Криптовалютная биржа Altilly


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Altilly is a multi-crypto currency exchange based on Hong Kong. Their trade engine is developed using top-level programming languages and cutting-edge technologies to provide a fast and reliable real-time interface. Altilly features 2FA Authentication to keep users information and crypto tokens safe. Withdrawal fees are based on actual costs to send transactions on the network. To create an account, users only need to provide minimal details, such as email, name, and username. All accounts start with no pre-set limits.
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Типы активов

Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены

Информация о комиссиях

Maker Fee: 0.00% + 0.01% Bonus
Taker Fee: 0.12%

Вывод средств

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal fees are based on actual costs to send transactions on the network. We adjust these fees from time to time depending on average network fee

Варианты депозита


Altilly (altilly) China C

Веб-сайт Altilly: https://www.altilly.com  

Социальный сети и другие источники Altilly altillycom      https://www.reddit.com/r/altilly/    https://t.me/altilly    

Торговля на Altilly

Торговая параСтоимостьТорги, 24ч.Стоимость в BTC
HNC-BTC0,00003062 BTC674 540,08 HNC0,00003062 BTC
AOG-BTC0,00000485 BTC601 533,58 AOG0,00000485 BTC
XNC-USDT0,70954347 USDT98 436,60 XNC0,00002907 BTC
BTC-USDT23 958,40000000 USDT2,82 BTC0,98192055 BTC
DOGE-BTC0,00000019 BTC10 372 811,35 DOGE0,00000019 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00499290 BTC281,17 LTC0,00499290 BTC
ETH-BTC0,02680000 BTC47,29 ETH0,02680000 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00400500 BTC238,43 DASH0,00400500 BTC
GLC-BTC0,00000059 BTC1 535 474,40 GLC0,00000059 BTC
XNC-BTC0,00003166 BTC27 102,66 XNC0,00003166 BTC
EGEM-BTC0,00000089 BTC599 045,65 EGEM0,00000089 BTC
BTLLR-BTC0,00000191 BTC268 153,17 BTLLR0,00000191 BTC
VBIT-LTC0,00014840 LTC657 761,83 VBIT0,00000074 BTC
AOG-USDT0,11110800 USDT105 615,43 AOG0,00000456 BTC
SFD-BTC0,00066500 BTC518,20 SFD0,00066500 BTC
PIRATE-ETH0,00007919 ETH154 314,88 PIRATE0,00000200 BTC
LITB-BTC0,00000064 BTC458 207,54 LITB0,00000064 BTC
YCE-BTC0,00000008 BTC3 394 415,53 YCE0,00000008 BTC
PIRATE-USDT0,04823000 USDT122 320,51 PIRATE0,00000198 BTC
OTO-USDT0,32565000 USDT17 600,64 OTO0,00001339 BTC
MOTA-BTC0,00000033 BTC676 976,09 MOTA0,00000033 BTC
AOG-DOGE25,52031000 DOGE41 301,60 AOG0,00000469 BTC
ILC-BTC0,00000044 BTC432 684,00 ILC0,00000044 BTC
OTO-USDC0,32565000 USDC12 376,60 OTO0,00001339 BTC
PLAT-BTC0,00000042 BTC364 137,21 PLAT0,00000042 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000117 BTC130 249,87 TRX0,00000117 BTC
DASH-USDT100,17030000 USDT34,73 DASH0,00410542 BTC
BLOCK-BTC0,00006690 BTC1 934,66 BLOCK0,00006690 BTC
LTC-USDT120,50000000 USDT25,63 LTC0,00493768 BTC
DCL-BTC0,00000089 BTC136 187,48 DCL0,00000089 BTC
DEON-BTC0,00000024 BTC467 733,14 DEON0,00000024 BTC
ETH-USDT615,00100000 USDT3,79 ETH0,02520544 BTC
ETC-USDT5,41867000 USDT406,93 ETC0,00022208 BTC
HNC-USDT0,76073000 USDT2 535,37 HNC0,00003117 BTC
TICO-DOGE1,74672900 DOGE246 701,06 TICO0,00000032 BTC
PYRK-BTC0,00000091 BTC81 645,76 PYRK0,00000091 BTC
XMR-BTC0,00662600 BTC10,75 XMR0,00662600 BTC
VBIT-BTC0,00000038 BTC183 546,38 VBIT0,00000038 BTC
1MT-USDT0,18777000 USDT8 167,23 1MT0,00000770 BTC
AOG-ETH0,00016070 ETH14 574,69 AOG0,00000406 BTC
300-BTC0,01600000 BTC3,64 3000,01600000 BTC
300-ETH0,65000000 ETH3,53 3000,01660100 BTC
