
HTML-ETH0,00000013 ETH24 026,95 HTML0,00000000 BTC
HAL-ETH0,00000180 ETH1 727,78 HAL0,00000006 BTC
AIRX-ETH0,00000015 ETH20 631,92 AIRX0,00000000 BTC
VET-ETH0,00003890 ETH77,79 VET0,00000128 BTC
ELET-ETH0,00003500 ETH85,22 ELET0,00000115 BTC
WAX-ETH0,00023000 ETH12,77 WAX0,00000757 BTC
XMR-ETH0,26997000 ETH0,01 XMR0,00886581 BTC
DGB-ETH0,00006040 ETH48,21 DGB0,00000198 BTC
YEC-XQR31,00000000 XQR100,66 YEC0,00000095 BTC
MITH-ETH0,00025900 ETH11,04 MITH0,00000851 BTC
WRKZ-USDT0,00000007 USDT14 506 433,97 WRKZ0,00000000 BTC
RVN-ETH0,00004600 ETH61,11 RVN0,00000151 BTC
EMD-ETH0,00002410 ETH112,74 EMD0,00000079 BTC
BEAM-ETH0,00100980 ETH2,68 BEAM0,00003309 BTC
PPC-ETH0,00059000 ETH4,55 PPC0,00001939 BTC
BTC-USDC9 200,02000000 USDC0,00 BTC0,84850995 BTC
XST-ETH0,00018015 ETH14,16 XST0,00000593 BTC
ETHPLO-ETH0,00000190 ETH1 317,88 ETHPLO0,00000006 BTC
COLX-ETH0,00000067 ETH3 723,67 COLX0,00000002 BTC
PENG-XQR0,01700000 XQR157 400,68 PENG0,00000000 BTC
RPI-BTC0,00000000 BTC114 335,70 RPI0,00000000 BTC
FREE-USDT0,00000012 USDT7 076 612,64 FREE0,00000000 BTC
SATX-ETH0,00000152 ETH1 512,49 SATX0,00000005 BTC
XSPEC-ETH0,00035000 ETH6,59 XSPEC0,00001148 BTC
VTC-ETH0,00064000 ETH3,56 VTC0,00002102 BTC
RPD-XQR0,39000000 XQR6 030,21 RPD0,00000001 BTC
MRX-ETH0,00000180 ETH1 210,67 MRX0,00000006 BTC
LPK-ETH0,00000015 ETH14 592,18 LPK0,00000000 BTC
NBR-ETH0,00000022 ETH9 667,14 NBR0,00000001 BTC
BCD-ETH0,00192000 ETH1,08 BCD0,00006321 BTC
BTS-XQR182,00000000 XQR12,02 BTS0,00000557 BTC
MINT-ETH0,00000020 ETH9 758,27 MINT0,00000001 BTC
BRAVO-BTC0,00000004 BTC1 600,00 BRAVO0,00000004 BTC
UNO-ETH0,20000001 ETH0,01 UNO0,00657600 BTC
RDD-ETH0,00000323 ETH594,86 RDD0,00000011 BTC
GLC-ETH0,00001300 ETH145,39 GLC0,00000043 BTC
DIVI-XQR100,00000000 XQR20,00 DIVI0,00000306 BTC
BPL-XQR10,50000000 XQR190,00 BPL0,00000032 BTC
EOS-ETH0,01440000 ETH0,13 EOS0,00047290 BTC
ECA-ETH0,00000053 ETH3 305,82 ECA0,00000002 BTC
NPW-XQR5,41010000 XQR338,52 NPW0,00000017 BTC
PENG-ETH0,00000002 ETH98 685,82 PENG0,00000000 BTC
LCC-XQR17,50000000 XQR100,00 LCC0,00000054 BTC
MRX-XQR1,05000000 XQR1 531,43 MRX0,00000003 BTC
XVG-XQR11,06400000 XQR137,00 XVG0,00000034 BTC
PAC-XQR1,70000000 XQR871,00 PAC0,00000005 BTC
AFRO-ETH0,00000022 ETH5 851,51 AFRO0,00000001 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00008004 ETH16,00 TRX0,00000263 BTC
BNT-XQR12 500,00000000 XQR0,11 BNT0,00038270 BTC
LPK-LTC0,00010000 LTC100,00 LPK0,00000043 BTC
CPU-XQR1,72000000 XQR731,39 CPU0,00000005 BTC
ANON-XQR11,45000000 XQR105,80 ANON0,00000035 BTC
3CS-BTC0,00001199 BTC3,00 3CS0,00001199 BTC
DIME-XQR0,00600000 XQR194 886,27 DIME0,00000000 BTC
ADA-ETH0,00031000 ETH3,00 ADA0,00001021 BTC
GLT-XQR2,94200000 XQR310,00 GLT0,00000009 BTC
BTCMZ-XQR0,00002083 XQR29 852 396,62 BTCMZ0,00000000 BTC
APL-USDT0,00058660 USDT495,81 APL0,00000005 BTC
LUNES-DOGE1,53040500 DOGE66,36 LUNES0,00000039 BTC
