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The Etheera project was established initially in 2017 by IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH. The IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH is a Swiss-based company that is active in the real estate field since 2013. As industry insiders with very wide expertise, market knowledge and informative exchange with business partners, owners, landlords and potential buyers, we have recognized problems and suboptimal processes already at the national level without imagining the same but much wider problems on international levels! With Etheera, we have found the ALL IN ONE solution. Etheera offers the first decentralized global real estate platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides properties for purchasing, renting and bed & breakfast offers. This platform is ideal for everybody and everyone, even if you as a private person want to provide a room for one night or longer period of time, or whether you are looking anything else. Etheera also thinks about the real estate brokers and professionals of the industry and offers a complete software tool which has integrated possibilities and will match all needs. Simply the ALL IN ONE solution for everyone!

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Ранг по оценке  CoinMarketCap: 3828

Ранг по оценке  CoinGecko: 2909.

Оценка коммуникации (баллы): 6,957

Общая оценка интереса (баллы): 26,117

Оценка разработки (баллы): 15,856

Оценка ликвидности (баллы): 1

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Официальные сайты ETA: https://www.etheera.com/ 

Обозреватели блоков ETHEERA: etherscan.io  ethplorer.io  enjinx.io 

Анонсы ETHEERA: medium.com 

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Twitter Etheera1  

Facebook: etheera  

BitcoinTalk: 2697943  

Telegram: etheera  

Программный код

GitHub: https://github.com/Etheera/smart-contract-ico

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