ZCR-USDT3,97000000 USDT342,65 ZCR0,00016240 BTC
UNO-BTC0,00273620 BTC19,83 UNO0,00273620 BTC
42-BTC3,10500000 BTC0,02 423,10500000 BTC
VBIT-ETH0,00001660 ETH123 952,15 VBIT0,00000042 BTC
WDP-USDT40,00000000 USDT30,85 WDP0,00163938 BTC
MOTA-USDT0,00846300 USDT133 873,16 MOTA0,00000035 BTC
MRX-BTC0,00000001 BTC5 056 831,00 MRX0,00000001 BTC
DCL-USDT0,02700300 USDT39 085,00 DCL0,00000110 BTC
XRP-USDT0,33200000 USDT3 088,50 XRP0,00001358 BTC
MMO-ETH0,00000237 ETH675 108,05 MMO0,00000006 BTC
SANC-ETH0,00000003 ETH52 345 796,66 SANC0,00000000 BTC
TICO-ETH0,00000950 ETH138 926,24 TICO0,00000024 BTC
TRX-USDT0,02843010 USDT27 471,93 TRX0,00000116 BTC
LUNES-BTC0,00000017 BTC174 111,94 LUNES0,00000017 BTC
GLC-DOGE3,24900000 DOGE46 238,02 GLC0,00000060 BTC
UNO-USDT65,64702112 USDT9,95 UNO0,00268999 BTC
DOGE-USDT0,00450000 USDT135 761,62 DOGE0,00000018 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00001330 BTC1 739,90 XRP0,00001330 BTC
NMC-BTC0,00001460 BTC1 531,32 NMC0,00001460 BTC
EUNO-USDT0,00580000 USDT93 594,51 EUNO0,00000024 BTC
VTX-USDT0,00030400 USDT1 782 177,03 VTX0,00000001 BTC
1MT-ETH0,00024860 ETH3 244,22 1MT0,00000628 BTC
SUGAR-DOGE0,68630000 DOGE156 688,12 SUGAR0,00000013 BTC
VBIT-USDT0,00600000 USDT71 286,90 VBIT0,00000025 BTC
EMDC-USDT0,01279999 USDT33 278,06 EMDC0,00000052 BTC
PYRK-USDT0,02168000 USDT18 741,37 PYRK0,00000089 BTC
EPC-USDT0,00500383 USDT80 967,29 EPC0,00000021 BTC
SPOT-ETH0,00003180 ETH20 429,81 SPOT0,00000080 BTC
777-BTC0,00000225 BTC6 836,96 7770,00000225 BTC
PLAT-LTC0,00007810 LTC39 409,48 PLAT0,00000039 BTC
XMR-USDT156,20330000 USDT2,39 XMR0,00639016 BTC
ARRR-BTC0,00000810 BTC1 901,64 ARRR0,00000810 BTC
ZEC-USDT64,01900000 USDT5,69 ZEC0,00262378 BTC
DOGE-ETH0,00000727 ETH79 385,73 DOGE0,00000018 BTC
DIME-DOGE0,00031100 DOGE236 033 530,23 DIME0,00000000 BTC
VTX-ETH0,00000050 ETH1 021 623,45 VTX0,00000001 BTC
AEON-BTC0,00001219 BTC1 077,12 AEON0,00001219 BTC
NINJA-DOGE0,05900000 DOGE1 139 267,13 NINJA0,00000001 BTC
BDCASH-BTC0,00000185 BTC6 594,36 BDCASH0,00000185 BTC
SCN-BTC0,00000012 BTC95 288,06 SCN0,00000012 BTC
BCH-USDT312,20560000 USDT0,85 BCH0,01279556 BTC
SUGAR-BTC0,00000012 BTC90 880,51 SUGAR0,00000012 BTC
UCR-BTC0,00000100 BTC10 714,95 UCR0,00000100 BTC
CPU-BTC0,00000010 BTC102 396,25 CPU0,00000010 BTC
MOON-USDT0,00000470 USDT51 589 857,59 MOON0,00000000 BTC
FREE-DOGE0,00002580 DOGE1 992 580 378,67 FREE0,00000000 BTC
DEON-DOGE1,30000000 DOGE40 605,26 DEON0,00000024 BTC
HTML-BTC0,00000000 BTC4 327 645,52 HTML0,00000000 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00251000 BTC3,79 ZEC0,00251000 BTC
ETHO-BTC0,00000048 BTC19 048,86 ETHO0,00000048 BTC
GLC-ETH0,00002100 ETH17 117,63 GLC0,00000053 BTC
ALIAS-BTC0,00000341 BTC2 607,07 ALIAS0,00000341 BTC
VBIT-DOGE2,43000000 DOGE21 424,88 VBIT0,00000041 BTC
PNY-BTC0,00000103 BTC8 090,52 PNY0,00000103 BTC
XQR-USDT0,00024640 USDT777 507,00 XQR0,00000001 BTC
MOON-BTC0,00000000 BTC25 986 476,00 MOON0,00000000 BTC
MAID-BTC0,00001322 BTC585,31 MAID0,00001322 BTC
DUO-BTC0,00001340 BTC578,73 DUO0,00001340 BTC
FED-DOGE0,00079000 DOGE52 617 604,86 FED0,00000000 BTC
FED-ETH0,00000001 ETH50 380 958,57 FED0,00000000 BTC
BTCZ-BTC0,00000000 BTC2 017 364,00 BTCZ0,00000000 BTC
WRKZ-DOGE0,00003870 DOGE1 005 576 979,77 WRKZ0,00000000 BTC
PLAT-USDT0,00878800 USDT19 307,23 PLAT0,00000036 BTC
SUGAR-USDT0,00286000 USDT58 487,69 SUGAR0,00000012 BTC
SPOT-BTC0,00000089 BTC7 573,29 SPOT0,00000089 BTC
DMS-BTC0,00000127 BTC5 351,41 DMS0,00000127 BTC
XQR-LTC0,00000221 LTC600 468,05 XQR0,00000001 BTC