BNT-USDT10,00000000 USDT0,03 BNT0,00092157 BTC
VET-XQR84,00000000 XQR8,30 VET0,00000257 BTC
LTC-TUSD32,00200000 TUSD0,00 LTC0,00504600 BTC
BNT-ETH0,00449000 ETH0,14 BNT0,00014781 BTC
LINK-XQR49 727,00000000 XQR0,01 LINK0,00152242 BTC
XLM-XQR275,00000000 XQR1,83 XLM0,00000925 BTC
FUN-XQR27,00000000 XQR20,00 FUN0,00000083 BTC
XRP-XQR700,00000000 XQR0,65 XRP0,00002356 BTC
MINT-LTC0,00000114 LTC3 109,79 MINT0,00000000 BTC
ADA-XQR750,00000000 XQR0,64 ADA0,00002296 BTC
BTCMZ-DOGE0,00000314 DOGE15 942 186,90 BTCMZ0,00000000 BTC
MRX-LTC0,00000740 LTC464,99 MRX0,00000003 BTC
MITH-LTC0,00042000 LTC8,15 MITH0,00000179 BTC
EFL-XQR100,01000000 XQR4,72 EFL0,00000306 BTC
LUNES-LTC0,00011030 LTC30,27 LUNES0,00000047 BTC
AIRX-XQR0,17687600 XQR2 491,75 AIRX0,00000001 BTC
XVG-LTC0,00007900 LTC39,27 XVG0,00000034 BTC
RVN-XQR42,00000000 XQR10,00 RVN0,00000129 BTC
ATT-ETH0,00001000 ETH36,30 ATT0,00000033 BTC
DUO-LTC0,00458000 LTC0,61 DUO0,00001950 BTC
GLT-LTC0,00000700 LTC395,16 GLT0,00000003 BTC
GZRO-LTC0,00000022 LTC12 299,60 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
OMG-LTC0,09800000 LTC0,03 OMG0,00041728 BTC
ELYA-XQR0,84990000 XQR435,49 ELYA0,00000003 BTC
GALI-XQR61,12000000 XQR6,00 GALI0,00000187 BTC
EGC-XQR50,00000000 XQR6,94 EGC0,00000153 BTC
MMO-LTC0,00002830 LTC87,47 MMO0,00000012 BTC
UFR-XQR1 000,00000000 XQR0,33 UFR0,00003062 BTC
RDD-LTC0,00002180 LTC106,71 RDD0,00000009 BTC
XSN-LTC0,00450004 LTC0,51 XSN0,00001919 BTC
TKTS-XQR0,00003498 XQR10 535 412,02 TKTS0,00000000 BTC
FREE-XQR0,00026600 XQR1 126 435,54 FREE0,00000000 BTC
MMO-DOGE0,66500000 DOGE55,00 MMO0,00000017 BTC
MMO-ETH0,00000618 ETH45,34 MMO0,00000020 BTC
ZEN-ETH0,03199999 ETH0,01 ZEN0,00105344 BTC
METM-LTC0,00002200 LTC89,76 METM0,00000009 BTC
CLO-ETH0,00000504 ETH49,65 CLO0,00000017 BTC
BRAVO-ETH0,00000800 ETH29,44 BRAVO0,00000026 BTC
BTCT-XQR17,10100000 XQR12,89 BTCT0,00000057 BTC
NPXS-XQR0,67000000 XQR307,85 NPXS0,00000002 BTC
HTML-XQR0,20000000 XQR949,99 HTML0,00000001 BTC
RICK-XQR5,41000000 XQR34,27 RICK0,00000017 BTC
CCX-XQR70 000,00000000 XQR0,00 CCX0,00219118 BTC
ETHPLO-XQR6,99000000 XQR25,00 ETHPLO0,00000021 BTC
WAVES-XQR7 000,00000000 XQR0,02 WAVES0,00021925 BTC
ARRR-ETH0,00029100 ETH0,48 ARRR0,00000958 BTC
AIRX-LTC0,00000131 LTC792,21 AIRX0,00000001 BTC
BEFX-ETH0,00000006 ETH2 166,67 BEFX0,00000000 BTC
ZMY-XQR17,62000000 XQR7,28 ZMY0,00000059 BTC
XMR-XQR170 002,00000000 XQR0,00 XMR0,00520471 BTC
TRBO-XQR0,10000000 XQR1 307,90 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
BOB-ETH0,00001070 ETH11,22 BOB0,00000035 BTC
RIPPED-XQR0,48800000 XQR250,00 RIPPED0,00000001 BTC
KFX-XQR3,00000000 XQR37,00 KFX0,00000010 BTC
0XBTC-ETH0,00030000 ETH0,37 0XBTC0,00000988 BTC
LCC-ETH0,00002495 ETH4,41 LCC0,00000082 BTC
FUN-ETH0,00007980 ETH1,38 FUN0,00000263 BTC
SALT-ETH0,00029400 ETH0,37 SALT0,00000968 BTC
SHIFT-ETH0,00089400 ETH0,12 SHIFT0,00002943 BTC