NINJA-BTC0,00000001 BTC526 227,29 NINJA0,00000001 BTC
ZOC-BTC0,00000022 BTC22 902,29 ZOC0,00000022 BTC
XQR-ETH0,00000041 ETH476 723,67 XQR0,00000001 BTC
BAN-BTC0,00000005 BTC96 568,35 BAN0,00000005 BTC
NINJA-USDT0,00027300 USDT414 097,34 NINJA0,00000001 BTC
AXE-BTC0,00000310 BTC1 492,80 AXE0,00000310 BTC
HTH-DOGE0,00185010 DOGE13 432 888,57 HTH0,00000000 BTC
DAPS-ETH0,00000004 ETH4 603 142,92 DAPS0,00000000 BTC
BSV-USDT163,97010000 USDT0,64 BSV0,00671893 BTC
HOMI-ETH0,00506942 ETH31,79 HOMI0,00012815 BTC
BMT-BTC0,00064569 BTC6,27 BMT0,00064569 BTC
300-USDT400,00000000 USDT0,25 3000,01636370 BTC
RPD-BTC0,00000000 BTC1 322 513,30 RPD0,00000000 BTC
GBX-BTC0,00000097 BTC4 079,09 GBX0,00000097 BTC
XVG-BTC0,00000024 BTC16 517,01 XVG0,00000024 BTC
DAPS-BTC0,00000000 BTC4 745 768,00 DAPS0,00000000 BTC
CRC-USDT0,00004100 USDT2 180 321,25 CRC0,00000000 BTC
AUR-BTC0,00000223 BTC1 574,52 AUR0,00000223 BTC
DOGE-LTC0,00003940 LTC16 712,43 DOGE0,00000020 BTC
BULL-BTC0,00004111 BTC74,25 BULL0,00004111 BTC
FREE-USDT0,00000013 USDT558 028 513,62 FREE0,00000000 BTC
ARRR-ETH0,00025800 ETH461,20 ARRR0,00000661 BTC
BYND-DOGE0,30000000 DOGE52 903,15 BYND0,00000006 BTC
APL-BTC0,00000003 BTC94 782,76 APL0,00000003 BTC
UNO-ETH0,10500000 ETH1,00 UNO0,00269640 BTC
AKN-BTC0,00002500 BTC100,00 AKN0,00002500 BTC
SANC-USDT0,00003350 USDT1 580 000,00 SANC0,00000000 BTC
XQR-BTC0,00000001 BTC194 085,37 XQR0,00000001 BTC
EFL-BTC0,00000605 BTC342,99 EFL0,00000605 BTC
BTC-USDC24 300,00000000 USDC0,00 BTC0,98654963 BTC
D-BTC0,00000800 BTC258,59 D0,00000800 BTC
ACPT-USDT0,00018300 USDT262 198,10 ACPT0,00000001 BTC
PXC-BTC0,00000026 BTC7 520,18 PXC0,00000026 BTC
BTS-BTC0,00000169 BTC1 150,00 BTS0,00000169 BTC
LOP-USDT0,00000990 USDT4 617 184,76 LOP0,00000000 BTC
XKR-BTC0,00000001 BTC183 718,01 XKR0,00000001 BTC
HTH-ETH0,00000002 ETH4 236 244,94 HTH0,00000000 BTC
NEWS-USDT0,13663177 USDT323,37 NEWS0,00000560 BTC
DPC-USDT0,00163166 USDT27 055,48 DPC0,00000007 BTC
PND-ETH0,00000003 ETH2 048 620,00 PND0,00000000 BTC
HONK-BCH0,00000000 BCH90 396 354,00 HONK0,00000000 BTC
PND-BTC0,00000000 BTC1 840 813,00 PND0,00000000 BTC
ATT-BTC0,00000076 BTC2 165,69 ATT0,00000076 BTC
SHIFT-BTC0,00000700 BTC231,17 SHIFT0,00000700 BTC
ATT-USDT0,01030000 USDT3 530,92 ATT0,00000043 BTC
MINT-BTC0,00000001 BTC187 640,00 MINT0,00000001 BTC
VTC-BTC0,00000910 BTC164,10 VTC0,00000910 BTC
OMG-BTC0,00014000 BTC10,52 OMG0,00014000 BTC
ZEN-BTC0,00017307 BTC8,25 ZEN0,00017307 BTC
PWC-BTC0,00000051 BTC2 724,07 PWC0,00000051 BTC
PXC-USDT0,00717240 USDT4 385,98 PXC0,00000029 BTC
WRLD-ETH0,00000000 ETH18 372 719,00 WRLD0,00000000 BTC
XQR-DOGE0,05600000 DOGE116 379,57 XQR0,00000001 BTC
GET-BTC0,00001100 BTC103,87 GET0,00001100 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00004105 ETH1 084,00 TRX0,00000104 BTC
BRTR-USDT0,01500000 USDT1 816,60 BRTR0,00000061 BTC
ETH-BCH1,72500000 BCH0,03 ETH0,03444400 BTC
X42-BTC0,00000060 BTC1 791,96 X420,00000060 BTC
RVN-BTC0,00000057 BTC1 866,47 RVN0,00000057 BTC
PYRK-DOGE4,00200000 DOGE1 364,40 PYRK0,00000073 BTC
ZOC-USDT0,00515200 USDT4 602,76 ZOC0,00000021 BTC
DIVI-BTC0,00000150 BTC616,15 DIVI0,00000150 BTC
WAVES-BTC0,00021100 BTC4,25 WAVES0,00021100 BTC
QNC-LTC0,00001100 LTC16 204,18 QNC0,00000006 BTC
LUNES-DOGE2,89999400 DOGE1 687,82 LUNES0,00000050 BTC
AKN-USDT0,11900000 USDT167,69 AKN0,00000492 BTC
PPC-USDT0,35000000 USDT56,54 PPC0,00001452 BTC
WRKZ-USDT0,00000017 USDT113 832 176,03 WRKZ0,00000000 BTC
BTG-USDT19,99800000 USDT0,94 BTG0,00084999 BTC
PEPS-LTC0,00002502 LTC6 360,01 PEPS0,00000012 BTC
FDR-BTC0,00000235 BTC319,89 FDR0,00000235 BTC
SVI-USDT0,00002301 USDT790 199,42 SVI0,00000000 BTC
FRED-USDT0,00011589 USDT155 243,38 FRED0,00000000 BTC
ASAFE-BTC0,00000099 BTC742,16 ASAFE0,00000099 BTC
MODIC-BTC0,00003580 BTC17,00 MODIC0,00003580 BTC
SEND-BTC0,00000050 BTC1 219,01 SEND0,00000050 BTC
LTC-USDC120,00000000 USDC0,11 LTC0,00490627 BTC
XLM-BTC0,00000553 BTC100,00 XLM0,00000553 BTC
PPC-BTC0,00001440 BTC36,20 PPC0,00001440 BTC
MMO-BTC0,00000006 BTC8 599,00 MMO0,00000006 BTC
DPC-BTC0,00000007 BTC6 969,84 DPC0,00000007 BTC
ASAFE-LTC0,00020000 LTC475,87 ASAFE0,00000100 BTC
XSN-BTC0,00000570 BTC83,43 XSN0,00000570 BTC
MOON-DOGE0,00167000 DOGE1 488 612,73 MOON0,00000000 BTC
BCH-USDC369,95000000 USDC0,03 BCH0,01559094 BTC
ETH-USDC602,11000000 USDC0,02 ETH0,02562279 BTC
XFG-USDT0,00600000 USDT1 780,33 XFG0,00000025 BTC
BCH-BTC0,01220000 BTC0,04 BCH0,01220000 BTC
OWN-USDT0,00005419 USDT195 478,70 OWN0,00000000 BTC
SPACE-BTC0,00000002 BTC21 806,73 SPACE0,00000002 BTC
GAU-BTC0,00000003 BTC13 706,51 GAU0,00000003 BTC
LYNX-BTC0,00000000 BTC251 225,00 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
BEAM-BTC0,00001121 BTC36,27 BEAM0,00001121 BTC
ASAFE-DOGE8,38800000 DOGE264,31 ASAFE0,00000150 BTC
GET-USDT0,23700000 USDT40,14 GET0,00000968 BTC
CLO-BTC0,00000009 BTC4 488,00 CLO0,00000009 BTC
NMP-ETH0,00001450 ETH1 000,00 NMP0,00000040 BTC
SWAMP-BTC0,00000001 BTC30 000,00 SWAMP0,00000001 BTC
TICO-BTC0,00000029 BTC1 239,47 TICO0,00000029 BTC
APIS-USDT0,00031100 USDT27 829,14 APIS0,00000001 BTC
TRBO-ETH0,00000003 ETH488 375,54 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
USDC-USDT1,00000000 USDT8,60 USDC0,00004086 BTC
DIME-BTC0,00000000 BTC3 383 000,00 DIME0,00000000 BTC
GFNC-USDT0,00000029 USDT27 799 578,07 GFNC0,00000000 BTC
COLX-BTC0,00000001 BTC35 972,67 COLX0,00000001 BTC
0XBTC-BTC0,00001880 BTC17,92 0XBTC0,00001880 BTC
XDNA-BTC0,00000000 BTC241 591,22 XDNA0,00000000 BTC
DEON-ETH0,00005100 ETH254,60 DEON0,00000128 BTC
BTG-BTC0,00036000 BTC0,88 BTG0,00036000 BTC
PWC-DOGE2,60000000 DOGE706,96 PWC0,00000045 BTC
BIND-BTC0,00000055 BTC560,00 BIND0,00000055 BTC
MUE-BTC0,00000031 BTC940,64 MUE0,00000031 BTC
LCC-ETH0,00000790 ETH1 400,00 LCC0,00000020 BTC
ETH-PAX477,00000000 PAX0,01 ETH0,02580000 BTC
ULG-BTC0,00000006 BTC4 635,00 ULG0,00000006 BTC
LNO-BTC0,00000043 BTC583,10 LNO0,00000043 BTC
WAVES-USDT6,00000000 USDT0,96 WAVES0,00025842 BTC
VTC-ETH0,00006000 ETH164,10 VTC0,00000150 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00010900 BTC2,15 EOS0,00010900 BTC
DGB-BTC0,00000088 BTC256,87 DGB0,00000088 BTC
SVI-DOGE0,00649700 DOGE192 159,25 SVI0,00000000 BTC
PYRK-LTC0,00012120 LTC355,54 PYRK0,00000061 BTC
GHD-USDT0,00021000 USDT24 679,83 GHD0,00000001 BTC
ZYON-BTC0,00000011 BTC2 000,00 ZYON0,00000011 BTC
EFL-ETH0,00018900 ETH42,56 EFL0,00000508 BTC
CRFI-ETH6,00190000 ETH0,00 CRFI0,15214817 BTC
REW-BTC0,00000375 BTC53,23 REW0,00000375 BTC
XVG-LTC0,00009000 LTC441,11 XVG0,00000044 BTC
HTH-BTC0,00000000 BTC464 226,00 HTH0,00000000 BTC
LTC-ETH0,19500000 ETH0,04 LTC0,00496665 BTC
XDNA-USDT0,00005167 USDT84 141,36 XDNA0,00000000 BTC
EGC-BTC0,00000066 BTC267,00 EGC0,00000066 BTC
EMD-ETH0,00001990 ETH342,97 EMD0,00000050 BTC
MRX-ETH0,00000034 ETH19 297,16 MRX0,00000001 BTC
VGC-USDT0,00021700 USDT18 266,81 VGC0,00000001 BTC
UCR-ETH0,00003700 ETH163,29 UCR0,00000105 BTC
ETH-TUSD776,00000000 TUSD0,01 ETH0,03050561 BTC
MANA-BTC0,00000430 BTC36,34 MANA0,00000430 BTC
ZER-BTC0,00000500 BTC30,00 ZER0,00000500 BTC
GHD-DOGE0,03182900 DOGE26 039,43 GHD0,00000001 BTC