REW-XQR100,00000000 XQR1,02 REW0,00000332 BTC
OTO-USDC0,28855000 USDC0,12 OTO0,00002659 BTC
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0XBTC-XQR1 000,00000000 XQR0,10 0XBTC0,00003062 BTC
VBIT-XQR50,00000000 XQR2,00 VBIT0,00000153 BTC
ETH-BCH1,50000000 BCH0,00 ETH0,03075000 BTC
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XQR-TUSD0,00031500 TUSD20,95 XQR0,00000003 BTC
XFG-XQR8,00000000 XQR2,00 XFG0,00000027 BTC
PAX-TUSD1,01800000 TUSD0,00 PAX0,00013221 BTC
FTC-XQR15,00000000 XQR0,85 FTC0,00000050 BTC
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STEEM-USDT0,16500000 USDT0,02 STEEM0,00001518 BTC
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BLOCK-XQR3 333,00000000 XQR0,00 BLOCK0,00010482 BTC
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DUO-USDT0,22960000 USDT0,01 DUO0,00002113 BTC
GZRO-BTC0,00000000 BTC323,97 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
XCASH-USDT0,00001100 USDT244,37 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
OTO-USDT0,28718000 USDT0,01 OTO0,00002647 BTC
ZEN-USDT4,99999995 USDT0,00 ZEN0,00045939 BTC
ATT-USDT0,01250000 USDT0,20 ATT0,00000115 BTC
RDD-USDT0,00095000 USDT2,44 RDD0,00000009 BTC
EOS-XQR22 221,00000000 XQR0,00 EOS0,00068031 BTC
MMO-USDT0,00132000 USDT1,64 MMO0,00000012 BTC
XVG-USDT0,00540000 USDT0,37 XVG0,00000050 BTC
EOS-USDT3,98500000 USDT0,00 EOS0,00036765 BTC
TKTS-LTC0,00000001 LTC7 988,00 TKTS0,00000000 BTC
TUSC-USDT0,00001100 USDT124,67 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
BTG-USDT5,00300000 USDT0,00 BTG0,00046043 BTC
ECA-XQR0,50000000 XQR2,39 ECA0,00000002 BTC
MINT-XQR0,15200000 XQR6,20 MINT0,00000000 BTC
ZEN-XQR7 007,00000000 XQR0,00 ZEN0,00021381 BTC
XQR-USDC0,00037950 USDC0,53 XQR0,00000003 BTC
GZRO-DOGE0,00190000 DOGE30,69 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
HONK-DOGE0,00012600 DOGE129,61 HONK0,00000000 BTC
DOGE-TUSD0,00254000 TUSD0,01 DOGE0,00000033 BTC
HONK-XQR0,00086715 XQR112,50 HONK0,00000000 BTC
DUO-DOGE59,38840000 DOGE0,00 DUO0,00001500 BTC
SINS-DOGE5,59000000 DOGE0,00 SINS0,00000142 BTC
ASAFE-DOGE3,16200000 DOGE0,00 ASAFE0,00000080 BTC
MANA-DOGE7,80300000 DOGE0,00 MANA0,00000193 BTC
TUSC-DOGE0,00500600 DOGE0,59 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
GLC-DOGE2,49100000 DOGE0,00 GLC0,00000063 BTC
DNA-DOGE4,46500000 DOGE0,00 DNA0,00000113 BTC
ELET-DOGE2,01700000 DOGE0,00 ELET0,00000051 BTC
NBR-DOGE0,03700000 DOGE0,06 NBR0,00000001 BTC
FUN-DOGE0,91500000 DOGE0,00 FUN0,00000023 BTC
HTML-DOGE0,02420000 DOGE0,09 HTML0,00000001 BTC
MITH-DOGE17,68300000 DOGE0,00 MITH0,00000442 BTC
BCN-DOGE0,05300000 DOGE0,03 BCN0,00000001 BTC
QPSN-XQR0,30200000 XQR0,04 QPSN0,00000001 BTC
AFRO-XQR0,01100109 XQR0,06 AFRO0,00000000 BTC
XCASH-XQR0,09200000 XQR0,01 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
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