BCN-BTC0,00000001 BTC23 583,00 BCN0,00000001 BTC
GZRO-BTC0,00000000 BTC353 822,00 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
CRFI-BTC0,15000000 BTC0,00 CRFI0,15000000 BTC
GFNC-DOGE0,00010000 DOGE7 096 116,00 GFNC0,00000000 BTC
SCC-BTC0,00001900 BTC7,26 SCC0,00001900 BTC
SCC-ETH0,00040400 ETH11,96 SCC0,00001118 BTC
DOGE-TUSD0,00376000 TUSD554,43 DOGE0,00000025 BTC
ECA-ETH0,00000001 ETH512 481,88 ECA0,00000000 BTC
HIVE-USDT0,11892000 USDT25,64 HIVE0,00000498 BTC
LYNX-LTC0,00000034 LTC72 044,87 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
TUSD-USDT0,71700000 USDT4,15 TUSD0,00002943 BTC
PAC-BTC0,00000003 BTC4 000,00 PAC0,00000003 BTC
BCN-DOGE0,03200000 DOGE20 339,29 BCN0,00000001 BTC
1UP-ETH0,00000500 ETH918,00 1UP0,00000013 BTC
XVG-USDT0,00380000 USDT729,00 XVG0,00000016 BTC
TUSC-BTC0,00000000 BTC100 000,00 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
PAX-USDT0,96300000 USDT2,71 PAX0,00003955 BTC
AUR-ETH0,00007000 ETH60,58 AUR0,00000181 BTC
RPI-USDT0,00000800 USDT311 825,48 RPI0,00000000 BTC
COLX-ETH0,00000035 ETH11 440,37 COLX0,00000001 BTC
CPU-USDT0,00200000 USDT1 242,30 CPU0,00000008 BTC
BCD-BTC0,00001940 BTC5,46 BCD0,00001940 BTC
FTC-BTC0,00000052 BTC193,29 FTC0,00000052 BTC
BTC-TUSD21 125,29000000 TUSD0,00 BTC1,00000000 BTC
MON-BTC0,00000150 BTC67,00 MON0,00000150 BTC
MERI-BTC0,00000150 BTC66,53 MERI0,00000150 BTC
NMC-ETH0,00071000 ETH5,00 NMC0,00001857 BTC
SINS-DOGE1,01000000 DOGE465,00 SINS0,00000020 BTC
1UP-BTC0,00000014 BTC630,00 1UP0,00000014 BTC
EGG-BTC0,00000017 BTC523,81 EGG0,00000017 BTC
LITB-DOGE3,30000000 DOGE143,28 LITB0,00000060 BTC
DGB-ETH0,00002090 ETH164,50 DGB0,00000054 BTC
MMO-LTC0,00001770 LTC1 000,00 MMO0,00000009 BTC
DGB-LTC0,00013400 LTC147,39 DGB0,00000060 BTC
BEAM-ETH0,00041312 ETH8,45 BEAM0,00001046 BTC
BTCT-ETH0,00000900 ETH362,63 BTCT0,00000024 BTC
ALIAS-ETH0,00003000 ETH109,07 ALIAS0,00000077 BTC
METM-ETH0,00000100 ETH3 246,96 METM0,00000003 BTC
NIRX-ETH0,00000111 ETH2 845,10 NIRX0,00000003 BTC
SHARD-BTC0,00000072 BTC120,00 SHARD0,00000072 BTC
GLT-BTC0,00000002 BTC5 058,53 GLT0,00000002 BTC
FRED-BTC0,00000001 BTC10 000,00 FRED0,00000001 BTC
DIME-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 314 735,00 DIME0,00000000 BTC
VGC-ETH0,00000030 ETH10 068,00 VGC0,00000001 BTC
EGEM-USDT0,02298400 USDT80,22 EGEM0,00000095 BTC
FDR-ETH0,00015000 ETH20,00 FDR0,00000387 BTC
VET-ETH0,00002500 ETH110,69 VET0,00000064 BTC
MITH-DOGE1,48500000 DOGE245,23 MITH0,00000028 BTC
MNG-DOGE0,00093000 DOGE399 667,17 MNG0,00000000 BTC
XRD-LTC0,00000650 LTC2 399,43 XRD0,00000003 BTC
ZOC-DOGE1,05360000 DOGE332,55 ZOC0,00000019 BTC
BTC-PAX20 400,05000000 PAX0,00 BTC0,66161374 BTC
OFT-ETH0,00210100 ETH1,20 OFT0,00005421 BTC
SMART-ETH0,00000360 ETH716,60 SMART0,00000009 BTC
SFR-BTC0,00000001 BTC6 012,96 SFR0,00000001 BTC
ZMY-BTC0,00000015 BTC400,00 ZMY0,00000015 BTC
BID-BTC0,00000070 BTC83,60 BID0,00000070 BTC
LUNES-ETH0,00000650 ETH349,51 LUNES0,00000017 BTC
ADA-BTC0,00001499 BTC4,00 ADA0,00001499 BTC
METM-LTC0,00000300 LTC3 953,70 METM0,00000001 BTC
CRM-BTC0,00000002 BTC2 500,00 CRM0,00000002 BTC
CLO-ETH0,00000144 ETH1 541,54 CLO0,00000004 BTC
DUO-LTC0,00452000 LTC2,47 DUO0,00002255 BTC
ZCR-BTC0,00000291 BTC18,69 ZCR0,00000291 BTC
TUSC-ETH0,00000002 ETH109 350,00 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
XLM-USDT0,21000000 USDT6,25 XLM0,00000861 BTC
HIVE-ETH0,00060000 ETH3,54 HIVE0,00001549 BTC
SPKL-BTC0,00000001 BTC5 554,00 SPKL0,00000001 BTC
SATX-ETH0,00000143 ETH1 500,00 SATX0,00000004 BTC
APIS-BTC0,00000002 BTC2 400,00 APIS0,00000002 BTC
XBC-BTC0,00024676 BTC0,20 XBC0,00024676 BTC
XCASH-ETH0,00000004 ETH51 267,67 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
VET-BTC0,00000078 BTC57,00 VET0,00000078 BTC
UCR-USDT0,02300000 USDT46,04 UCR0,00000096 BTC
EUNO-BTC0,00000005 BTC882,53 EUNO0,00000005 BTC
RISE-ETH0,00008000 ETH19,63 RISE0,00000226 BTC
MAID-USDT0,32000000 USDT3,14 MAID0,00001311 BTC
777-USDT0,10000000 USDT10,00 7770,00000427 BTC
ETHPLO-ETH0,00000140 ETH1 157,67 ETHPLO0,00000004 BTC
MNG-BTC0,00000000 BTC200 000,00 MNG0,00000000 BTC
CRC-BTC0,00000001 BTC4 002,00 CRC0,00000001 BTC
NBR-DOGE0,02600000 DOGE8 323,55 NBR0,00000000 BTC
AIRX-LTC0,00000033 LTC25 839,41 AIRX0,00000000 BTC
LNO-ETH0,00000990 ETH150,98 LNO0,00000026 BTC
FARM-LTC0,00000087 LTC9 916,19 FARM0,00000000 BTC
MCPC-BTC0,00000008 BTC489,46 MCPC0,00000008 BTC
NOR-BTC0,00000020 BTC200,00 NOR0,00000020 BTC
PTE-ETH0,01843000 ETH0,08 PTE0,00046130 BTC
DMS-DOGE7,80000000 DOGE26,90 DMS0,00000143 BTC
ROCK-DOGE0,00012370 DOGE1 577 060,51 ROCK0,00000000 BTC
BRAVO-BTC0,00000003 BTC1 238,00 BRAVO0,00000003 BTC
VET-BCH0,00009000 BCH30,00 VET0,00000122 BTC
ENJ-ETH0,00013000 ETH10,47 ENJ0,00000339 BTC
XFG-ETH0,00001000 ETH136,42 XFG0,00000026 BTC
NBR-ETH0,00000020 ETH6 737,28 NBR0,00000001 BTC
BEFX-USDT0,00002980 USDT26 679,00 BEFX0,00000000 BTC
PSK-BTC0,00000033 BTC100,00 PSK0,00000033 BTC
QPSN-BTC0,00000000 BTC10 888,18 QPSN0,00000000 BTC
LNO-USDT0,01890000 USDT40,20 LNO0,00000081 BTC
AAVE-USDT40,00000000 USDT0,02 AAVE0,00169140 BTC
ARRR-USDT0,24500000 USDT3,06 ARRR0,00001035 BTC
RAGNA-USDT0,01497000 USDT50,00 RAGNA0,00000064 BTC
STEEM-BTC0,00000600 BTC5,00 STEEM0,00000600 BTC
PAX-USDC0,76000000 USDC0,94 PAX0,00003243 BTC
ENTRC-BTC0,00000040 BTC75,74 ENTRC0,00000040 BTC
APL-ETH0,00000467 ETH230,00 APL0,00000012 BTC
PEPS-BTC0,00000013 BTC212,87 PEPS0,00000013 BTC
LXAG-BTC0,00001570 BTC1,75 LXAG0,00001570 BTC
XST-BTC0,00000043 BTC63,00 XST0,00000043 BTC
GOLD-USDT1,99999000 USDT0,31 GOLD0,00008280 BTC
LOP-BTC0,00000000 BTC86 808,00 LOP0,00000000 BTC
GLT-LTC0,00000970 LTC546,93 GLT0,00000005 BTC
MOON-ETH0,00000001 ETH130 026,00 MOON0,00000000 BTC
BPL-ETH0,00000450 ETH200,00 BPL0,00000012 BTC
METM-BTC0,00000002 BTC1 219,00 METM0,00000002 BTC
BTCMZ-DOGE0,00000453 DOGE28 722 031,00 BTCMZ0,00000000 BTC
BARE-BTC0,00000070 BTC32,00 BARE0,00000070 BTC
REW-ETH0,00020000 ETH4,10 REW0,00000551 BTC
MITH-ETH0,00000800 ETH100,00 MITH0,00000023 BTC
XRD-BTC0,00000002 BTC1 100,00 XRD0,00000002 BTC
MINT-ETH0,00000023 ETH3 559,78 MINT0,00000001 BTC
FARM-DOGE0,06499900 DOGE1 739,98 FARM0,00000001 BTC
NEET-BTC0,00000067 BTC30,84 NEET0,00000067 BTC
AFRO-BTC0,00000000 BTC30 000,00 AFRO0,00000000 BTC
ONION-BTC0,00000400 BTC5,00 ONION0,00000400 BTC
HTML-ETH0,00000008 ETH9 621,00 HTML0,00000000 BTC
MONK-BTC0,00000044 BTC44,50 MONK0,00000044 BTC
SFR-USDT0,00024000 USDT1 975,07 SFR0,00000001 BTC
BLUR-BTC0,00000039 BTC52,00 BLUR0,00000039 BTC
KFX-BTC0,00049800 BTC0,04 KFX0,00049800 BTC
ANON-BTC0,00000011 BTC171,76 ANON0,00000011 BTC
DUO-DOGE121,00080000 DOGE0,84 DUO0,00002131 BTC
DUO-USDT0,58000000 USDT0,68 DUO0,00002373 BTC
XCASH-USDT0,00003110 USDT12 484,11 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
GOLF-BTC0,00000000 BTC33 300,00 GOLF0,00000000 BTC
LUNES-USDT0,00310100 USDT116,91 LUNES0,00000013 BTC
LCC-BTC0,00000010 BTC153,00 LCC0,00000010 BTC
SINS-BTC0,00000050 BTC29,14 SINS0,00000050 BTC
NPW-BTC0,00000044 BTC32,00 NPW0,00000044 BTC
TUSC-USDT0,00001100 USDT30 502,00 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
BULL-USDT1,00000000 USDT0,33 BULL0,00004258 BTC
HEX-ETH0,00000178 ETH300,44 HEX0,00000005 BTC
SMART-BTC0,00000017 BTC81,50 SMART0,00000017 BTC
SPKL-USDT0,00005900 USDT5 554,00 SPKL0,00000000 BTC
GOLD-BTC0,00001102 BTC1,20 GOLD0,00001102 BTC
ZEL-BTC0,00000086 BTC15,50 ZEL0,00000086 BTC
MNG-USDT0,00000330 USDT95 139,74 MNG0,00000000 BTC
MW-BTC0,00000034 BTC37,43 MW0,00000034 BTC
KICK-ETH0,00000005 ETH10 000,00 KICK0,00000000 BTC
AIRX-ETH0,00000006 ETH7 250,27 AIRX0,00000000 BTC
GALI-BTC0,00000004 BTC340,00 GALI0,00000004 BTC
GRLC-BTC0,00000015 BTC77,92 GRLC0,00000015 BTC
PTE-BTC0,00077000 BTC0,02 PTE0,00077000 BTC
SPICE-BTC0,00000007 BTC156,00 SPICE0,00000007 BTC
EPC-BTC0,00000034 BTC33,29 EPC0,00000034 BTC
FED-BTC0,00000000 BTC55 000,00 FED0,00000000 BTC
TZC-BTC0,00000009 BTC121,11 TZC0,00000009 BTC
VGC-BTC0,00000001 BTC832,00 VGC0,00000001 BTC
YCE-DOGE0,45000000 DOGE150,00 YCE0,00000007 BTC
MONA-ETH0,00340000 ETH0,12 MONA0,00008758 BTC
XMR-ETH0,20000000 ETH0,00 XMR0,00519000 BTC
RICK-BTC0,00000004 BTC280,05 RICK0,00000004 BTC
SWAMP-DOGE0,09000000 DOGE615,18 SWAMP0,00000002 BTC
HEX-BTC0,00000025 BTC40,00 HEX0,00000025 BTC
SPKL-ETH0,00000018 ETH2 002,39 SPKL0,00000000 BTC
XFG-BTC0,00000028 BTC35,00 XFG0,00000028 BTC
HAL-ETH0,00000160 ETH224,79 HAL0,00000004 BTC
YCE-ETH0,00000898 ETH40,00 YCE0,00000024 BTC
BTCT-USDT0,00490900 USDT41,36 BTCT0,00000020 BTC
TZC-ETH0,00000103 ETH291,00 TZC0,00000003 BTC
PSK-ETH0,00000930 ETH32,00 PSK0,00000024 BTC
BID-ETH0,00001877 ETH16,48 BID0,00000048 BTC
EGG-ETH0,00008900 ETH3,16 EGG0,00000243 BTC
BAN-ETH0,00000150 ETH195,19 BAN0,00000004 BTC
SOV-ETH0,00000050 ETH570,65 SOV0,00000001 BTC
RVN-USDT0,01700000 USDT10,02 RVN0,00000074 BTC
TKTS-DOGE0,00000336 DOGE16 780 266,24 TKTS0,00000000 BTC
NIRX-USDT0,00105990 USDT154,57 NIRX0,00000004 BTC
LXAG-USDT1,49000000 USDT0,10 LXAG0,00006324 BTC
NINJA-LTC0,00000113 LTC1 081,02 NINJA0,00000001 BTC
BNT-ETH0,01550000 ETH0,01 BNT0,00042982 BTC
YEC-BTC0,00000200 BTC2,55 YEC0,00000200 BTC
MOON-LTC0,00000008 LTC12 000,00 MOON0,00000000 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00430000 ETH0,04 EOS0,00011128 BTC
COLX-USDT0,00004620 USDT1 996,93 COLX0,00000000 BTC
MMO-USDT0,00145000 USDT63,32 MMO0,00000006 BTC
EOS-USDT3,48900000 USDT0,03 EOS0,00014349 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00023100 BTC0,02 ETC0,00023100 BTC
MON-USDT0,08499800 USDT1,03 MON0,00000358 BTC
KAIJU-ETH0,00000970 ETH14,11 KAIJU0,00000025 BTC
BEFX-ETH0,00000003 ETH4 425,48 BEFX0,00000000 BTC
FTC-ETH0,00000660 ETH20,11 FTC0,00000017 BTC
MW-USDT0,00301000 USDT25,17 MW0,00000013 BTC
DGB-USDT0,02105000 USDT3,17 DGB0,00000090 BTC
LTC-BCH0,43600000 BCH0,00 LTC0,00687490 BTC
FRED-DOGE0,01565000 DOGE1 082,76 FRED0,00000000 BTC
MUE-USDT0,02748800 USDT2,34 MUE0,00000115 BTC
HIVE-LTC0,00500000 LTC0,10 HIVE0,00002531 BTC
APL-USDT0,00419986 USDT13,48 APL0,00000018 BTC
WIZ-USDT1,09990000 USDT0,05 WIZ0,00004701 BTC
ENTRC-USDT0,01000000 USDT5,25 ENTRC0,00000041 BTC
ZEN-ETH0,00900024 ETH0,01 ZEN0,00023356 BTC
DOGE-BCH0,00001040 BCH9,60 DOGE0,00000021 BTC
RVN-ETH0,00002400 ETH3,18 RVN0,00000063 BTC
KFX-USDT4,50000000 USDT0,01 KFX0,00019083 BTC
X42-USDT0,00850000 USDT5,25 X420,00000035 BTC
SFR-ETH0,00000064 ETH108,14 SFR0,00000002 BTC
MANA-DOGE31,98900000 DOGE0,30 MANA0,00000594 BTC
UNI-ETH0,00640000 ETH0,01 UNI0,00017939 BTC
OFT-DOGE479,00000000 DOGE0,02 OFT0,00008571 BTC
IQ-USDT0,02000000 USDT1,99 IQ0,00000086 BTC
XLM-ETH0,00021002 ETH0,29 XLM0,00000584 BTC
BCH-PAX115,23000000 PAX0,00 BCH0,01577246 BTC
LTC-PAX69,50000000 PAX0,00 LTC0,00262351 BTC
WAVES-ETH0,00811000 ETH0,01 WAVES0,00021005 BTC
TZC-USDT0,00021100 USDT122,70 TZC0,00000001 BTC
WIZ-DOGE390,00000000 DOGE0,01 WIZ0,00007250 BTC
GHD-ETH0,00000185 ETH22,00 GHD0,00000005 BTC
ULG-ETH0,00001697 ETH2,29 ULG0,00000045 BTC
TKTS-LTC0,00000000 LTC2 384 000,00 TKTS0,00000000 BTC
ZYON-USDT0,00260000 USDT8,81 ZYON0,00000011 BTC
OFT-USDT1,89800000 USDT0,01 OFT0,00007842 BTC
AFRO-ETH0,00000000 ETH30 000,00 AFRO0,00000000 BTC
GRLC-USDT0,00326100 USDT6,76 GRLC0,00000014 BTC
TUSC-DOGE0,00171700 DOGE2 880,00 TUSC0,00000000 BTC
KFX-ETH0,00900000 ETH0,00 KFX0,00023031 BTC
PEPS-DOGE0,01500000 DOGE291,32 PEPS0,00000000 BTC
LOP-LTC0,00000009 LTC2 000,00 LOP0,00000000 BTC
XRP-LTC0,00320000 LTC0,05 XRP0,00001483 BTC
XSN-DOGE25,00700000 DOGE0,16 XSN0,00000459 BTC
ASWAP-ETH0,00000175 ETH15,00 ASWAP0,00000005 BTC
HTML-DOGE0,01090000 DOGE340,00 HTML0,00000000 BTC
ZEN-USDT14,19999999 USDT0,00 ZEN0,00060116 BTC
ELET-DOGE1,75700000 DOGE1,76 ELET0,00000032 BTC
LTC-TUSD100,00000000 TUSD0,00 LTC0,00534785 BTC
VGC-DOGE0,04216000 DOGE63,75 VGC0,00000001 BTC
DOGE-USDC0,00396000 USDC3,00 DOGE0,00000017 BTC
TRBO-DOGE0,00499000 DOGE490,12 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
MERI-ETH0,00002520 ETH0,70 MERI0,00000063 BTC
BNT-USDT0,70000000 USDT0,01 BNT0,00003059 BTC
EXMR-LTC0,01000000 LTC0,01 EXMR0,00004726 BTC
LCC-USDT0,00324198 USDT2,63 LCC0,00000014 BTC
HONK-DOGE0,00005200 DOGE34 700,00 HONK0,00000000 BTC
VGC-LTC0,00000170 LTC31,33 VGC0,00000001 BTC
XRD-ETH0,00000102 ETH10,00 XRD0,00000003 BTC
BDCASH-DOGE12,99480000 DOGE0,07 BDCASH0,00000232 BTC
GLT-DOGE0,18600000 DOGE4,00 GLT0,00000003 BTC
LYNX-USDT0,00004260 USDT74,00 LYNX0,00000000 BTC
STEEM-USDT0,03100000 USDT0,10 STEEM0,00000132 BTC
XCASH-LTC0,00000033 LTC85,00 XCASH0,00000000 BTC
NEWS-DOGE110,00000000 DOGE0,01 NEWS0,00002032 BTC
SCC-DOGE449,80000000 DOGE0,00 SCC0,00008248 BTC
MINT-LTC0,00000165 LTC12,80 MINT0,00000001 BTC
C2O-USDT0,25000000 USDT0,01 C2O0,00001071 BTC
PAX-TUSD0,70600000 TUSD0,00 PAX0,00003392 BTC
BTCZ-LTC0,00000099 LTC23,14 BTCZ0,00000000 BTC
DOGE-PAX0,00375000 PAX0,51 DOGE0,00000020 BTC
ULG-USDT0,00500000 USDT0,25 ULG0,00000020 BTC
DCN-ETH0,00000001 ETH200,00 DCN0,00000000 BTC
FDR-USDT0,03800000 USDT0,03 FDR0,00000158 BTC
BRAVO-LTC0,00001000 LTC1,03 BRAVO0,00000005 BTC
EMDC-BTC0,00000064 BTC0,07 EMDC0,00000064 BTC
GZRO-DOGE0,00280000 DOGE100,00 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
GZRO-USDT0,00000800 USDT110,00 GZRO0,00000000 BTC
GBX-DOGE5,00300000 DOGE0,03 GBX0,00000093 BTC
MINT-USDT0,00016500 USDT2,30 MINT0,00000001 BTC
XKR-USDT0,00023000 USDT1,40 XKR0,00000001 BTC
BDCASH-USDT0,09999900 USDT0,00 BDCASH0,00000429 BTC
ELET-ETH0,00001100 ETH0,02 ELET0,00000028 BTC
SPACE-USDT0,00030700 USDT0,33 SPACE0,00000001 BTC
PEPS-USDT0,00300000 USDT0,03 PEPS0,00000013 BTC
NOLE-USDT0,32000000 USDT0,00 NOLE0,00001306 BTC
ELET-BTC0,00000020 BTC0,01 ELET0,00000020 BTC
KICK-USDT0,00008799 USDT0,50 KICK0,00000000 BTC
SOV-DOGE0,07165000 DOGE0,09 SOV0,00000001 BTC
TRBO-BTC0,00000000 BTC1,01 TRBO0,00000000 BTC
RIPPED-USDT0,00004500 USDT0,49 RIPPED0,00000000 BTC
AMSK-BTC0,00000000 BTC1,00 AMSK0,00000000 BTC
AMSK-USDT0,00001501 USDT1,00 AMSK0,00000000 BTC
MMO-TUSD0,00150000 TUSD0,01 MMO0,00000006 BTC
LUNES-LTC0,00002500 LTC0,00 LUNES0,00000011 BTC
EXMR-DOGE4,10000000 DOGE0,00 EXMR0,00000073 BTC
MMO-DOGE0,46800000 DOGE0,00 MMO0,00000009 BTC
QNC-DOGE0,10021000 DOGE0,00 QNC0,00000002 BTC
BRAVO-ETH0,00000100 ETH0,00 BRAVO0,00000003 BTC
MRX-LTC0,00000130 LTC0,00 MRX0,00000001 BTC
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